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Lower Your Social Media Cost per Lead With This Trick


Social media is likely part of your content marketing plan.  But are you using it the RIGHT way? What benefits are you getting from your social media efforts?

Are you paying $4, $6 or $8 for each qualified Facebook lead? More?  Are you even getting qualified leads at all?

I interviewed one of my clients, Adam Wenig, about a trick he used to take his Facebook costs from $10 per lead to well under $1 per lead.

Adam had been running a video ad campaign on Facebook to drive registrations to his webinar.  He was converting at a nice 18% plus rate.  His initial costs were $4 to $5 per lead, which worked well for a while.  But over time, his costs climbed to close to $10 per lead, which was just too expensive.

At the time, he was only selling a $97 product, with a $3,000 upsell.

The trick that took Adam’s cost per lead from $10 to 85 cents

Adam wrote a 600-word blog post, then created a Facebook ad — a one sentence summary of his blog with a curiosity headline.

When prospects clicked on the blog post, Adam relayed the story of how he made the discovery he wanted to share in the webinar.

He also turned his blog post into the registration page.  There was an exit pop when prospects clicked to leave the page and hyperlinks throughout the short article. And every image contained a hyperlink.

Now, this advertorial “only” converted at 10% to 14%, but the cost-per-click initially was just 9 cents!  His cost-per-lead started at under $1 and, five months later, with the same content, he was at $3 per lead.

This story has an even bigger payoff:  the audience that go to the webinar are already warmed up. They’ve heard his story.  They’ve started to know, like and trust him.  And now, he’s going to help them solve their problems.

Adam has been able to increase his business 10 times by changing the way he uses his webinar to make sales and by leveraging social media more effectively.

He’s not alone  

I helped another client build an awesome webinar.  This client was an Instagrammer with several lifestyle Instagram accounts and Influencer friends.  When that webinar launched, more than 2,500 people attended!!  Most webinar launches have closer to 100.

This client really understood the Instagram audience and what kind of content marketing would work for that group.  They leveraged their strength in that social media platform to blow the doors off any normal webinar attendee audience size.

Imagine how quickly your sales could grow…

…by promoting the right webinar to the right audience for the right price per lead.  Don’t overlook the importance of understanding why and how an audience uses a certain social media platform, and target your ads and content marketing efforts for that specific platform.

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