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Evergreen vs. Launches

Tags: high ticket clients, evergreen, high ticket offer, sales process, launches, marketing

I spent some time with my buddy Rob Kosberg in St. Augustine a little while ago. We talked a bit about challenges in the world of marketing.

Specifically, incorporating evergreen and launches into your sales process.

When incorporating these campaign styles, how can you minimize the risk that inherently comes with launches?

In this episode, I’ll talk about how to use these styles so they work hand in hand. Once you get it right, you can convert people who have never heard of you before into high ticket clients.

You'll Discover

  • The best way to utilize Evergreen sales funnels [3:18]

  • What’s happening in the background while running these funnels [4:19]

  • Critical information to build into the foundation of your sales process [5:10]

  • When to green-light your launch phase [6:02]

  • How to use evergreen & launches to work with, rather than against, each other [7:03]

…and much more!

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