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From $97 to $8K — Selling High-ticket Offers w/ Adam Wenig | #022

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When you’re in the business of providing services, meaning your main capital is your expertise, how do you know how much to charge for your time? One would think that for starters you probably shouldn’t even charge at all and that you should give out these free sessions to gain a following that will eventually, hopefully convert into paying leads. But you’re an expert at what you’re offering so aren’t you then selling yourself short? In this industry you get to dictate how much people will pay for your time and knowledge so make sure you give them the bang for their buck and more. Adam Wenig went from charging under a hundred dollars to making and selling high-ticket offers and he’s managed to get people to make that decision in under 5 minutes.

From $97 To $8K: Selling High-Ticket Offers with Adam Wenig

I’ve got a very special guest for you, Adam Wenig. Adam is one of my students who had absolute success with his automated webinar. What you’re going to learn, if you were interested in learning how to sell high-ticket offers $3,000 and above, $8,000 and above, you’re going to want to pay attention to this. What we did with Adam was we were able to transform his offer from $97 to $8,000. As soon as we did, we took him to six figures a month. I don’t want to spoil any more of this interview without you being able to listen to it, but you’re going to love what we talked about.

Adam, welcome to the show. 

Thank you so much for having me on, Joel.

Give our audience a background about who it is the man, the myth, the legend, Adam Wenig.

My name is Adam Wenig, born and raised in California. Got introduced to entrepreneurship when I was eighteen. I started my first car detailing business after my dad hand me that book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Somehow, I found my way into the world of network marketing and we did well in network marketing. I was a top distributor for a company for a long time, ended up failing. I had that business cycle where you make a bunch of money and then it all crashes and it start over from nothing.

I started learning about the internet and whatnot and started doing some stuff with affiliate marketing and I started making my own little info products and whatnot. We’ve grown from there. A lot of it has been helped to Joel getting our webinar up and running. We’re currently in the business opportunity, make money online space and we focus on selling more high-ticket stuff. We have high-end coaching programs.

Let’s take our audience back to when we first started working together. What was your offer? Take them through the progression of where we started and now where we are and what has been the big transformation for you.

When we first started working together, I remember I was selling a $97 little offer on a webinar and while we were making some sales or the whole idea behind that was we sold them at $97 thing, and then part of it was a consultation where we’re going to upsell them to a higher package of $3,000 at the time I think it was. I think our very first session when I signed up and hired you, you told me we should just do the $3,000 right off the webinar. That immediately 10X our business. It got us to become profitable right away. Then from there it’s grown our packages and whatnot.

What’s your price point now? You went from $3,000. Where are we at right now?

We do an application or a strategy session style. We’re getting people on the phone and we’re selling them what they can afford and what we can help them with best. We have a $2,000 home study course, a $5,000 group coaching and then an $8,000 that has one-on-one coaching.

I reached out to you and you had mentioned that you were about to cross the seven-figure mark this year in sales. Before you were talking about $950,000. You’ll easily cross the million-dollar mark with that webinar. That’s awesome, congratulations. Where I would like to take this conversation now for the audience is we try to feed them traffic strategies.

At one point it wasn’t even on my advisement. I think you were testing things. We had one of our calls and you said, “We’re getting webinar registrations for a dollar sometimes below a dollar.” They were targeted leads. They were good leads too. What were you doing that was able to get Facebook webinar registrations for such an inexpensive cost?

Let me preface this because we had been running a video ad on Facebook to the webinar registration page and initially when we set out, we’re getting leads for about $4 to $5, which was okay. Over time, the cost per lead started rising to I think we’re getting $8 to $10 a lead, which is obviously pretty expensive per lead.

I was talking with one of my friends, Mike Vestil, and he was going viral. I saw his ads everywhere and I was trying to see what his strategy was. He actually learned this from a guy in the eCommerce space. I think the guy’s name is Ezra Firestone, who talks about using these blog articles to warm people up. I call them pre-seduction articles, getting people warmed up. All we did was we wrote a blog article that was basically my epiphany story of how I came to discover what I discovered.

