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How This One Thing Creates Opportunity Every Time w/ Dr. Karen Litzy | #016


Dr. Karen Litzy is a physical therapist, successful podcast host, and owner/operator of a concierge Physical Therapy business in New York City, where she treats patients in their homes or work place.

In this episode, Joel chats with Dr. Karen about panic attacks, podcasts, and program creation. And how she’s leveraged existing assets to build an entrepreneurial empire that flourished from taking risks and building relationships.

Episode Discussions

  • What Karen’s done to launch multiple successful programs

  • Info product creation and validating business ideas

  • How she’s built a thriving business leveraging her podcast

  • The one lesson she learned that repeatedly lands her new clients

  • How she attracted high-end CEO clients when just starting out

  • How Karen grew a following and influence

  • The pitch that got accepted and landed her international speaking gigs

  • How a blurb in a flyer generated over 20 new clients

  • Panic attacks when you take the leap

  • Creating your own luck by working hard

  • Risks are at the core of entrepreneurship

  • The simple actions Karen took to learn about running a business

  • If you try to do it all, it’ll keep you small

  • Asking clients for business advice

  • What inspired her idea to help therapists create their own businesses

  • How and why she got into physical therapy

  • The common thread amongst leaders and influencers

  • Knowing when it’s time to go out on your own

  • Why you shouldn’t hesitate to be honest and vulnerable

[4:49] Starting line: Karen left her job at a hospital and moved from Pennsylvania to NYC to live with a girlfriend because she ‘thought it’d be fun.’

[6:19] Entrepreneurial bug: She couldn’t find a physical therapy job she liked so she took a job as a personal trainer and it ignited her entrepreneurial spirit.

[7:21] For a year, she worked full time at a gym, building relationships and making connections.

[11:19] First client: Karen was working at an outpatient clinic when someone from the gym sent her a referral who became her first concierge client.

[13:47] “It was the sheer exhaustion of working too many hours a week that prompted me to say, ‘you know, I think I’ve had enough.”

[15:05] As she worked part time at a friend’s clinic, she started seeing more side clients.

[15:46] “I had a full-on panic attack when I decided to let go of those 8 hours and do this whole thing on my own.”

[16:50] Continuing education: Karen read business books, took Marie Forleo’s B-School, and asked her CEO clients for business advice.

[17:57] One piece of advertising advice from a client that produced over 20 new clients.

[20:32] Accepting help: “Your current clients are your biggest advocates and if you’re not leveraging them, there’s definitely lost opportunity there.”

[21:12] If you try to do it all, it’ll keep you small.

[22:39] Pivoting into program creation: The same questions kept cycling in her social media groups and emails so Karen put herself out there and started helping.

[26:43] Seeing opportunity: 65% of physical therapists are women but there are very few women teaching them how to be successful entrepreneurs.

[29:52] Business idea validation: An online program Karen launched 3 years ago successfully helped people grow their businesses.

[32:12] Growing a following: Karen’s audience comes from a podcast she launched in 2011 and a large social media presence.

[39:28] “It’s been fun. If anyone ever said to me even in 2016 that this is where I’d be now, I’d say you’re crazy.”

[40:08] The pitch that avalanched more speaking gigs.

[43:01] Being honest and vulnerable allows you to create deep relationships and open doors.

[46:25] “Say yes to as much as you can until you have the luxury to say no.”

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