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EP75: Becoming A Secret Agent with Dr Kashey

Tags: Health, biology and health, nutrition, weight loss, wellness, experts unleashed

“Being a high gas mileage human sucks!” – Dr. Kashey

Health, Wealth, Diet, Exercise – is our topic for today. What you will quickly realize is that Dr. Kashey is one of the smartest people you will meet; he has a knack for taking the complex into simple, understandable terms.

You will thoroughly enjoy this interview – Dr. Kashey is not only entertaining but incredibly informative; no matter where you are in your personal journey this is a must listen.

In This Episode

  • Dr. Kashey’s education and credentials;

  • Laboratory + Gym;

  • Dr. Kashey’s journey into entrepreneurship and early experiences

  • Why are people still struggling with their own health?

  • People value products more than service – people outsource their responsibility and results to something else;

  • Build self-awareness to make healthier decisions on your own;

  • Keep track of what you do everyday;

  • Focus on how and why you make decisions;

  • Benefits of Dr. Kashey’s program;

  • Techniques and tactics;

  • “Fall in love with the process.”

Connect with Dr. Kashey

About our Guest

Scientist, Strongman, Lover of Food

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