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The Captain’s Curse

Tags: the captain's curse, market conditions, marketing, High Ticket Courses

Market conditions can change at any given moment, and it’s crucial to be out there on the water to be aware of these changes.

You need to factor in the direction the wind is blowing, the strength of the tides, everything involved in what might change the conditions within the market so you can adjust as needed.

What works today, may not be what works a month from now, a year from now, two years from now.

Do not set yourself up on autopilot. Stay focus on steering the ship, and be prepared to pivot.

You'll Discover

  • Always have your radar turned on [3:30]

  • The biggest mistake I see successful entrepreneurs make [4:08]

  • What is the Captain’s Curse? [5:08]

  • Your market is GOING to change - especially in competitive niches [6:15]

  • You need to be aware of what’s coming up in your prospect’s mind and be prepared to adjust your message accordingly [7:40]

…and much more!

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