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Being An Offer Owner Vs. A Marketer

Tags: learning experience, difference, personaity, offer owner, marketer

I had an eye-opening conversation with Todd.

And, I want to share with you the difference between being an offer owner and a marketer.

Knowing the difference between those two roles; offer owner and marketer is very critical.

I want to share those learning experiences with you as I encountered them, because I know they are valuable as well.

You'll Discover:

  • Apply a personality test to your business and to your specific application. [6:17]

  • The difference between a marketer and an offer owner. [7:34]

  • You need to be cognizant that things don’t scale linear with certain offers. [9:21]

  • An offer owner has to squeeze a lot more juice out of what is being allowed into their pipeline. [10:19]

  • You have to decide what you really want. [10:36]

… and much more!

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