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Cody Neer Created 21 Power Offers – This Is What Happened | #111


What happens when you launch 21 power offers in 4 months?

One of the core principles I teach in High Ticket courses is being agile.

Being able to move quickly and test a lot of ideas.

Usually, that’s to find the one idea we can scale. But what if they all work?

What if you can find specific power offers and messaging to appeal to several categories of people without changing anything about your offer or promise?

Cody Neer is the founder of eCommerce Brand Academy. He joined High Ticket Courses around December 2019.

Cody’s program was set up in a unique way, in that he has a ton of eCommerce courses specific to different platforms.

For example, Amazon, ClickFunnels, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook ads, etc.

And because of this, he was able to create and test several power offers and mini webinars targeting each platform interest.

When I first checked in with Cody after he joined High Ticket Courses, he had tested 7 power offers and closed on all 7.

Now, he’s up to 21 offers. All running concurrently. All making money.

In all my years of teaching this stuff, I’ve never seen something like this before.

So I absolutely had to interview him on Sold With Webinars.

In this week’s episode, you’ll discover

  • How Cody ended up with so many different courses inside eCommerce Brand Academy [03:00]

  • he evolution of Cody’s power offers and a surprising result as he transitioned from “done for you” messaging to “do it yourself” messaging [09:35]

  • Cody’s cost per application, conversion rates, and how he handles fulfillment [13:30]

  • The “root cause” behind why High Ticket offers work, even if the information can be found online for free [19:17]

  • And much more

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Episode Transcript

Joel Erway: [00:00:00]

Hey, what’s going on, Experts? Joel Erway here, welcome to another very special quarantine edition of Sold With Webinars. We are joined today by somebody who I’m extremely excited to chat with. We have a guest interview today. His name is Cody Neer. Cody joined my High Ticket Courses program a couple of months ago. And I’d seen Cody around.

We’ve been Facebook friends. You know, it’s one of those things where you’re internet-connected and you’re socially connected. And, when he joined the program I was excited to have him aboard. But we had never connected personally. So I had reached out a couple of months after he joined the program and I said, “Hey man, I just want to check and see how things were going.”

And, you know, I get a lot of feedback from customers and there are all sorts of results that some of our customers get. But Cody stood out for something that I preach. I preach it as much as I possibly can, but he’s, as far as I [00:01:00] know, the only one who was executed as he has. And so, I don’t want to ruin it just yet, I wanted to give a little bit of a teaser. But Cody, welcome, man. I’m excited to have you on the podcast.

Cody Neer: [00:01:10]

Joel. I appreciate it, man. It’s awesome to be here.

Joel Erway: [00:01:14]

When we dive into this discussion, this conversation. You know, the big theme of what I talk about in High Ticket Courses, with mini webinars, with power offers is being agile.

And being light. Because we still run the Webinar Agency. I have my own long-form webinars, but you know, for crying out loud, and I’ll be the first to tell you, they’re a bear. They are building the Titanic and hoping that it will float. It’s a lot of effort and yes, they are the Holy grail of marketing.

And once, you know, once we get that dialed in, then great, a long-form webinar’s perfect. But you know, the best part about mini webinars and power offers is it allows you to pivot. It allows you to rapid-fire test and you have kind of taken [00:02:00] that to a whole other level with testing and validating offers.

Can you give us a little bit of background about, you know, what you did with the program?

Cody Neer: [00:02:10]

Yeah, absolutely. So I obviously come from a digital marketing background. I mean, I’m familiar with, you know, building and growing and selling physical products online, being in eCommerce. I’ve never been much of an info product person, but December of last year had the opportunity to get out of some of my eCommerce businesses.

And, that led me literally straight to, “who am I going to find that’s gonna put me where I can sell my information at scale the fastest?” And that’s where, you know, as you said, we were internet-connected and I thought “Well, duh. Let me just hit up Joel and got into High Ticket Courses. And, I mean.

I followed the, you know, went through the blueprint, the steps, went through the entire program. And something I had put together, it’s called the e-Commerce Brand Academy. And inside this “Academy” I had all these courses [00:03:00] and I thought, “You know what, in order for me to sell products online, I gotta have all these courses.” And I gotta have, you know, a course that does this.

