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How to Generate 6-Figures with a Webinar Business Card


If I told you there was something called a webinar business card, would it pique your curiosity? This simple funnel strategy is the brainchild of Akbar Sheikh. Akbar has used webinars to make multiple 6-figures in his funnel consulting business, and he did it without spending a dime on paid traffic. How? The webinar business card, of course. Obviously paid traffic is a great way to get exposure, but Akbar teaches us how to leverage what you already have in place.

Create Your Webinar Business Card

Akbar’s side webinar is an evergreen webinar funnel. It has a simple opt-in page that goes directly into a webinar with a call to action for a sales call. In the past 90 days, this webinar has led to 6 figures. This isn’t even Akbar’s main funnel. It’s just something he does on the side.

This key is that this funnel comes from a link on Akbar’s Facebook profile. He sees most people’s Facebook profile as a joke. Foodie. Serial entrepreneur. Daddy. It’s meaningless. Akbar’s profile simply says, “We build 7-Figure Funnels.”

Your Facebook profile description is your business card. Just by clearly defining the pain you’re alleviating in this small space can lead to a ton of revenue. Don’t waste this valuable real estate.

So many of us feel like we need this crazy automation. In fact, our most profitable funnels have had nothing to do with email sequences and email segmenting. People want personal, not automation. They don’t want to be put through the hoops of automation. You can get 6-figures just from your business card funnel. Optimize your social profiles before you get into complicated automation.

Qualify Potential Clients

It’s important to make it super clear who the webinar is for. Dealing with business newbies isn’t something Akbar is interested in doing for his business. He wants clients who are more driven than those who expect to make a million dollars with the click of a button.

The funny thing is, someone could make a living off of all the clients Akbar rejects. He only wants to deal with services that make the world a better place. His mission is that simple. So when newbies apply, Akbar makes sure they’re serious or he rejects them.

If you’re not working with people you enjoy, it’s going to affect your business. Don’t worry about excluding a particular market and focus on attracting your desired audience.

Share Your Personality

Simplicity and personality win when it comes to funnels. Copying someone’s funnel just won’t work. You have to melt your identity into the webinar. When you share your beliefs, you’ll attract an audience that feels the same.

Akbar believes that small business are the backbone of our country. He sees them as kind-hearted people making the world a better place. When he puts that out in his webinar, he gets those people coming to him.

We’ve stuck with webinars to do this same thing. It’s attraction marketing. Your customers don’t want email automation. They want to do deal with people. That’s why webinars are so powerful. You can ask questions, tell stories, and connect with other people by being yourself.

Change, Don’t Quit

If your webinar fails, don’t quit. Instead, find the reason you failed. Webinars work phenomenally well. If they haven’t been working for you, you did something wrong. Get feedback, tweak something, and keep making changes. If you give up, you aren’t going to make it.

Akbar has never seen someone fail who keeps tweaking, testing, and scaling. If you keep moving forward, you can’t fail. Most people fail when they quit.

The good news is that it’s your fault. It’s on you to go in with the mentality that you can make it work. Success really is an option.

Do Your Best and Outsource the Rest

When you’re teaching something in your webinar, you have to make your audience’s jaw drop. When they associate that jar drop with your content, that’s powerful. Show your webinar to some of your audience members and check out their reaction.

As you create your webinar, Akbar recommends painting your belief pattern and how you do things differently. A funnel is a piece of art and you need to be an artist to create it.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Don’t try to do everything. You’re undervaluing your time when you could be paying someone $10-$20 to do it.

If you figure out how to implement the webinar business card into your business, I guarantee you will have great results. Keep it simple and you will see success if you don’t give up.

Big thank you to Akbar for sharing this effective strategy!

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