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Beware of Gurus (Including Me)

Tags: personality, Gurus, influencers, social media, marketing

It all started when we were on vacation when I decided to isolate myself a little bit from Facebook and other social media networking sites.

I want you to be very careful about the groups that you follow.

And that includes me..

Find out why..

You'll Discover:

  • Be hyper-aware of the people that you follow. [3:58]

  • Two sides of personality when you start understanding the guru space. [5:09]

  • What you saw on the outside is the exact opposite of what you saw. [7:22]

  • The number one thing that you have to look for is their style. [11:36]

  • The people that you follow are the walls of the echo chamber that you are building now. [13:38]

.. and much more!

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