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The Double-Tap Sales Sequence

Tags: client interaction, sales sequence, digital marketer, sales process, Automation

Recently I’ve been doing a ton of research on sales processes, and realizing where we are leaving money on the table.

As digital marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in automations, hiding behind our computer screens.

We have to give our prospects multiple ways to interact with us. Otherwise, we are letting ideal clients slip through the cracks. 

So how can we bulk up our lead efficiency? In this episode I’ll tell you about a new strategy we’ve been testing out to start the sales conversation. Feel free to implement it yourself and let me know how it works for you too!

You'll Discover...

  • The “shiny object” complex, what many digital marketers fall victim to [2:39]

  • The double-tap sequence — choosing something to get people excited [3:31]

  • Trigger set-ups and how they work [4:20]

  • Setting up an automation sequence in your mini webinar [4:53]

  • Meeting the customer where they are [5:25]

…and much more!

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