And a course that does that. And a course that does this. And then I tried to sell that and I was like, “Why isn’t anyone buying it?” And when I hit this part called the Power Offer, it’s a “one-sentence offer.” What do you have to give them? I thought, “Well, duh. That’s what I’m missing.” And that’s really what stuck.

And as I put this together, I found out every single course inside this Academy hit a different person in a different way. So, therefore, instead of just selling a broad e-commerce training, I went from selling. let me show you how to start your own print on demand brand. Let me show you how to run Facebook ads to scale physical product sales.

Let me show you how to get on Amazon with print on demand. Let me show you how to leverage Amazon by selling dropship products. Let me show you how to sell… And all these different iterations of these courses I had turned into these power offers and therefore a power offer turned into my mini webinar.

And next thing you know, I [00:04:00] had dozens of iterations of my mini webinar out there, and I had, not just leads, but I had calls being booked and then I had sales being made and then I had the execution on the back end. And like you said when we chatted last, well the first time we chatted it was seven, then it was nine ’cause I was still pushing through, but now I have put together, we have 21 courses.

I have 21 power offers and mini webinars put together for every single angle inside this Academy. And it’s by far the easiest, most efficient way to sell my eCommerce training because I stopped focusing on selling broad. And I go to just what the end-user wants, what the buyer wants, and give them that, as you call it, the power offer and every single piece to my puzzle I had put together in this Academy.

And, yeah, man, it couldn’t have been any more efficient and really, I mean, I went from December of not knowing how to do this, struggling in December, thinking I know what the hell I was doing and then hit you in January. [00:05:00] It was a very short learning curve to put together a mini webinar and a power offer.

So now we’re at 21 iterations of a mini webinar and power offer for the Academy.

Joel Erway: [00:05:10]

So when we chatted, you said you had nine iterations of the power offer and you had sold all nine.

Cody Neer: [00:05:18]

Oh, yeah. It wasn’t a matter of putting the sales together. It was more a matter of what did I want to be fulfilling and how did I want to fulfill on the backend.

What I learned fast was this: yes, get the offer out there, but then again, learn as fast as I could on what exactly I was going to be able to deliver the most efficient, what fit me and my team and what I’m most passionate about. So I put an offer out there, sell it, execute on it, realize, okay, let me change this, change that, change this.

And yeah, I mean, really it’s the backend execution that gave me the flexibility, as you were saying, to make these changes fast.

Joel Erway: [00:05:53]

Yeah. So that is what I want to highlight. So it is April 9th, [00:06:00] 2020 today. So let’s just say December. So you have January, February, March, and April, that’s four months.

And you’ve gone through 21 different iterations of your power offer. And what you said earlier is so important because so many people think that their idea is what they’re going to want to scale to the moon before they validate. But you gotta actually enjoy what you fulfill on, which is another reason why you should be lightweight by, you need to be flexible.

Why? You need to be able to pivot on a moment’s notice. Because if you sell something you don’t know what type of customer is gonna come through the door, especially if it’s just a first idea. You want to know, okay, cool, let’s work with this one customer and this one client, and let’s see how it goes.

And you’ve pivoted dozens of times and you’re making your way through it and you’re being profitable. You’re making money. And this is part of the, this is an excellent teaching lesson. [00:07:00] So what have you learned on the fulfillment side that you enjoy doing? And you don’t enjoy doing? Because you’ve gone through a ton of iterations, so you should have some great insight.

Cody Neer: [00:07:10]

That’s an awesome question because the very first time I put my offer out there, I thought, in order for me to sell number one, a high ticket offer, and number two, have a power offer. I thought I had to sell my time the most. And so when I started, I was selling, you know, hours of my time consulting one-on-one with people and then fulfilling on that.

And I realized, well, this isn’t something that’s number one, scalable, but something that I could do physically, mentally, emotionally, longterm. So I pivoted to the next one. Okay, let me put this in a group setting. And then went from the group setting to let me get in a group setting where I’m in there only once a week where I have my team in there helping me.

And then I created a ticket system now where people can ask questions through the ticket system. So we’re, I don’t even have to go on there once a week. I can just see a ticket system and make sure [00:08:00] these tickets are getting answered. But for me, I wanted to make sure the most value, for the person that was buying, was being delivered.

