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EP: 66 Changing Your “Who” with Jon Schumacher

Tags: connections, lead generation, marketing funnels, sales funnels, networking, experts unleashed, expert, Webinars

Jon Schumacher: Biggest Mental Shift: “It’s not necessarily what we do, but who we do it with.”

Well said.

On this episode, I speak with Jon Schumacher, founder of Marketing Mastery Media INC, on a topic that we have yet to discuss on this show.  We both come from the webinar space and we have been in this journey in parallel paths for awhile. I am excited to have him on today!

Jon’s super power is connecting with people; always having a knack for meeting the right people.  He has been working primarily in the marketing space in consulting and improving or creating webinars and webinar funnels.

In this episode

  • Jon’s entrepreneurial journey;

  • “Up-Level” your clientele

  • The importance of knowing the right people and networking with the right people

  • Using podcasts to reach out to and open doors to meeting new people;

  • How to and strategy for finding the right people to connect with and how to connect

  • Goals and monetary sales goals

  • Expectation vs. reality

  • “Making an Impact”

  • Jon’s pivot points and opportunities seized

Connect with Jon

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About our Guest

Jon is a revenue growth strategist, webinar specialist and online marketing consultant. Jon’s clients have earned millions of dollars in sales using webinars and online strategies.

Jon is the President of Marketing Mastery Media Inc a digital marketing consultancy focused on helping coaches, consultants, and service providers attract and enroll high-end clients using automation and organic marketing systems.

He has been featured or mentioned on large publications such as the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Fox News, and the Good Men Project.

You can learn more about Jon over at JonSchumacher.com

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