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Figure Out What Your Customers Really Want with Dov Gordon

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“Your ideal client comes across your message however you’re getting them there… they all ask the same questions…the first question they will ask themselves is should I pay attention to this and is this interesting?  Your marketing has to make them say ‘Yes, this is exactly what I want!'” – Dov

We have a great episode today! Today we are talking about Dov’s super power: Attracting your IDEAL clients!

In this Episode

  • Dov’s journey into business and entrepreneurship

  • Dov’s talents and helping clients to utilize their own talents and skills

  • The importance of listening and your business

  • Crafting a message for your ideal clients

  • “Why does it work when it works; why does it fail when it fails?”

  • “Tactics change – master something that is timeless”

  • Three core priorities

  • The purpose of your marketing funnel is to make your ideal client respond with “yes, yes, yes”

  • Importance of creating trust in your marketing funnel and messaging

  • Clearer thinking and learning how to work

  • Much more…

“Link yourself to the strategy and not the tactics, you will be an exponential value to your audience.”

**And go get a free copy of Dov’s $97 manual called “How to Systematically and Consistently Attract First-Rate Clients.”  For five years, Dov sold it for $97.  Our listeners can now get it free here.

Dov Gordon helps consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs develop a consistent flow of their ideal clients.

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