The ad is really simple. It’s a picture of me and there’s one line of copy for the top post text part and then there’s a click bait-y, curiosity-based headline. It doesn’t look like an ad. Most people are seeing video ads are saying, “Register for this free webinar.” It doesn’t say anything like that. I think that’s what’s causing the cost per click to go way down. We’re getting cost per clicks for $0.09, $0.10 and people would come to this blog article and they would read the story. It did a couple of things. Not only did we get registrants from what we were like $8 to $10, but we’ve got them to under a dollar for long time.

The other thing is that the traffic was very warmed up because they heard my story in the blog article, which was interesting. The funny thing was I don’t remember what my normal registration page was converting. I think it was maybe 18% or 20% or something. Doing this strategy, it still converts at 10% to 14%, which is a little bit lower but the cost per click is so much cheaper. We were able to get leads between $0.85 a dollar and $0.50 for a long time. We haven’t changed the ad for maybe five months or so, and the cost per lead has risen to about $3. It’s still great.

Essentially what you’re doing is like an advertorial. It’s one sentence ad and they click on it and it’s all about intrigue and curiosity to get them to click on the ad. They go and they read, “How long is the article?” It was 1,000 words or something, it’s not that long. 

I wouldn’t even say 1,000 wordsI would say maybe 600, 700.

I’ve seen it before. It’s a well-written article but it’s super short. Everything else on that page is directing to the webinar. You have five or six different spots for them to go sign up for the webinar, right? 

Yes. There’s an exit pop that if they try to leave, it triggers that if they click on any of the images, it will pop up. There are also hyperlinks in the actual blog article. It’s basically an article. It looks like a blog article page but it acts as a registration page. It’s short and I wanted to do that so people can read through quick and increase the readership. It works good for us for a long time.

You’re using ClickFunnels to build that out, right? 


How has your funnel set up then? Literally the registration is on that blog post. When it pops up, it’s your name and email and then it directs them straight to the webinar. What’s going on technically behind the scenes there? 

That blog article page that acts as the registration page, they register. Once they register, they come to a countdown page that literally has a five-minute countdown where there’s a quick video of me getting them excited, but then also we have video testimonials below to get people excited and see that this actually works. That’s it. Five minutes and then when it counts down, it redirects to the webinar page where the webinar plays as an auto webinar. The reason I did that was my thought process was to get as many eyeballs on the presentation as possible.

We noticed that a lot more people see the presentation that way versus when we first started we were doing live webinars, which is great to master the message and overcome objections. When we transitioned to the auto webinar, more people see in the presentation. It’s the blog article then the countdown page, then the webinar broadcast room. Then we have a replay room obviously. Then we have our scheduling page or application page. We’re doing some testing on that.

Convert: I was a top distributor for a company for a long time, ended up failing

Getting leads for a buck, how much was it costing to convert those dollar roughly leads into applications? Would it turn into $30 per app or $40 an app? 

For a long time, it was $15 to $20 an app. Currently it’s $33 an application.

What are you converting those at? Conversion from application to sale? 

It totally depends. Since we’re in a make-money market, you deal with more broke people. I would say one out of eight maybe. It maybe costs us $300 to $450 to get a customer generally.

An average sale probably will look like $4,000 or $5,000?

Yeah, about $4,000.

That’s ten to one ROI. No big deal. 

If you’re not getting ten to one, you’re not doing it right.

Blog posts to countdown page, to webinar to application to call to close. What’s happening now? Talk about where you’re going now and the things that you’re doing tests because you’re always trying to get better at this? What’s going on in terms of the optimization? There are a lot of people out there that want to sell high-ticket with webinars and lots of different models out there for how to do it. You’re the only person that I see doing it with a blog post article and I think it’s brilliant. Tell me what’s going on.

