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From Selling $40 Hats To $5,000 Courses

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“And I mean, I think I could do this so fast because I’m not smart. So, therefore, I’m not smart enough to make it really complicated.” – Cody Neer

Cody Neer’s smart enough to become a VERY successful business owner.

He was being self-deprecating and in doing so made a crucial point.

Overthinking will be the death of your entrepreneurship.

Speed of execution is everything.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite time in the future.” ― George S. Patton Jr.

None of my students embodies this principle more than Cody.

We caught up in April 2020 – while the whole world was in lockdown.

I wanted him to update me on his progress since joining High Ticket Courses in December 2019.

As you read this case study (or watch the recording) you’re gonna hear some crazy numbers.

I want to make it clear that:

  • Cody has a digital marketing background
  • He had a lot of experience with paid traffic before joining my program
  • He took extraordinary action, far above and beyond what many of my students do

From Selling $40 Baseball Caps To $5,000 Online Courses

“Man, I went from selling $40 hats where I had to cover a CPA of $30 to making $5 per hat sale in eCommerce, to where we’re now selling $5,000 programs and I’m covering a $100 to $200 application fee. Makes a world of difference when you’re going to scale an offer online.”

One of the most valuable concepts I teach course creators is being agile in their business.

It’s one of the reasons why Power Offers and Mini Webinars are so powerful.

It’s much easier to plan, write, record, and launch a 15-minute presentation than a 60-minute one.

And what happens if the presentation needs revising? Again, the more agile the better.

Funnily enough, one of Cody’s “mistakes” allowed him to capitalize on this concept in a big way.

A “Mistake” That Led To Creating 21 Offers That Sell

“I put together the eCommerce Brand Academy. I thought, ‘You know what, in order for me to sell products online, I gotta have all these courses.’ And I gotta have, you know, a course that does this. And a course that does that. And a course that does this. And then I tried to sell that and I was like, ‘Why isn’t anyone buying it?’

“And when I hit this part (in your course) called the Power Offer, it’s a ‘one-sentence offer.’ What do you have to give them? I thought, ‘Well, duh. That’s what I’m missing.’ And that’s really what stuck.

“And as I put this together, I found out every single course inside this Academy hit a different person in a different way. So, therefore, instead of just selling a broad e-commerce training, I went from selling. let me show you how to start your own print on demand brand. Let me show you how to run Facebook ads to scale physical product sales. Let me show you how to get on Amazon with print on demand. Let me show you how to leverage Amazon by selling dropship products. Let me show you how to sell… And all these different iterations of these courses I had turned into these power offers and therefore a power offer turned into my mini webinar.

“And next thing you know, I had dozens of iterations of my mini webinar out there, and I had, not just leads, but I had calls being booked and then I had sales being made and then I had execution on the back end.”

In 4 months, Cody had launched 21 Power Offers.

All bringing him leads and sales profitably.

They’re doing well over $100,000/month at this point.

Now, the money is great and all, but in experimenting so much Cody uncovered another crucial insight.

“Do you enjoy delivering your offer to your customers?”

Most entrepreneurs only try to make one offer work at a time.

It’s like if you’ve only ever been exposed to and eaten vanilla ice cream, how do you know if you’d like chocolate better?

What Your Customers Are Really Buying

“So I thought at the very beginning, I had to, you know, I personally had to provide the value. But what I’ve come to find out though is that my Power Offer, what I asked them or told them I was going to deliver, that was the number one thing that had to, you know, be clear for them. 

“And as long as I can make sure I put together both online access, a course portal, and some kind of support system that made sure they got to that Power Offer (promise) as fast as possible, and they could reach, you know, my guarantee, their end goal, that my time wasn’t the most important thing to sell. It was actually just the execution of the Power Offer. that was really the biggest thing.

“So, that’s what I learned the most is that I don’t have to sell, you know, my time, you know, my energy, my focus. I didn’t have to sell those things to make this thing work. People find value in what they thought they were going to buy in the Power Offer. And as long as they get that, that’s really what they wanted.” 

  1. It’s YOUR business; you get to design your offer around your values and what fits best with your lifestyle.
  2. The customer cares that you deliver on your promises. They don’t care how you do it.

Why Increasing Your Prices Makes Your Job A Lot Easier

Combine these two principles together and you’ll understand WHY my students close on $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000 offers.

Doing business this way takes less effort.

You’re able to sell and fulfill your offers easier.

And you attract a higher quality customer.

Anyone who’s tried to sell low-ticket products knows this.

Like Cody:

“Oh, man. Sadly, some of these courses were $97 and I was doing a lot more work selling these courses. ‘Cause yeah, sure, everyone buys $97 and they get in, and everybody and their brother’s in there at $97.

“And even then I couldn’t be profitable on my Facebook ads at $97 selling an information product. And then I tried $297 and then $997 and then $997 with this long webinar that took 2 hours with a big old stack and all this other stuff everyone teaches. Which is great, but not great when I hadn’t proven the actual offer yet.

“So I feel like I went totally backward. Started the wrong way. If I just started with high ticket prices and then figured out what gets people to convert with the Power Offer (it would’ve been much better.)

“Now, it’s a lot easier. Now I’m actually running my “course only” ads where I’m just selling the course, they don’t get anything else. Just the course. No Facebook group, no support, no nothing. They just get the actual course. And it’s profitable because I know exactly what to say. I know exactly what the power offer is.”

Why You Don’t Need To Know The Most To Sell The Most

Before we hopped off our call, I asked Cody if he had any parting words for course creators who are just starting out or who’ve already launched but are facing challenges.

“So, my advice is that there are enough people out there that don’t know what you know. And the things that you take the most for granted, no matter how much you think you know about them and that everyone else knows about it, sure, 999 people out of a thousand will know what that is but there’s that one person, and it only takes that one person to scale the offer.

“If you can sell a $5,000 course to where a thousand people see your offer, mathematically speaking, on ads, if a thousand people get an impression and you sell one out of a thousand at 5k, you can do that. But if you’re selling one out of a thousand at $97, you’re not gonna be able to do that very long. So the fact that you have your high ticket offer, meaning it’s 2,500 or three grand, 5k, something like that. And you have your core piece of information that you feel really strong about that you can teach. There are enough people out there, no matter how simple you think that information is, that want to learn about it.

“You just have to figure out, again, what’s the power offer? What is the trigger? What’s the one sentence that gets those people to book a call or to click buy, or to want to have a conversation with you? That’s what I learned.

“I’m not selling stuff that you can’t find on YouTube or Google, but I’m just putting it exactly, in very simplistic terms. Here’s what you’re going to get. I’m going to help you get there. And I make them feel very confident about choosing me to be the one that shows them how to get there.” 

Are You A Course Creator? Do You Want Results Like Cody?

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