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5 Optimization Techniques to Scale Your Automated Webinar to 6-Figures


I’ve looked at over 100 webinars and spoken to more than 200 course creators using webinars to support their business, and I still find small webinar optimization tweaks that can really take things to the next level. Surrounding myself with successful business owners, like Dan Henry, and learning from their strategies has unlocked a number of new techniques that I’m excited to share with you.

1. Utilize Quick Win Syndrome

Want to scale your company to 6-figures? There’s one telltale sign that will show you if you can achieve a massive scale. The sign is how fast you can get your audience results. A lot of people come to me without a make money online offer, but that doesn’t have to do with scale, it’s how quickly you can get results.

How quickly you can get your audience results will tell you how many people will take you up on your offer. Dan Henry uses a technique to do this that I’ve never seen before and he is absolutely crushing sales with it. When someone joins his webinar, he teaches a script to get a client interested in hiring them and asks them to use it during the webinar. From Dan’s research, 50-70% of the people who attempt this get a potential client messaging them for a potential service immediately. Before the webinar is over, his audience members are already craving his program to find out how to satisfy these new clients.

I call this the quick win syndrome. It’s not easy, but if you can figure out how to get your audience a quick win, they’ll comprehend the future you want for them. A cold traffic audience will follow you just about anywhere if you give them that.

2. Build Social Table Rush

I joined Dan’s Facebook group and soon after I kept getting all these notifications from people who bought his course begging to get into his paid Facebook group. What’s going on, you ask?

The technique is that when you do a webinar, tell your audience that they’re going to get access to the course, but to do that they need to join a private Facebook group. These audience members who buy the course are then directed to tag a member of the team, tell them they bought the course, and ask for access to the private Facebook group. The beauty of this simple technique is that it creates a ton of social proof. When people buy and say that they want in online, other people see that and it creates a frenzy.

This technique will also come to your rescue when customers request a refund. Assuming you have a refund policy of people actually having to do the work, when you get a chargeback, you can show them a screenshot of their own posts in your private Facebook group. When people try to say that they never purchased your product, you can show them requesting access to your private group and telling the online world that they did buy your product. This technique actually protects yourself from shady refund requests.

3. Uplevel Your Testimonials

What do we almost always see for testimonials? A picture and text. But if you instead had your audience members post their testimonials to your Facebook group, you could screenshot that for use in your webinar. Anybody can put up a random picture and text. Using a screenshot from some social media platform looks so much more legit.

Video testimonials can also be a great tool to show your credibility. The trick is, you don’t want to be in them. Conversions go up when video testimonials just feature the customer talking about their success and not you interviewing them. Testimonials without you involved seem more authentic. is a really easy way to get your audience members to share their stories without any extra work on your part.

Want to stop your audience from changing their mind at the last minute? Put your testimonials to additional use and feature them right above where people will enter their credit card into your order form. Ta-da!

4. Scoop Up Extra Sales

There is a surprising amount of people who just need a little extra push to seal the deal. Luckily, there are a number of optimization techniques you can do to stop them in their tracks.

First, make sure that you have a two-step order form. If your customer abandons it, you can send them an invoice where you invite them to call and get their questions answered or automate a text directing them to seek support. Sometimes people just need someone to tell them it’s ok to go ahead and make the purchase. A little reassurance goes a long way.

A trick from Russell Brunson called the voicemail hack does something similar. During the webinar, tell people to leave their name, email, question and credit card number on a voicemail line. Skeptical? Getting people to leave their credit card number may seem tricky, but it’s not so bad when you assure them that it’s only to prevent people from trying to get free coaching. You only take serious people seriously. Try this and it may just surprise you how many people take you up on this offer.

5. Create the Webinar First

Do not create your product until you’ve created your webinar. Seem counterintuitive? There’s actually a good reason behind this.

Creating an awesome webinar first and then creating your product to fulfill the promises you made, can actually be easier than the other way around. If you have a product and then try to create a webinar, a lot of times it doesn’t align.

Give it a try on your next idea and you might just hit the jackpot.

With an automated webinar and these optimization techniques, you can easily get to 6-figures. It’s pretty incredible stuff. I hope you enjoyed these knowledge bombs and found the motivation to get out and take action.

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