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Do You Really Need a Funnel?

Tags: goal, offer, coaching, funnel, consulting

I spoke at an event in Austin, Texas, and I had breakfast with a client.

We talked about her messaging, offer, and all the things that she tried and failed. What worked and what hasn’t worked, and we were just diving deep into an overarching strategy that worked and what hasn’t worked.

Many people are struggling and trying to hit some sort of next goal in their minds.

Do you need a funnel? Let’s talk about this!

Find out the answer here.

You'll Discover:

  • Be careful about who you follow and the advice you are given intake, most of all advice with some dose of skepticism. [2:56]

  • Your message is so critical. [5:53]

  • Your funnel is only meant to support a winning offer. [8:04]

  • Find out who you feel most comfortable working with. [9:32]

  • Difference between coaching and consulting. [10:19]

… and much more!

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