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He has an eight-figure company, specializing in YouTube ads. The kingpin in the YouTube ad space, who loves working with clients to map out the perfect strategy for YouTube ads.  This is

She’s an expert’s expert. She bought into her family business when she was 19 years old and started a mini-storage business where she made her first million-dollar sale before the age of

Podcasting has easily become one of my favorite ways to connect with my audience. I’ve done these podcasts for 4 years, with absolutely no strategic plan. Now, I’m looking for new ways

I have never posted a podcast episode on both Sold With Webinars and Experts Unleashed, but having Mike Dillard as my guest I knew that this is a conversation that will be

Let me hit you with the truth — there is no “easy” button when it comes to scaling your business. You have to do the work to get value. Competitor pressures are

Why do smart people do dumb things? If you consider yourself a perfectionist, you’ve likely set high expectations for yourself. And if you don’t achieve those goals, do you allow yourself permission

Ian Bentley never planned on being an ad guru…the goal was to be a rockstar.  Somewhere along the way, he taught himself how to master digital marketing, and built the largest privately-held

When I say the word “Mastermind” what comes to mind? There are super high-end masterminds, masterminds that aren’t really masterminds, free masterminds, and everything in between. I’ve been thinking about this a

Cole Gordon went from running his own marketing agency and then shutting it down… To becoming a high-ticket sales rep and quitting that… To starting his own sales coaching business and then

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