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Having Confidence in Your Power Offer with Boyd Clewis

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If for some reason you still need convincing that the Power Offer works, listen to Boyd Clewis’ success story.

Boyd serves the IT industry, with a niche of credit card data security. He began his business traveling to different places and offering masterclasses, but when the pandemic hit he was forced to take his business online. The results weren’t as successful as he hoped in the beginning.

If people knew the benefits his program would have on their businesses, there would be folks fighting over spots on his wait list. But he didn’t know how to approach that next level.

When he reached out to us and created his Power Offer, in that same month his business sold $15k worth of sales.

When Boyd gave a resounding “yes” to investing in his own business, he showed his dedication to make an impact. This translated through his efforts, getting his offer in front of the right people and scaling like crazy. He even had leads coming in during our conversation.

Boyd Clewis’s success story is proof that if you have confidence in your offer and are willing to invest in your impact, you can go the distance. 

You'll Discover

  • Boyd’s breakthrough while working through our Power Offer Workshop [5:45]

  • A huge win Boyd made in a single day [9:20]

  • The framing of Boyd’s enrollment call process [11:34]

  • How Boyd got his feet wet by creating discounted offers on the backend [13:49]

  • Boyd’s piece of advice for anyone who is having trouble getting started [19:18]

…and much more!

Podcast Transcript

SWW 162
Boyd Clewis: [00:00:00]

And my wife, she was so annoyed. Why do you keep talking about this Joel guy? Why did you keep talking about this Joel guy? I’m like, look at this. It works!

Joel Erway: [00:00:15]

Hey, what’s going on, everybody. Joel Erway here and welcome to another very special episode of sold with webinars. Today, I’m doing a guest interview, which we have not done any long time. You have been listening to me doing tons and tons of solo podcasts and rucking with Joel and all that good stuff.

But time to switch it up a little bit. I have on the podcast today, Boyd Clewis, who has launched his offer and he posted some results in our client group. And I wanted him to come on and share his story, because I know that this is going to be a very interesting story. And I want to use this as inspiration for all of you if you are launching your offers, if you’re running mini webinars, you’re testing your power offers.

I haven’t done one of these in a very, very long time. And so when Boyd shared his results, Dude, we got to get you on because number one, I’m overdue for an update with sharing some inspirational stories.

And number two, I just want to hear your story because it gets me jazzed up. It gets me excited. And here we are. So Boyd welcome, man.

Boyd Clewis: [00:01:19]

Thank you for having me. I’m glad to be here.

Joel Erway: [00:01:22]

So why don’t you start by giving us a little bit of background about your offer and the people that you serve and the industry that you’re in.

Boyd Clewis: [00:01:29]

Sure. Sure. So the industry that I am in is the information technology industry. So I serve up and coming it professionals that want to upgrade their it job and, and get into cyber security. So that is the offer that I have.

Joel Erway: [00:01:45]

Awesome. Cool. So how did you, where did the idea come from? Like how did you pick this niche?

Boyd Clewis: [00:01:52]

I actually picked this niche by using my own life experiences. I used to work on a help desk and some pretty low end jobs. I found this very specialized niche in cybersecurity, and I was able to get in and completely transformed my life. And, um, people started asking me about it. How was I doing the things I was doing?

So I explained it helped them make the transition. And I was like, ah, light bulb moment. So I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirits. I was like, I think I have something here.

What is the name? Which right. So maybe you went from help desk and he’s in a low end, a low-end job. What’s the niche in cybersecurity?

The niche is so overlooked, man. It’s credit card, data security. I just let the cat out the bag. There it is guys. If you’ve been following me, like, what is this guy doing? It’s credit card, data security.

Joel Erway: [00:02:48]

Awesome. Well, so how did you discover it? Like where did, like, how did you come across it when, when you first

Boyd Clewis: [00:02:55]

heard it, believe it or not?

It’s because a guy fell asleep. I was actually working in the help desk and the guy that was supposed to be managing this security assessment. Cause all companies have to go through an annual security assessment that take credit card payments. The guy fell asleep and they were like board. We need you to take over this security assessment.

Because this guy is literally asleep in the office. I was like, I don’t know anything about this. So I had to spend a couple of weeks getting myself up to speed with it, but it was just like a whole new world of it that never known about. And that was a decade ago. And that’s how I got into it.

Joel Erway: [00:03:32]

That’s fantastic, man.

Well, when we were chatting before this interview, you said you had a really interesting journey, a really interesting story that nobody would believe unless it came from you. So fill us in, like you’ve already hooked me. I want to hear what this journey is.

