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We are the best in the world at what we do. We choose who we work with. We get to decide how much money we make. But money is a byproduct of the value we create in the world. Because we change lives. We make an impact.

We take the time to enjoy our lives with our loved ones. Our businesses are designed around our lives. Not the other way around. We don’t let it control us. And because of this, we’re able to serve humanity better. We’re able to show up in the world as true authorities. As Perfect Experts.

The Descension Model

  • Built around one core “Power Offer” to cut the crap and simplify your marketing
  • 3 tiers of offers, all at high ticket prices – charge thousands of dollars even for the lowest level of service
  • One simple funnel to sell all 3 offers – cuts advertising costs up to 90%
  • Focuses on a handful of top-tier customers who value money over time
  • Lets you spend more time on your product and delivering the highest quality results

The Ascension Model

  • Several offers to appeal to different segments of the market – each needing their own marketing strategy
  • Free lead magnets, tripwires, low ticket front ends, upsells, books, courses, group coaching, masterminds – all serving vastly different types of customers
  • Complex funnels and automation require advanced marketing knowledge and big ad budgets
  • Focuses on getting a lot of customers in the door – often at a loss on the first sale – and making a profit on the back end
  • You end up being a full-time marketer rather than spending time on your zone of genius

That Just
Do not work

we’re fighting outdated methods

The industry teaches you to market, market, market… then sell. I throw that out the window. For me and my clients and students, it’s always sales over marketing. The first thing the Perfect Expert wants his or her market to see… is an offer. Only after a prospect has shown interest in our offer do we market to them further.

And here’s the thing about the Ascension Model: if you’re a bootstrapped Solopreneur like most Perfect Experts are… It. Does. Not. Work. The few people who do get it to work are professional marketers with decades of experience. Let’s throw it out the window too. I’ve got a better way.


Revenue Impact

you don’t have to be an expert

To be part of Experts unleashed

Many people don’t feel like experts. They don’t feel like they know enough. Or that they’ve done enough. The truth is, these are the people most likely to be experts. Because Perfect Experts are humble. They understand the limits of their knowledge and ability. And because of their integrity, they are better stewards of their market’s trust. I only work with these people of integrity. I help overcome whatever doubts they have and unleash their true potential.

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