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EP69: A New Method of Selling with Ali Mirza

Tags: managing sales team, consulting, scaling, Sales Team, experts, experts unleashed, digital marketing, Sales

“Verbal communication is the least effective form of persuasion… The most effective way to inspire action…is to have them vicariously live out the experience.” – Ali

Ali Mirza is from Rose Garden Consulting and consistently closes $50,000-$100,000 + deals.  Rose Garden Consulting helps companies scale their sales team.

In This Episode

  • How Rose Garden Consulting scales sales teams and their tactics that work;

  • Ali’s super power;

  • Most important piece of the sales process: Discovery

  • “Sex-ifying” a non-sexy item

  • Inspire action, communicate and persuade someone: have them mentally walk through that process and vicariously live out that experience.

  • How Ali is teaching clients to turn the intangible into tangible

  • Ali’s entrepreneurial journey, pivot points and impactful experiences

  • Much more…

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