Boyd Clewis: [00:03:47]

All right. So before I took my program online, actually you should do an in person. I would be being a cybersecurity consultant. I traveled the world. So I would do these masterclasses, but when the pandemic happened, I decided to take it online and believe it or not, I could not give these programs, these classes away for free.

That’s right. And it costs me a lot of money to try to give it away. He’s like, here’s this free offer. Upgrade your career, getting a cyber security, nothing. Crickets, crickets, crickets. I started this journey in January of 2020 all the way through August. So, I kept testing different things. I was like, all right, maybe I’ll try it.

$7. Maybe I’ll try $30. I’ll try an introductory rate where it’s $20 a month. When we’ll do a subscription service, I literally could not give this thing away. And so I was frustrated. I’m like, if these, it guys knew what this program, this knowledge would do for their careers, it would completely transform that lives, just something was missing.

And I was on Instagram one day, and then I scrolled across your ad, your, your two X, your course. And I was like every training. I was like, man. I’m not making anything right now, but I’ll gladly to exits. So I, I joined into the group and I ended up purchasing the power offer workshop. And I went through your methodology.

You know, man, this dude has something because one of my problems was I was like, um, how do I structure this offer? Do I do a webinar? How do you get someone to pay attention for, you know, 45 minutes or something? If I could just have a conversation with somebody, I could sell them. I’m a pretty good sales guy.

If I can get you on the phone, but I couldn’t get the weeds. And so I started looking at other people’s offers and then trying to develop my own power offers and my wife, she was so annoyed. Why do you keep talking about this Joel guy? Why did he keep talking about this Joel guy? I’m like, look at this. It works.

It works. It works. So, in August. I purchased the two and not the two extra course. So the mini workshop. And I put together my first power offer and I was like, you know what, we’re going to presale. I’m going to try to do my program a little different. At first. It was just a course that was selling then outside.

And you know what, after going through your workshop, I was like, I’m going to ask some coaching with this and we’re going to take this thing to the next level. So I wrote the power offer and literally that August. Leads are coming in. I’m sending people to the application. I was getting on the call. So first month August, I made like $15,000.

So if you look at my Stripe account from January to July, it was like, like we made maybe like 500 bucks, but then you look at August, it’s like 15,000. I was like, okay. Okay. We’re, we’re on to something we’re on to something. And so I always knew that I really wanted to work with you in one of your biggest programs.

I was just like, man, I’m just not making the money right now, but soon as I do cause man, I have investor mindset, especially when you see the results that are coming. So I did the first iteration of my coaching program. It was successful. We got a few guys to upgrade their jobs, getting a cybersecurity.

And then I, you know, I stayed, locked into the group and I did the call where I set up the game plan. Yup. Had your, has your team review my offer and their incident when they looked at it, they were like, this is pretty good. This is pretty good. But I see some things that could be changed, and I was like, All right.

I’m all ears for it. So we went through the game plan and we changed the approach to how we were targeting. One of the reasons why the initial offer wasn’t as successful as possible is. I think I went a little overboard with the marketing curiosity, because people want to know what the skill is.

Cause I wouldn’t tell you, I was like, you got to click the button and then I’ll tell you what the skill is when you get on the inside. So I was getting a lot of bad comments on my ass. Like it’s a scam, it’s a scam. He’s not telling us what this thing is. So, Your team rewrote, my power offer and they wrote three of them.

For me. I had chills when I read the power offer, I wanted to take it up myself. I would take myself up on the offer. I would take myself up on the offer. So, that was actually in December when we did that. And so, I launched January with the new power offer. We increase the prices. Because the, the results, I mean, we’re getting good results.

We’re helping people transform their lives. And from the January to maybe like the second week of February, we made 40 K and it gets better. It gets better. I kid you not, I kid you not last week. We had a single day where we did $46,000.

Joel Erway: [00:08:52]

heck yeah, dude.

Boyd Clewis: [00:08:53]

A single day. So, I had a pretty good job as a cybersecurity consultant.

Some would say is quite lucrative. I quit. I told your team, like when we were setting up for the game plan, I said, my goal is to be able to replace my income so I can do this full time. And it happened in a matter of two months, I thought this was going to be maybe a year or something, but I’m just, I’m blown away the way this system just works.

Like I’m sitting here talking to you right now and leads are coming in. I’m not doing anything.

Joel Erway: [00:09:27]

So you did 46 grand in a day. Is that all from ads? That’s unbelievable, man.

Boyd Clewis: [00:09:32]

Yeah. So like originally, um, I struggled so much cause I was like, man, I got to put out like all this thought leadership content.