So I thought at the very beginning, I had to, you know, I personally had to provide the value, but what I’ve come to find out though is that my power offer, what I asked them or told them I was going to deliver, that was the number one thing that had to, you know, be clear for them.

And as long as I can make sure I put together both online access, course portal, and some kind of support system that made sure they got to that power offer as fast as possible. And they could reach their, you know, my guarantee, their end goal, that my time wasn’t the most important thing to sell. It was actually just the execution of the power offer. that was really the biggest thing.

And we say the power offer, that’s literally, I mean, what I took away from this entire program was. Here’s what you’re going to get, and here’s why, or here’s how, and even here’s when, what’s the date? You know, what’s the end date you’re going to get it by? And, you know, it [00:09:00] was a very simple model to follow, to be honest with you.

So, that’s what I learned the most is that I don’t have to sell, you know, from my time, you know, my energy, my focus. I didn’t have to sell those things to make this thing work. People find value in what you, what they thought they were going to buy in the power offer.

And as long as they get that, that’s really what they wanted.

Joel Erway: [00:09:22]

So of the 21 offers, what has been, so I want to ask a couple of questions here cause you have some great data. So what was the easiest one to sell?

Cody Neer: [00:09:35]

The easiest one was, “can I build you a print-on-demand brand in 30 days or less?”

And when I said “can I?” I meant literally, can I build your store, create your designs, choose your niche, my mini webinar was “I will do all of this, this, and this.” That was the easiest one to sell because it was hands-off, but it was the most work.

So then I [00:10:00] changed that from I to we, and when I changed it from I to we, that was a change in my power offer that changed the mini webinar, literally, where it was just, “I’ll do this” to “We will do this.” I thought, “Oh, I could sell that too.” So it was still as easy as the “I” but then what I realized was I didn’t have to change too much again to where I said, “I will give you the tools to build this.” And then it went from “I” to “we” to “I’m going to give you all the tools you need” and it didn’t change my conversion rate from where I was doing all the work to where they were doing all the work.

It took the change, my evolution, evolving down the line of just my mini webinar of going from where I do the work, to we do the work, to where you’ll do the work and we’ll support you. And in the scheme of it, all 21 of those iterations now go along with,” I’m going to give you the tools to be able to do this.” Very much, I mean, it was kind of a slap in the face. I looked at High Ticket Courses and I thought, “Joel’s not doing this for me.”

His [00:11:00] team’s not doing this for me, but he just gave me the tools. And I thought, “Well, duh. Why don’t I just follow what he did for me, with High Ticket Courses.” So it took me, you know… I wasn’t that person to be able to sell both my courses and my information when I started.

But we’ve done well into six figures in a few months with our high ticket courses. And It gives us all a massive lead flow, being able to cover our front end costs with advertising. Being able to sell… Man, I went from selling $40 hats where I had to cover a CPA of $30 to making $5 per hat sale in commerce, to where we’re now selling $5,000 program and I’m covering a $100 to $200 application fee makes a world of difference when you’re going to scale and offer online.

Joel Erway: [00:11:46]

That’s awesome, man. So have you done 21 iterations of the print on demand store, or have you… ?

Cody Neer: [00:11:54]

So in the Academy we have print on demand and I’ll, you know, be cheesy about [00:12:00] it, but all of our course names, which is the trademarked “eCommerce Secrets” brand, Print On Demand Ecommerce Secrets, Amazon Ecommerce Secrets, Facebook Ads Ecommerce Secrets. High Tickety Ecommerce Secrets, Etsy Ecommerce Secrets, Pinterest Ecommerce Secrets.

So we have the eComm Secrets, whatever your channel, your marketplace, your angle, your plan of attack is, wherever you’re at. whatever way you want to go sell information or excuse me, physical products. I’m selling information, they’re selling physical products.

Whatever way you wanna sell the physical product online. We have the tools and the resources to give you to show you how to go sell those. So our mini webinars are basically saying we’re going to give you the tools to be able to go in any channel, any marketplace, any ad platform and help you scale or grow your physical product sales.