A couple things that we’re testing. One thing is that in our market, we’re trying to qualify people more. We have changed up the languaging. When we do make the pitch to go fill out an application, we’ve made it stronger languaging of like, “This is who this is actually for. If you’re looking for a business that you can start for free, this is not for you.” We’re using our languaging to try to get higher quality applications, which we have done.

The other thing that we’re testing right now was previously we would direct people from the webinar to schedule a phone call. They had scheduled a call which you schedule once and link with one of our phone guy’s calendar. Then after the scheduling page, they’d go to an application page where they’d fill out an application. Then they go to the homework page. What we’re testing currently, what the issue was that our sales guys were not as productive as they could be because their schedules would be jam packed.

Sometimes you get people that don’t answer the phone and they missed their appointment and there’s a whole hour that is time wasted. What we’re testing now is instead of having people schedule the call, we’re just having people straight from the webinar go to an application page, fill out the application. This was Joel’s brilliance to send an email sequence to push people to actually call into our office. We’ve been doing a lot more of that and it’s been working good. That’s one of the main things we’re testing.

You want me to give you any more shiny object recommendations?


Love that setup by the way. It works very well. One of the things I’m doing is this mini-webinar funnel for our high-ticket offers and our done-for-you agency stuff. I’m not lazy but I hate talking on the phone, I only want to talk to people if they know the price because I don’t have a phone sales team. How can I make this as simple as possible? I’m actually using bots to qualify them. There’s one part that’s automated but for the most part it’s all live. They’re really talking to me.

They fill out my application and I have a qualifying question. My qualifying question is, “What’s your digital marketing budget for the next twelve months?” The lowest option that I’ve got is less than $25,000, that’s the lowest option. If they select that, then they’re immediately disqualified. I don’t care whatever else they said above, but if they don’t have the budget then I don’t want to talk to them.

If they select anything else, then they get redirected to a qualifying page, which I put an embed box on there. If they click it, it will notify me and it says like, “Based on your application, we should talk.” We’re capturing them right away because these are hot people. I think it will make your sales team more effective. Rather than being on the phone having all these qualifying calls, they can now talk to five or six people at a time and manage it all. You could probably do the same thing with a live chat box. Anyway, it’s working well for us.

Let me make sure I understood that correctly, the qualifying question, if they’re under $25,000, you put them aside. If they’re over, then they go into the mini-chat bot?

Yes. If they’re under, I redirect them to my auto webinar, getting them to buy my course or something like that. I haven’t built out that sequence yet. Basically, there’s no follow-up. If they’re unqualified then I basically just lose them. Anyway, if they’re qualified I’m talking to hot people right away. You can test that out. It might make your sales team more effective than handling more conversations at once.

I didn’t mean to throw more stuff at you, but any of my listeners listening that’s one thing that I’m testing. If you’ve gone through my funnel and you’ve talked to me, that’s what’s going on. Everyone wants to know if it’s real or live. When they hit my bot, I tell them, “This is an automated message, I just want to make sure you’re in the right spot. Do you want to talk about us building you a webinar?” If they say yes then I say, “Cool. I’ve just been notified it. I’ll be with you shortly.” Then it actually sends me a message via Messenger and then I go back to my page manager and I open up chat.

I don’t know how heavily promoted or not but Slide sell is great. It’s a fantastic tool. I was just with a friend of mine that’s in the eCommerce space and you want me to help him with his funnel and whatnot. He’s like, “I need to make this webinar.” I was like, “You should use this thing called Slide sell.” We went through and we sat down and we just answered all the questions in Slide sell and had little videos. That’s my favorite part where you explain it. We built him a webinar two hours seriously.

Did he use it? 

We haven’t launched the webinar yet.

Tell me what he does because I want to get a testimonial of somebody who’s using it in eCommerce. This would be perfect. I’ve been wanting to hit that market so bad but I’m trying to keep my blinders on. We’re relaunching the course and the software. I actually just did my first JV Webinar and it did really well. I’ve been focusing on the agency side for so long and then now we’re picking up this software and whatnot. 