I got to do all this attraction. And I was like, no, no, no, no, no. You make the offer upfront getting in front of the right audience. Like people are getting on the phone and making buying decisions. And I didn’t think that it would happen like that think that you need to indoctrinate these people for three or four weeks needed to have a million followers.

I just crossed over a thousand followers on Instagram. Just now I don’t have a bottle. Don’t have this huge audience, but people they respect the offer is positioned well. It’s explained well, and the format from the power offer to the call, everything is pre-framed with the offer. So we’re getting on the call with people that aren’t looking for information they’re coming on the phone because they want to enroll.

And that just makes life so much easier. Yeah.

Joel Erway: [00:10:30]

So when you get on the call with these people, right? How is that, how is that enrollment call or that sales call, however you want to, right. Is it easy? Like, do they know that they’re going to have to, that this is going to be an investment?

Like what’s their framing coming into this?

Boyd Clewis: [00:10:46]

Yeah. So they understand that this is going to be an investment. I have, once somebody books a call, I have this video that it’s kind of like a pre-sales call video, what to expect, bring your partner. These are the things that we’re going to talk about.

Check out my LinkedIn profile, check out these testimonials. I’m pre-framing them with the results and the expectation that they’re going to enroll in this program. And then I warned them. This is not one of those uni hundred dollars, $200 courses. This isn’t that? Yep. Yeah. So that helps.

Joel Erway: [00:11:22]

What are you paying on average, like cost per lead cost per application?

Like what those numbers have gotta be through or, um, yeah. What out of curiosity? What are you paying like per cost per app?

Boyd Clewis: [00:11:35]

So cost per app, I’m paying it around $29

Joel Erway: [00:11:40]

and your offer is what? Is it 5k?

Boyd Clewis: [00:11:43]

No, my offer is 12 K.

Joel Erway: [00:11:45]

Wow, it’s 12K.

Boyd Clewis: [00:11:47]

That’s gone up. It’s gone up. So we actually have three different tiers.

We have one, which is our advanced I’m sorry, not advanced. It’s the zero to cyber security specialists. This is for people that have zero it experiences that offers actually 15. We have the mid tier with people that already have some it experience.

Joel Erway: [00:12:09]

1500, right? The low tier is 1500.

Boyd Clewis: [00:12:11]

No, no, no. That’s 15,000.

That’s the total 15 K got it. Yeah. 15 K yeah, 15 K at the top for people that have zero experience. So we got to teach them everything. And then we have the mid tier, which is 12 K that’s the one that I generally sell. That’s where people that already have a little bit of it experience, but we teach them the security framework in this specialty.

And then people that already have some security experience. We just teach in the specialty and that’s seven K, so seven, 12, and 15.

Joel Erway: [00:12:41]

Awesome man. And what were you at when you first started? What were the prices at when you first started running traffic? For some version of this for free then seven, but like when you switched to I high ticket courses model.

Boyd Clewis: [00:12:55] Yeah. So when I switched to the high ticket courses model, it was first, it was 2,800 and it was, it was 2,800 on the initial offer.

Joel Erway: [00:13:06]

Awesome. Yeah. And so how many of those did you sell?

Boyd Clewis: [00:13:09]

I don’t have the exact number of those, but we sold quite a bit. One of the things that actually happened is truth. Be told I wasn’t the best on the phone at that time, because I really didn’t have the sales process down.

I ended up making a bulk of the money on the back end. People were like, Oh, I’m going to think about it. And you know, they’re not going to think about it. It’s like when we get off the phone, you’re not gonna think about me. I came up with this idea where I shot a personal video. It’s like, Hey, I don’t want money to stand in the way between you getting these results.

I want to offer you a special opportunity to get in the program for a thousand dollars. So I ended up selling the program for a thousand dollars. That’s how I made a bulk of the money on the back end.

So you had a little

Joel Erway: [00:13:52]
down sell, or a discount for those people who were on the fence until you got your feet wet and got your sales process dialed in, right?

Boyd Clewis: [00:13:59]

Exactly. Yup. Yup. Yeah. So that helped us build up the capital that we needed.

Joel Erway: [00:14:06]

What do you think was the biggest shift for you in transitioning to this model? Like what do you think was the biggest mindset shift for you to get these, like these types of results?

Boyd Clewis: [00:14:16]

The biggest mindset shift for me was number one, the process is repeatable. Like at first, I was struggling with the idea that, you know what I’m going to have. These people invest this amount of money, and then it’s not going to work out. If you don’t have confidence in your product, you’re not going to be able to pitch it. The other thing is just when you truly have the heart of a servant, this becomes easy because all it is is consulting.

Which is what I do for a living. So when you genuinely care about the people that you’re getting on the phone with, and the offers that you make are really, you know, to impact people, then it makes a world of difference.