Yeah, so our courses are not just, “Here’s how you run a Facebook ad,” but it’s more so, “Here’s how you run a Facebook ad for selling physical products in ClickFunnels,” those type of things. And that’s the power [00:13:00] offer. But, yeah, we just get a little more niched down in our power offer sentence, our one-sentence offer. And, we hit those people like, “that’s exactly what I want to do! I want to sell one product inside ClickFunnels. That’s what I want to do. Leveraging Facebook ads. Perfect.” So that’s what our Facebook ad said for our power offer on our mini webinar.

Joel Erway: [00:13:25]

Are you selling all of those high ticket courses for 5k or roughly 5k?

Cody Neer: [00:13:30]

So we have our, we sell the individual “just the course” access where you literally just log into the course, for less than 5K. But our core program where we give you the group and the help is at 5k.

All of these ads are running. So there’s 21 power offers out there, and we’re getting an average of about $180 an application. Our sales guys are super happy. Even [00:14:00] now during this Covid virus thing. Their schedules are booked. Converting roughly about 15%.

So not terrible, not great. But I mean, I’d say it’s enough to keep the lights on and make a lot of money. So, yeah, and then the execution really is simple because inside of our members’ group on Facebook all of the courses are being taught and all of them being shared. We have our Livestreams in there, and I have a good team that each of them has their own knowledge that they bring in there.

So, I get to focus on the front end of bringing in leads and running the ads, and they can focus on the back end. Which is something I learned over the course of changing my offer. When I was on there saying, “I’ll do this,” people were like, “Well, where’s Cody? He said, he’s going to do it.” Now it’s “we’re just going to give it to you.” So, pretty awesome.

Joel Erway [00:14:30]

Yeah, you know it’s amazing, once you really start to understand promises, you start to figure out what they really want. And yeah, it’s really sexy to say [00:15:00] “I, I, I…” And you know, if that’s really what you’re doing, then I would say lead with it because it’s the most valuable and everyone wants to buy “you, the expert.”

But is it required? No, it’s not. Simple pivots show that all they really care about is what is that end promise that you’re gonna give them? Okay, cool. Launch my Facebook ads, you know, make whatever… 2X, 3X on my Facebook ads. If I can get that, I’ll be happy. I don’t care how it happens.

All I care is that it happens. You tell me how to do it. And I’ll do it. How much were you selling as individual courses before you went the high ticket route? You said you already had this stuff.

Cody Neer

Oh man. Sadly, some of these courses were $97 and I was doing a lot more work selling these courses. ‘Cause yeah, sure, everyone buys $97 and they get in and everybody and their brother’s in there at $97. And even then I couldn’t be profitable on my Facebook ads a $97 selling an information [00:16:00] product. And then I tried $297 and then $997 and then $997 with this long webinar that took 2 hours with a big old stack and all this other stuff everyone teaches.

Which is great, but not great when I didn’t prove the actual offer yet. So I felt like I went totally backward. I started the wrong way. If I just started with high ticket prices and then figured out what gets people to convert with the power offer. Now, it’s a lot easier.

Now I’m actually running my “course only” ads where I’m just selling the course, they don’t get anything else. Just the course. No Facebook group, no support, no nothing. They just get the actual course. And it’s profitable because I know exactly what to say. I know exactly what the power offer is.

Because I’ve had a lot of conversations with people. Our team has a lot of conversations with people, through getting these applications. And then, we test our mini webinar/power offer, all of them, quite often. I mean, we pivot [00:17:00] them almost daily, so it makes it pretty nice. Now feel pretty good where I’m like, “Don’t change it anymore. Don’t touch it. It’s doing really well. Just leave it be. Unless Facebook does something crazy, then we’re good.”

Joel Erway: [00:17:11]

If you’re listening right now, I don’t want you to think that it’s this simple. I mean no one normally is going to test 21 versions in three to four months.

But high achievers, they know what levers to pull. And once you realize okay, damn, I just, I just upped my price from $97 to five grand or $97 to two grand, or whatever you’re selling your DIY course at… 10 X, I mean, just changing the game for the revenue stream and getting a better customer, easier to convert, less to fulfill on.

There are so many benefits to that.

