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A New Mini Webinar Framework That’s Crushing It!

Tags: solution aware, problem aware, mini webinar workshop, framework, Mini Webinar

How do you match your offer to an avatar that is most likely to respond?

I recently came out with a new Mini Webinar Workshop, which is an updated look at what’s happening now in the world of marketing. In this workshop, we dove deep into a new framework that we’ve developed that is absolutely crushing the webinar game.

In this episode, I dissect the difference between problem-aware and solution-aware clients, and how to create a framework to reflect why your offer is the best fit for an ideal client.

You'll Discover

  • An analogy to help you understand my “closest to the hole” method [2:50]

  • The biggest mistake I see people make when targeting their audience [4:13]

  • The solution-aware client [6:09]

  • What you’re up against with a problem-aware client [7:07]

  • Adjusting your mini webinar to speak to solution-aware clients [9:11]

…and much more!

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