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Disney Customer Experience

Tags: positive impression, Customer Journey, customer experience, products and services, marketing

I have a lot of friends who would tell me that they spend a lot of time at Disney World, and I just didn’t get it. 

Why are adults keep coming back to Disneyland?

I want to talk about a  lesson I learned from my recent trip to Walt Disney in Florida.

It’s all about choosing your battles, marketing, and how you charge your clients.

You'll Discover:

  • You designed an experience where you are going to bring customers back. [4:13]

  • Make a positive first impression. Know what your customers are going through. [6:22]

  • Know where to charge and make your money. [7:09]

  • Customers want to keep coming back if they feel they are treated well. [9:23]

  • Clients want to come back and buy additional products and services based on determining what will leave a positive taste for them. [11:58]

… and much more!

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