It’s so easy to use and I love it. He had the second fastest growing Shopify store behind Kylie Jenner. He’s doing well.

Let me know when it goes live or if he someone to review it or whatever. I’ll be happy to review it. That would be freaking sick. I’m super happy that you’re crushing it. What’s next for you? What’s on the horizon? You’ve got an awesome business growing right now. You’ll do seven figures this year, but where’s that and what are you going next?

We’ve got the backend of our business going really well. We’re working on something right now with Henry Kominsky. We’re creating a free plus shipping offer, which is going to be a little USB thing. Just bring a lot more customers, buyers into the business that we could obviously upsell to our higher packages. That’s a big project. I am also highly considering it. I think I’m going to do it. I’ve been looking into the software business and creating this little Instagram software that’s going to be cool. That will kind of add the continuity layer to our business.

Are you doing any promotions on Instagram? 

We are actually. We are advertising their mainly retargeting. We do cold advertising on Instagram as well. We’ve just started doing advertising in the stories, the fifteen-second little story ads. That has actually been pretty good for us so far. That’s been working good.

I’ve talked to a couple Instagram experts. We’ve actually built a couple of Instagram webinars. One of my clients, I’ve never seen so much freaking webinar traffic as I have from Instagram. We were working with these guys and we built them a webinar, “Are we good to start pushing traffic?” I’m like, “Go for it.” I’m thinking like almond oil clients, they get 100 registrants for the first one. You want to take it slow. These guys put 2,500 people on this webinar, it was all from Instagram. I’m like, “What am I missing here?” He was like, “We’ll get 2,500 people. No big deal.” 

Is this somebody that had a big following or they’re advertising on Instagram?

He reached out to some influencers, they had a massive Instagram account, they’re big Instagram people. They have multiple lifestyle accounts and that’s where they were pushing them from. I saw 2,500 people. Anyway, I’m trying to get some people who are experts in the Instagram traffic.

There’s a guy named Jeremy McGilvrey. He’s doing pretty good. He had an auto webinar running in the bio link of Instagram and he was crushing it with that. It was $600 or $700 offer but he was crushing it with the auto webinar there. He’s a big Instagram guy, but I’ve got to get on that game. We’re jumping on the YouTube train. I just partnered with somebody. We’re going to be launching our YouTube brand. I’m super pumped about that. They get massive amounts of traffic, free organic traffic from YouTube. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on with that.

Convert: I’m very curiosity based headline and so it doesn’t really look like an ad

We talked about a ton. We talked about your high-ticket funnel, your blog style, auto webinar funnel, which is just crushing it, dollar leads. I know it’s up to $3 a lead but that’s still crazy. You’re getting applications for $40 or $50, closing one out of eight, so about $400 a sale. It’s amazing. You’re going to be trying new things with your sales floor, your sales team. Hopefully test out that mini-chat bot. It works really well. It’s all about getting your sales team talk to more people. I think that you’ll find that when you can get the hot leads right away, I think you’re going to be making a ton of sales. Where can we check you out? Where can we find Adam Wenig?

I actually have a website that’s launching, AdamDWenig.com. Go check that out. We’re on Facebook or Instagram, @AdamWenig anywhere.

I love your story. I love connecting with you. I love hearing what you’re up to you. There are not many students where I worked with where we talk and they actually implement it and they do it, and you did and we crushed it. I’m happy to have you on and looking forward to hear more about the big things that you’re doing. 

Thanks so much, Joel, for having me on.

Take care.

About Adam Wenig

Adam Wenig is recognized as the expert on how to build digital cashflow businesses through the internet. In less than 2 years he has built a 7 figure business and impacted the lives of thousands of people around the world. Adam Wenig has perfected his 3 step strategy that has been proven to help people earn passive income online and live the dotcom lifestyle. His process has been widely regarded as the most strategic approach to growing an online empire. An entrepreneur and public speaker, he has spoken on the same stages along with Darren Hardy, Bob Proctor, and Gary Vaynerchuck.

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