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A Marketing Pro Still Made This Simple Mistake

Tags: sales over marketing, sales messaging, sales funnel, Marketing Funnel, marketing, High Ticket Courses

I recently had a call with one of our Mentorship clients, and we were talking about their messaging. Mind you, he is not new to the space. This guy is an extremely seasoned marketing pro. And yet, he found himself having trouble getting applications.

Today we’re tackling marketing vs. sales funnels and how to target ideal clients who have an urgent need for a solution and are ready to purchase your offer, rather than just showing interest.

You'll Discover

  • 100 opt-ins and 0 applications. What’s the problem here? [4:33]

  • Marketing and sales are NOT the same thing [5:02]

  • Why the ASK Method is not helpful for developing an offer [5:45]

  • Determining low-intent leads and sales-qualified leads [7:20]

  • The struggle of converting leads from NQL to SQL vs developing a solid sales offer [8:55]

…and much more!

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