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Altering Temperature in a Sales Conversation

Tags: setting the tone, customer experience, Sales Strategies

A week before our trip to Florida, I brought my truck in to get serviced and was suckered into a deal on another truck that I couldn’t pass up (gotta appreciate a great sales pitch).

While I was told this would be a quick and painless transaction, there were some hiccups that became troubling for my time crunch. I was stressed and in a hurry, but how my frustration was handled by the management there was the catalyst to my overall experience.

In this episode I’ll be talking about altering the temperature for your customers’ experience and how it can make or break a sale.

You'll Discover

  • During a sales call, many things will be out of your control [6:40]

  • The options you have when you face a customer’s frustration [7:00]

  • The importance of counter-personalities during a tense situation [8:03]

  • How I saw this negative projection pattern play out in my construction job [9:20]

  • Resetting the tone to regain balance [9:50]

…and much more!

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