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EP68: Big Ticket Clients with Dr. Pele

Tags: story-telling, marketing, relationship building, Podcast, networking, experts unleashed, podcasting, expert, digital marketing, big-ticket clients, Sales

Dr. Pele: You have to have a story…something that you have struggled through and achieved success for, but is also the story that a client can put themselves in and can make themselves the “hero” in… then you have a match.

Welcome to another episode of Experts Unleashed! Today we are talking about all things “BIG Ticket Clients.”  Dr. Pele is a strong believer in story-telling to attract the right clients; he helps consultants and coaches land big-ticket clients using LinkedIn, Facebook and Podcast authority marketing.  Dr. Pele is the author of Big-Ticket Clients: You Can’t Catch A Whale With A Worm.

Dr. Pele best advice: Have that signature story that opens peoples’ hearts…find your stories and tell your stories.

In This Episode

  • Defining “big ticket clients” and how to land them;

  • Relationship building + Big Ticket Clients;

  • The importance of story-telling and how-to techniques;

  • Understanding your ideal clients’ story;

  • Telling stories through podcasting;

  • Structure and purpose of Dr. Pele’s podcast;

  • Dr. Pele’s methodology for attracting big ticket clients;

  • Personal journey and pivot opportunities.

Connect with Dr. Pele

  1. Visit Dr. Pele’s website
  2. Dr. Pele’s Big-Ticket Clients Podcast
  3. Reach out to Dr. Pele and let him know you heard him on Experts Unleashed and you will receive a FREE copy of his book.

About Our Guest

Dr. Pelè helps consultants and coaches land big-ticket clients using LinkedIn, Facebook and Podcast authority marketing.

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