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How Teaching Your Expertise Grows Your DFY Business | SWW136

Tags: done-for-you services, coaching, teaching, High Ticket Courses

I’m going to tell you all about a profitable side-effect for my business that I discovered…

After I started teaching my expertise through courses, live events, and coaching programs.

In fact, it’s this discovery that allowed me to create and live my 4×4 Lifestyle.

My 4-hour-4-day workweek where I only work from 11 am to 3 pm, Monday through Thursday.

I hope you find some insights in here you can apply to your business.

You'll Discover

  • A unique benefit that allowed me to scale my agency [00:53]

  • How a client turned into a business partner [01:43]

  • Why I didn’t enjoy the agency side of my business, even though I had a team [03:45]

  • How I freed up 90% of my time by changing one thing in my agency [04:05]

  • Why teaching your systems and methodologies leads to “surprise” leverage in your business [05:19]

… And much more!

Episode Transcript

When we teach people our methodologies and our processes, we get leverage in other ways that we didn’t expect.

Hey, it’s Joel Erway here. And welcome to another very special episode of sold with webinars. Today, I want to talk about how a unique opportunity that happens when you scale a service-based business into the education space. And this has been one of my secrets to success in enabling me to live my four by four semi-retired lifestyle.

Now, if you don’t know what the four by four semiretired lifestyle is, it’s essentially I work four hours a day, four days a week, and that’s it. Right. I take Fridays off and I have a very strict routine that I follow Monday through Thursday. It wasn’t always this way. Right? And
today I want to talk to you about how I was able to leverage what I was doing in the consulting and the education space and how that really helped me a unique benefit that helped me scale my agency and build the opportunity for me to take so much time off.

When you are going and transitioning into the consulting space or the education space, right? Transitioning your services and productizing that into education, something unique happens, and I didn’t plan on this, but it has helped me out more times than I can count.

What happened was back in 2017, when I started doing live events and started getting people to purchase my programs, my group coaching and all of these other educational style consulting offers, I ended up coming across a consulting client who wanted me to help them. He ran an agency, right?

So he wanted to have me on as a consultant on a month-to-month agreement, help review his clients’ webinars on his behalf, so he could help them. And I said, sure, why not? He was a good guy. I liked him. And I don’t normally do this, but something about him said made me say yes. So we worked together for probably 10 months.

And over the course of those 10 months, we looked at plenty of marketing activities. During those 10 months, I had also launched a couple of live workshops. And so as an ongoing consulting client, I invited them to one of my workshops in which he showed up over here in Lewiston. And so it was the first time I got to meet him in person.

And by that time he had already learned all about my methodology. So he knew my perfect expert model. He knew about mini webinars and power offers and even started implementing that for some of his clients. So he showed up to the workshop and during the workshop, we actually get work done, meaning like they all built a mini webinar if this, at this workshop.

And he stood up and he showcased what he was doing and you know what he had created over the course of the three days. And it was by far and away, the best mini webinar of all of the attendees. And so at the end of that workshop, we reconnected and I was talking to him. His name was Matt. And I said Matt, this looks awesome, man.

Like, have you done these before? Like, is this your first one? And, he told me it’s like he had done a couple before for some clients based on my training. And I’m like, Oh, that’s interesting. And so, Matt was focused on really growing his own agency and he liked managing people.
He was hiring people in his local area where he lived, he lives in Cleveland and he really wanted to grow the agency, but he really didn’t want to do. Not that he didn’t want to do any marketing, but he didn’t need to do any marketing because he had a lot of referral business and et cetera, et cetera.

And so he came to the workshop, building a mini webinar for his marketing offers. So anyway, as time goes on, you know, we’ve got our agency and I had built out my team internally and some systems and processes, but I really didn’t enjoy the managerial aspect of it. And so I reached out to Matt as I was getting some more clients and I said, Hey, would you be interested in partnering up on a couple of these mini webinars projects?

And he said, absolutely. So I ended up having him run fulfillment on a couple of these projects and they turned out great. They turned out fantastic. And so as this relationship started to develop, I gave him more and more responsibility. And ultimately at one point I said, listen, why don’t you handle everything on the fulfillment?

I’ll be the front. I will run the strategy, right? I don’t want to be completely removed from these clients, but you know, from a fulfillment standpoint, have you and your team build it all out, manage it, manage the customer service aspect and go from there. I will be available for strategic questions.

I’m going to drive the ship strategically, but you guys go ahead and fulfill and execute. And so we set up this arrangement and once I did this, I freed up probably 90% of my time each week because it was mostly revolving around managing people and managing the team. And it was not anything that I was really proficient at and I wasn’t efficient at it either, and I didn’t really enjoy it.

And so I had another option where we were getting better results in what I was doing internally with the webinar agency and it freed up tons of my time. So the big lesson here, and this has repeated itself over multiple instances. As we teach other people, our methodologies, and our processes. When we teach people, our methodologies, and our processes, we get leverage in other ways that we didn’t expect.

Leverage in this case was me being with offload 90% of my fulfillment work to somebody who already knew what we did and how we operated. This was the secret to how I was able to really scale my agency and start to really like build my life, built my business around my life. And so.

I’m not saying this is gonna happen to everyone, but time and time again, I’ve hired other consultants. I’ve hired other people within my tribe who know my methodology, who knows the way that I work and I’ve hired them. And they’ve been the best hires that I’ve ever made.
We’ve gotten so much done and mainly because they know my style, they know my belief system and it’s not a surprise to them.

Whereas if I go out and hire a random consultant, which I’ve done plenty of times, they have to learn me. They have to learn about my methodology and they have to really understand how I work. And so I wanted to share that little tidbit because it’s a benefit of launching group programs, launching educational programs.

People get to see what you do. People learn about your systems. And this is also another belief that you should not live in a mentality of scarcity. If I was afraid of working with another marketing agency and showing him my systems and processes, I never would have been able to find somebody to partner up with and help take all that off my plate.

So a couple of lessons in this podcast for you today, it’s a great lesson learned, and it’s something that I’m going to keep in mind as I continue to move forward. And one of the reasons why I love education so much is it opens way more doors than you could possibly imagine when you first start.

So if you enjoyed this episode, Let me know, drop me a line, hit me up at joel@thewebinaragency.com. I love hearing from you. I love hearing from my listeners. I look forward to hearing from you and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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