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Five Ways to Maximize Digital Marketing With Webinars


You put a ton of effort into creating a kickass webinar.

You invested in lists where you advertised your webinar and even set up ads on social media to attract participants.

And yet, your click through rates are low.  Or, your cost per lead is too high.

You’ve followed all the digital marketing “rules of engagement,” but your business is, at best, stagnating.  At worst, the cost-per-lead is going up each time you run the webinar, cutting into your profits substantially.

It’s not surprising.  Audiences are getting jaded and leery about clicking on ads, even those with intriguing headlines, for fear they’re going to be led down a rabbit hole.

To be sure you’re getting to the people who need your product or service, you need to take specific steps.  You want to hit an audience where your message will completely resonate so they can’t help but sign up for your webinar.

These 5 tips will help you do just that:

  1.  Be a fan of Amazon and Google

Let’s say you’re selling content marketing advice.  If you really want to know how to reach people seeking that advice, you need to speak their language.

You need to find out what they’re talking about, what they like and where they’re still looking for answers.

Find their pain: then capitalize on it.

Yes, that sounds cold, but it’s all about solving people’s problems.

If you go to Amazon and search for “content marketing,” the book that comes up at the top of the list is by Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute.  Joe knows a thing or two about content marketing!

Read the reviews of that book.  Frank Salas, “The Talented Mr. Salas,” says he reads only the 5-star and 1-star reviews.

They each have a place in your marketing.  First, they’ll provide key words and phrases.  They’ll tell you the language people use when they’re talking about content marketing.

Second, they’ll tell you the information in Joe’s book that really resonated with people, that they found helpful and informative.  You’ll want to cover those topics in your materials.

But, even better, they’ll also tell you where someone was left hanging.  Where they felt the information was lacking or their problem wasn’t resolved.

That’s your cue to step in and be the hero.

  1. Develop a social media following by giving away your best stuff for free

The Talented Mr. Salas is confident a large part of his success is because people Know, Like and Trust him.  He was active on social media, sharing the sales expertise he gained from being a successful real estate agent, for a couple of years before breaking into the sales webinar space and selling products and services.

He’d built a loyal following (aka, his list) by sharing his knowledge for free.  He’d already proven he is willing to provide value to people just for following him.

That made them anxious to hear how his paid information could benefit them even more.

Even with the webinars, which, he is now able to charge for, Frank makes them affordable – only $97 at this time – and again, listeners are able to use the information he gives them to make substantial improvements in their businesses without needing to spend more with him.

He’s created a space and an audience who knows what he knows now, but who also believe in his ability to do the work better than they can, at a price they’re willing to pay.

KLT:  you can’t beat it for getting through the inundation of email and ad clutter to get a prospect’s attention.

  1. Overcome objections by knowing your audience

There’s another benefit to those Google and Amazon searches you should perform.  You learn who your audience is.  Are they millennials or baby boomers?  Are they rich or poor?  What are their pain points?  What are their hobbies?  What language do they use when they talk about their business?

Frank Salas uses direct quotes from people’s posts and reviews in his marketing to show them he knows who they are.  He knows what their problems are and, more importantly, he knows how to solve them.

He “gets” his audience at a deeper level than most marketers do because he does his homework and makes sure that what he’s delivering to them is actually something they want.

  1. Get influencers to ask YOU to promote your services because your message resonates with their audience

If you’ve followed steps 1, 2 and 3 in maximizing your digital marketing efforts, you can improve your results 10 times by getting influencers to, not only follow you, but to ask you to offer your services and content to their lists as well.

Why would they want to do that?

First, you will typically split the profits with them for any sales from your webinar presented to their audience.

Second, it builds KLT for them as well:  their audience will understand that they’re more interested in solving problems for them than selling their own product or service.  It builds credibility for both parties.

  1. Leverage chatbots or other technology to pre-qualify your leads

Let’s not forget using technology to help you close the deal.  If you can get hundreds of people into your webinar, the likelihood that most of them can afford you is slim.  Even if what you’re selling is $497 or $997, it still could be a stretch for the majority of your audience.

If you’re selling a pre-made information product and it’s up to them to put it in the cart and buy, no problem.

But if what you’re selling is coaching or some other one-to-one service, you want to make sure you’re only talking to prospects who have the time and money to engage you.

You want to pre-qualify them.

I use, and many others are starting to use, chatbots to pre-qualify leads.  If someone clicks through to register for a free coaching call or consultation, you serve them a series of questions.

This is very similar to the real estate business.  With potential buyers, good real estate agents ask a series of questions first, to see what the buyers are looking for, what their credit is like and how likely they are to actually make the purchase.

Chatbots can really help streamline your pre-qualification process.

If you use these 5 tips, I can guarantee your digital marketing results will improve.  And they could improve dramatically.   Good luck!

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