Cody Neer: [00:17:59]

Yeah, I’m [00:18:00] not going to lie. I mean, I’m really efficient at building funnels and really efficient at filming my webinars and writing my scripts. And I feel decent at writing copy. I’m not a complete newbie at this but I feel anybody who has a little bit of knowledge of those things can put together their power offer pretty quickly and launch their offer and start making those iterations.

One thing I failed when I started was, I thought that this is what I sell. This is how I sell it. This is what it is. This is how it’s going to be sold. And then when I went into this, I was like, no, it’s not at all. Let the customer tell me how I’m going to sell it.

Let them tell me what they react to. Let them tell me what triggers them. And I could do that quickly by just changing what my offer was. And I mean, shooting a two-hour webinar is a pain in the ass, but shooting a 15/25 minute mini webinar? That’s easy. I can do that all day 10 times over. Nonstop, you know, so that makes it simple.

Joel Erway: [00:19:04]

So what piece of advice would you give people who are considering getting into this game? Launching their own high ticket course. Knowing what you know now, what is that one piece of advice that you’d share with them?

Cody Neer: [00:19:17]

So, my advice is that there are enough people out there that don’t know what you know. And the things that you take the most for granted, no matter how much you think you know about them and that everyone else knows about it, sure, 999 people out of a thousand will know what that is but there’s that one person, and it only takes that one person to scale the offer. If you can sell a $5,000 course to where a thousand people see your offer, mathematically speaking, on ads, if a thousand people get an impression and you sell one out of a thousand at 5k, you can do that.

But if you’re selling one out of a thousand at $97, you’re not gonna be able to [00:20:00] do that very long. So the fact that you have your high ticket offer, meaning it’s 2,500 or three grand, 5k, something like that. And you have your core piece of information that you feel really strong about that you can teach. There are enough people out there, no matter how simple you think that information is, that want to learn about it.

You just have to figure out, again, what’s the power offer? What is the trigger? What’s the one sentence that gets those people to book a call or to click buy, or to want to have a conversation with you? That’s what I learned. I’m not selling stuff that you can’t find on YouTube or Google, but I’m just putting it exactly, in very simplistic terms.

Here’s what you’re going to get. I’m going to help you get there. And I make them feel very confident about choosing me to be the one that shows them how to get there.

Joel Erway: [00:20:53]

If you think about it, it’s hard to imagine that one sentence is all it takes. One to two [00:21:00] sentences is all it takes.

At the root cause, nobody cares about you, the expert. All they care about is themselves. So what does that mean? They care about what can you do for them. And that is really all it takes. And that’s why we distilled it down to power offers. Once I realized all they care about is what can they get out of this relationship, the game changed. I still can’t believe you’ve done 21 power offers. That still blows my mind.

Cody Neer: [00:21:27]

Yeah, I went from having hundreds of eCommerce stores to manage, to not having any, so I had a lot of time on my hands. I mean in an eight hour day you can put together quite a few power offers.

Joel Erway: [00:21:43]

So Cody, my goal with this conversation was for people to listen. I want them to listen right now and understand that you do not have to have heavyweight marketing to [00:22:00] be successful. In fact, if you really want to be successful, you need to do the exact opposite.

You need to be able to pivot on a dime. I’m not saying you need to make 21 power offers. I’m not saying to, to test all that stuff. Understand what we’re doing with the power offer, understanding what the purpose is with our mini webinars, which is to educate these prospects with minimal amounts of education.

The only thing we really want to do on a mini webinar is to make them say, “Okay, cool. I understand what your promise is. Now, tell me more.” Want to learn a little more? Here are the bare bones of how we’re going to get to this process.

One last question for you. In your mini webinar do you focus on unique mechanisms and methodologies or what is it? It’s hard for me to ask you what you teach in your 21 power offers. But my belief is that unique mechanisms and methodologies are the core of what really gets people to say, “Okay, yep. I want that.” Cause those are unique differentiators. [00:23:00] So do you talk about that within your mini webinars for every single one?

Cody Neer: [00:23:03]

So I wouldn’t say the answer is yes. They’re very much the same because we’re teaching econ commerce. So like you said, it’s very simple. My goal is to just get you to say yes, you want to learn more.