Joel Erway: [00:14:59]

Awesome, man. Well, dude, your story is, is such an inspiration for people, because there are so many people who are on the fence or they’re struggling, or they’re doing the Ascension model or they’re blogging. They want to get followers. They want to get people on their email list and you know, it’s not worth it. I mean, it’s not an audience’s worth. Let me, let me make sure that people aren’t going to throw this back in my face.

Like if the money is in the list, when you’re first starting out, like you should not be going and trying to acquire a big list. I mean, that is a, um, There are much better ways to, to generate revenue generate money. And you’re a, I mean, you’re just a, um, a poster child for like, what can happen when you understand that?

Like, listen, people don’t want to be educated. Like they, they have a transformation that they want in their mind. Put it out there, you put it in front of people. They’re going to respond well. Out of curiosity, these results that you get for your clients, right? When they make the shift into credit card security, like what does that do for them?

Like what does that do for their career. I’m assuming this it’s a pay bump. I’m assuming it’s probably better opportunities, right?

Boyd Clewis: [00:16:14]

Yeah. Oh yeah. So when they make this shift, they go from competing against hundreds of thousands of it. Professionals to get jobs to competing will get less than 10,000 because there’s less than 10,000 people that are actually certified to do this type of work.

So it’s a game changer. And then from a salary standpoint, most people that comes through the program ended up doubling or tripling their salary.

Joel Erway: [00:16:41]

That’s awesome. I mean, doubling or tripling their salary. I mean like most people can’t do that throughout their entire career. And one simple shift allows them to make that pivot.

And that’s awesome, man. You know, I’ve worked in the career development niche quite a few times and, um, It’s funny cause like it, depending on how your offer is positioned and like what transformation you actually provide, it can be such a lucrative niche. And like I think you, you have obviously struggled and you you’ve really hit a nice little pocket of opportunity that people are responding very well to.

And so I congratulate you for that and I mean, your results speak for themselves. I mean, doing $48,000 in a single day, Congrats man. That’s huge. That’s huge. 20 bucks per app. That’s also freaking fantastic.

Boyd Clewis: [00:17:32]

It is man. It is. Yeah. So one of the things that I didn’t mention that really helped me do this was your perfect expert model.

I was like, this is it. So I redid it myself. And one of the shows that I really liked was nipped up. So I called it my nip tuck model, because I was like, you have doctors and then you have plastic surgeons. All doctors. I mean, all plastic surgeons or doctors, but not all doctors are plastic surgeons. These plastic surgeons, they get paid more money.

They have more credibility because they’re specialist. So I’m going to help you become the cyber , the plastic surgeon of cybersecurity. So when people get on the phone and they fill out the application, they’re like, I want to be the plastic surgeon of cybersecurity. So I’m like, all right, they’re paying attention to my offer.

And it, it all clicks and it makes sense. I’m like, yes, That makes a sale so much easier when they’re speaking my language

Joel Erway: [00:18:27]

100% man. That’s fantastic. What would, what would be like one word of advice to somebody who is going through what you just went through over the past few months or the past year?

Like what would be one piece of advice that you could, you could give to someone who was in your situation?

Boyd Clewis: [00:18:44]

Oh, what I would give them is number one, stop. What you’re doing. If you are. Going at the Ascension model, trying to build a list, give out free beasts, do the power offer. Just test it. You’ll save yourself headache a lot of time in misery.

Trust me, trust me.

Joel Erway: [00:19:09]

I love it, man. Dude, boyd. So where can people reach out to you? Like if we have people who are listening right now, who are in it, or they might know somebody who’s in it. Where can they find out more about you more about your program and connect with you?

Boyd Clewis: [00:19:24]

Sure. You can go to my website, boydclewis.com or on LinkedIn.

I’m at Boyd Clewis everywhere. It’s the beauty of having a very unique name, so Facebook, Instagram, but yeah, you can contact me directly there.

Joel Erway: [00:19:41]

Awesome boyd. It was great to connect, man. I love your story. It’s a huge inspiration. I can’t wait to see you just completely ride this rocket up is as high as you can do me a favor when you get to the top.

Just remember us little guys down here. All right.

Boyd Clewis: [00:19:56]

I’ll never forget, man. You helped me. You helped me tremendously. I’m glad I got to talk to you, man. I can’t thank you enough.

Joel Erway: [00:20:03]

It’s been my pleasure, my honor, man. All right. So, if you are interested in learning about boyd’s program or you have somebody in your world who wants to help them get to the next level of it, it career go connect with boy, let them know you heard them on sold with webinars and we will see you on the next episode.

Take care.

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