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Fired Another Ads Manager?

Tags: hiring ads manager, management, ads manager, high expectations, marketing

I spoke with a prospect recently, and they brought up a concern that stopped me in my tracks. They weren’t getting the results they wanted from their marketing, and were swift to point the finger at their ads manager.

I want to set the record straight right now. If you hire an ads manager with the expectation that your business will grow from their work alone, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. In this episode, I will explain why.

You'll Discover

  • Ads manager not living up to your expectations? Let’s reassess before you fire them [3:28]

  • Hiring your ads manager to be a button-pusher [3:58]

  • The dangers of expecting a media buyer to grow your business [5:32]

  • Before you blame it on them, consider the possibility that the problem lies elsewhere [7:57]

  • The expectations you should have for your ads manager [8:24]

…and much more!

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