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30x the Sale of Your Business with Anton Kraly

Tags: eCommerce, Drop Shipping

“If you want to be around for the long term, it’s about having the best customer service. It’s about building a brand and positioning, not just you personally, but your store as the expert in whatever industry you’re selling in. That’s how you build something that lasts for a decade or more.”

This week on the podcast, we’re discussing eCommerce with the drop ship master. Anton Kraly, who launched the online course Drop Ship Lifestyle, is the builder of several wildly successful eCommerce stores, and creator of the podcast eCommerce Lifestyle. Find out more about the world of drop shipping, how to create success in the eCommerce world, and the possibility of a 30x sale of a business whose net profit is only $10,000 per month. What?!

“I would highly recommend everybody thinking about getting into traditional retail, think twice. There’s a lot more opportunity online.”

The success of an eCommerce business doesn’t lie in your ability to provide a wide variety of products to customers, but rather, in your ability to become the expert in one area. Learn the difference between affiliate marketing and dropping shipping, the primary components of a successful eCommerce business, and how Tim Ferriss saved Anton from owning a Pita Pit Franchise.

“That’s one big red flag when you’re trying to get suppliers with drop shipping. Anybody that calls themselves a drop shipper, or anyone that says drop shipping on their website, they’re a middleman. Their money is made through monthly fees or yearly fees and through crazy markups.”

You can connect with Anton, find out more about Drop Ship Lifestyle and how to start making money through eCommerce here.

Also, check out Anton’s podcast, eCommerce Lifestyle.

If you have ever had any interest at all in drop shipping or building a company to sell, you won’t want to miss this episode. It is crammed full of useful information.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode

  • Introduction – 0:00

  • A Brief Primer on Drop Shipping

  • The Value of “Niching Down”

  • The Primary Components of a Successful eCommerce Business

  • The Difference Between Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing

  • Selling eCommerce Stores Successfully

  • Typical Success Timeline for Individuals Enrolled in Drop Ship Lifestyle

  • Rewind: Anton’s Story of Success

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways – 30:00

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Anton Kraly is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience building online businesses, including Drop Ship Lifestyle and eCommerce Lifestyle.

Voted “Best eCommerce Course” by Shopify in 2018, Drop Ship Lifestyle was created to give students the knowledge and tools necessary to create freedom through entrepreneurship. Learn more

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