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CHALLENGE! Are you REALLY ready for paid ads?

Tags: organic ads, paid ads, Messaging

I’m a big advocate for paid ads. It gives me more freedom with my time rather than relying on organic ads and constantly having to create new social media messages and other forms of content.

I’m sure I’ll get some people saying “I make 6 figures a month doing organic ads!” And that’s great, but how much time do you spend doing organic content marketing? I bet it’s a lot. I bet you’re tired of it.

Once you crack the nut of paid ads, your life will never be the same.

Now, before you make the shift from organic to paid ads, consider this:

Are you ready to put in the effort required to get ads to work?

Are you willing to rework your offer, change your messaging, or retarget your audience?

If you’re listening to this episode, you’ve already made that first step.

You'll Discover

  • The biggest pitfall I see when people rely heavily on organic ads [3:25]

  • Pros of paid ads [7:00]

  • The frame of mind necessary to transition from organic to paid ads [8:02]

  • Getting the attention of your audience with organic vs paid ads [10:28]

  • Matching your offer with what your audience wants [11:29]

…and much more!

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