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Great Offers Aren’t Born, They Are Created

Tags: market demand, great offers, Perfect Offer, High Ticket Courses

The most successful people are willing to adapt to what the market wants.

It’s true: great offers aren’t born, they’re created. Through trial and error, you’ll be able to meet your deliverables through market demands.

Not every single offer will be an immediate booming success. It just takes some flexibility to align with what your audience is looking for.

You'll Discover

  • How to create the perfect offer (sales before marketing!) [3:00]

  • The frustration of working with someone who refuses to change their offer [3:38]

  • What you need to understand if you want to leverage ads to get more clients [4:00]

  • The lesson I learned from being unwilling to change my offer to what the market wanted [5:52]

  • Shifting your promise does NOT mean changing your entire business model [7:00]

…and much more!

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