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The Counterintuitive Coach Offer

Tags: holistic, counterintuitive, niche, target audience, high ticket offer, coaching

Getting clear on your niche doesn’t have to be such a headache. Sometimes it’s as easy as, “Hey, if you need help with ‘x’, I can help you.”

In this episode, I spotlight one of my clients who recently needed to shift her target audience because her niche was too specific, causing her to have a hard time converting clients. We discussed who we could target instead, who would be ready to raise their hands and say “yes” to what she had to offer.

If you have a high ticket offer and are struggling to get people to say “yes” to it, this message is for you. 

You'll Discover

  • Getting too specific with your niche can end up hurting you [4:17]

  • Closest to the hole - targeting people who are already familiar with what you’re putting on the table [5:00]

  • Zooming out to zoom in — what do people need your help with? [6:07]

  • Tell your story, make yourself available, and let them come to you [6:00]

  • MTDO - Make The Damn Offer! [7:15]

…and much more!

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