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How Models And Diagrams Help Enroll More Customers | #108


Pretty pictures pull more prospects.

When I first came up with the 3-tiered offer model for High Ticket Courses, I tried explaining it to people verbally.

And as I talked to them face-to-face, I could see they didn’t get it.

Something just wasn’t clicking.

But I had to find a way to make them “get it.”

In my mind, I started seeing shapes.

I had a vision for how I could explain my model to people and make it instantly make sense.

That’s where the 3 triangles came from for the Perfect Expert model.

I was listening to Dan Sullivan the other day and he was talking about diagrams.

And I realized I hadn’t talked about this yet on Sold With Webinars.

So, here’s my perspective on the topic in this week’s episode.

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