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Are You Selling Yourself Short (And Leaving Money On The Table?)

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“My biggest questions were… not necessarily how much do I charge, but… are people really going to buy this? You know, are they really going to buy into my offer? ‘Cause to go from a course selling for $1,299 to then a $10,000 offer, that’s like a big jump. And I had some mindset issues for sure. Like there was a lot of doubt. I was like, there’s no way people are going to take me up on this. But you know what? Joel says they will so let’s try it and see what happens. And they did.” – Nick Fullmer

Most experts have NO IDEA how much value they create for their market.

And because of this, they sell too much for too little.

You see it whenever a course creator sells what should be a $3,000 product for less than $500. 

And you see it when they give away so much access and so many bonuses…

That they cannibalize their offer and leave $50,000-$100,000 on the table every month.

I guess it was synchronicity Nick Fullmer saw my ad.

Because he was thinking about launching a course.

And I gave him the correct expectation that it could be worth $5,000 or more.

My “Offer Sense” Is Tingling

“My expertise is helping homeowners that have gone through foreclosure. I actually helped them get money back after they’ve lost their home, either to a foreclosure or a tax sale. So that’s my skill. That’s what I do and that’s what I teach others to do.”

Foreclosed homes get put up for auction.

And sometimes these homes sell for more than what’s owed to the bank.

Now, by law, the bank can only take what’s owed.

The excess needs to go back to the homeowner.

Nick’s done-for-you service helps homeowners recover this money for a commission.

He also teaches people how to do this in his done-with-you and do-it-yourself programs.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of offers over the years.

And I can just tell when an offer is going to crush it in the market.

Nick’s offer is one of them.

It’s so niche, so specific, and solves a problem his market didn’t even know existed.

When Nick told me what he does, I couldn’t contain my excitement for him.

I said, “Dude, you HAVE to get this course launched ASAP.”

From $40,000/year to $100,000/month

“Looking back to my days as a corrections officer, I was making less than $40,000 a year. So, to make over $200,000 in less than a year it’s awesome.”

That’s an excerpt from a video testimonial Nick recorded for me in January 2020.

This was before we recorded the video interview you see at the top of his page.

Since the video interview, Nick had his first $100,000 month – course sales only – in May 2020.

Did he have any sales training?

Or any background that would help him in the online business space?

“I was a corrections officer, which is probably the complete opposite of any sort of salesperson. I mean, you do have to have some decent people skills, but not really, cause you’re working in a prison. Right? So, no, I don’t consider myself a sales guy. I try to be a straight shooter and just tell it how it is. And if you like it, great. If not, that’s cool too”

Exposing The Hidden Opportunity In Nick’s Expertise

After investing in High Ticket Courses, Nick took advantage of my 20-minute quick-start call.

On this call, he had a number of “A ha!” moments:

“One, that I was probably underpriced a little bit on my course. Two, that there were some other revenue sources that I haven’t even thought about. You know, developing other types of offers… You know, the three levels of service. Learning about that was a huge moment for me because I was just stuck on the do-it-yourself: build a course, let them learn, let them do it themselves. I hadn’t even considered creating done-with-you or done-for-you offers. So those were the biggest aha moments where, you know, the potential to create other offers and to create other sources of revenue besides just selling a course online.”

This is where the Perfect Expert Model shines.

Nick was able to create tiers of offers, priced appropriately…

That would allow him to scale his business as much as he wanted…

Without losing his quality of service.

“You and your team helped me build a mini webinar to launch my high ticket offer, which was basically a done-for-you offer where I am providing leads for people. It’s meant to be a huge time saver for folks because my process is you have to find your leads, you have to research the leads and you have to contact the people. Then you got to fill out paperwork, submit the claim. It’s a big process. So with this done-for-you offer, I was like, listen, I’ll do everything. All you have to do is contact the people. You focus on one step. 

“So I launched that offer. It was a $10,000 offer.  And that’s what we used the mini-webinar for is to launch that. Immediately sold out. I think I sold like eight packages. So, you know, 80 grand within maybe a month or two of attending the live event.

“Sold out of that and then shortly after that, I just continued following your system and I launched another power offer, which was more of a done-with-you program. It’s like a 60-day program where I walk people through the process, try to get them to that first deal as quickly as possible.”

And this initial surge of cash flow from his high ticket offers…

Is what built the foundation for selling $100,000/month of his do-it-yourself course.

People Don’t Value “Free”

But it wasn’t always this way.

Nick had already tried to enroll people in his program before we met.

Didn’t turn out so good.

“You know, at first I was teaching people for free and I had, I was like, okay, maybe I can bring on some partners this way. Long story short I quickly learned that people don’t value free. You know, they just don’t take action. Maybe helped a hundred people and maybe one person took action. It was just a complete waste of time.

“So I created a Facebook group and I just charged a monthly membership fee for people to be a part of that group. Well, that quickly turned into another problem where I was seeing people would just join the group for a month, get as much knowledge out of me as they could, and then cancel the next month. And I was like, well, I don’t like that either.

“So that turned into the course and I was like, okay, I’ll build a course and charge much higher price for it and hopefully get some more serious customers. It was right when I saw your ad that I was in a prelaunch phase. I had maybe 60% of the course done… I launched a pre-offer… I told my clients, ‘Hey, the course isn’t done, but if you want to buy it now, you can and I’ll give you a discount.’”

Lucky I showed up when I did.

Instead of selling un-motivated people at a discount, he sold highly-motivated people at a premium.

Success Is On The Other Side Of Uncertainty

As much as I teach my students, I learn from them.

Before we concluded our interview, I asked Nick to give me and my audience some advice.

This is what he told me:

“I would say don’t hesitate. Jump in and learn all you can, but most importantly, take action. But you will feel, I mean, it’s inevitable. Whenever you put money on the line and invest in something that you’re not sure is going to work even – I mean… you can hear my testimonial, you can hear all of Joel’s other testimonials, whatever it is – there’s always going to be a sliver of doubt.

“I think that’s just natural human nature, right? But what you need to understand is when you have that feeling, that moment of uncertainty, the results that you’re looking for are on the other side of that. So you have to move into that feeling of uncertainty and just kind of leap.

“Like there’s a great book by Steve Harvey called ‘Jump,’ great book. You just got to jump and you got to take the plunge and invest. Gain new knowledge, and then take action on what you learn. And that’s how results come for everyone. And so you just have to be okay with being uncomfortable. Have a little faith, and most importantly, couple that faith with a ton of action.”

I can’t wait to see Nick blow up.

He’s gonna be the guru of the gurus if that’s what he wants.

He doesn’t have to.

I mean, much of the time, my clients just want to kind of be passive behind the scenes.

But Nick is going to dominate.

And I’m excited to see it happen.

I just hope he doesn’t forget about us little guys when he’s King of the mountain.

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