So the reality is the power offer changes for all different angles. My core thing is I’m going to teach you how to sell a product, using an offer, running an ad that’s literally the three-part thing in all of the power offers and all of the mini webinars. And it just changes from product offer ad from Facebook, product offer ad using ClickFunnels, product offer ad using Amazon, product offer ad using Pinterest, product offer ad using whatever it is in eCommerce, whatever channel it is. You’ve got to have a product to sell. You gotta, you know, put an offer out there in front of people so they can see that you’re selling something. And in order to scale it or make money, you [00:24:00] have to use an ad that you pay to put in front of somebody. That’s it.

That’s exactly what these mini webinars say, over and over and over again. I got to that part by testing a bunch, by going through a few iterations. What’s the… A hundred people see the offer and what’s a really bad conversion rate? An average conversion rate? What is it, 2%? So if I have a hundred people come through my offer and 2% buy then I think, “okay, good.” But if I have none, then I change it. You know, that’s, that’s our baseline. So with an ad, I could run a hundred people through an offer pretty quick. And then if I got two sales, I’d say, “okay, it’s working.”

How do I make this better? And make an iteration. And if it didn’t work at all we’d make a big pivot fast. So it was a numbers game from there. The three things are just have a product to sell, have an offer to put out there of that product. And then if you want to scale it to the moon, you can use ads.

And then it doesn’t matter what platform. The offer itself, the channel of the [00:25:00] mini webinar, it changes based on if the person came in saying, yeah, I want to do Amazon, or yeah, I want to learn Etsy, or yeah, I want to learn Pinterest, or Google ads or Bing or whatever it is that triggered them.

Whatever triggered their fancy at the front end. But when they get in it’s all very much a similar thing. And yeah, I give a little thing of “book to call now and you get…” whatever’s inside of our program, our courses and stuff. I’ll give them a little snap of that, but I followed the offer thing to a tee inside High Ticket Courses.

I didn’t try to add a whole bunch of free stuff. I tried that at the beginning and it didn’t work great. And if I did, I realized all I was doing was passing out free stuff all day. So I actually took out all that and just went back to simple. Here’s the power offer. Here are a few people that took me up on it. Here’s how this power offer works. Book a call. That’s pretty much it.

Joel Erway: [00:25:55]

Pretty simple. Huh?

Cody Neer: [00:25:57]

I mean, it sounds, I feel terrible cause [00:26:00] I feel like I’m making it too simple. But, yeah, I mean it’s just, here’s what you’re asking for, here’s how we were going to do it. And if you want to learn more book the call.

And I mean, I think I could do this so fast is because I’m not smart. So, therefore, I’m not smart enough to make it really complicated. So to my benefit and everyone else’s, if you’re, if you don’t know how to do any of this stuff, it’s actually to a benefit cause you don’t overthink. You don’t have to overthink it.

Create your offer, put your three parts together, and then tell someone to click the “book a call” to learn more. It makes it nice and simple.

Joel Erway: [00:26:34]

Love it, dude. Yeah. So just to recap, I mean, God, it’s all about being lightweight guys. If you’re listening right now, it’s all about being able to pivot because you don’t really know what people are going to respond to.

That’s the whole, that’s the whole premise of this. You really don’t know what people want. Sure, we can get really, really close by getting clear on our messaging, but let them tell you what they want. You know, let them tell you exactly [00:27:00] what they want to buy. Cody, man, I appreciate you hopping on.

I appreciate you sharing your story. I don’t think anybody’s going to break your record. 21 power offers in three months is pretty incredible. You blew past six figures, which is fantastic. you know, thank you for sharing your story, man. If anyone is interested in eCommerce, where can they connect with you?

Cody Neer: [00:27:22]

eCommerceBrandAcademy.com. I’ll have everything, all these courses and everything that we’re talking about here if you want to jump in there. eCommerceBrandAcademy.com.

Joel Erway: [00:27:32]

Awesome. All right, so if you are interested in that, please go check out, what Cody has put together. And also if you heard him on this podcast and you like what you hear, just reach out to him and say, “Hey, Cody, I heard you on Sold With Webinars.”

Give him some love. Give him a shout out and check out his stuff. Cody, thanks again, man. I appreciate you. And if you’re listening right now, feel free to give us a rating on iTunes. That would mean the world to us. It’ll help us get more exposure. And we’ll see you in the next episode.

Take care.

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