Sold With Webinars

The 2 Types of Mini Webinars

Tags: Mini Webinars, power offer, boost conversion rates, marketing, Sales

Once you get your Power Offer converting, what’s next?

Let’s say you have someone clearly wanting to say yes, but the timing isn’t “right” for them. What do you do now?

In this episode I’ll tell you how to turn your leads into customers by using not just one, but TWO types of mini webinars.

You'll Discover

  • You can strengthen your mini webinars with more mini webinars [3:40]

  • How to give your prospects that “a-ha” moment [5:00]

  • The difference between sales webinars vs. marketing webinars and how to use them to your advantage [5:27]

  • How one of my clients is crushing it by offering a follow-up training with his leads [7:00]

  • You still have people who want to buy, they just need the right amount of convincing [7:50]

…and much more!

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