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How to Get 2,525 Webinar Registrants For Under 1K w/ Josue Pena | #030

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With live webinars, normally about 100 to 200 people opt in and register. Josue Pena on his very first webinar has 2,525 webinar registrants without even spending more than $1,000. Josue is a social media growth hacker and marketer and the founder of Online CEOs which is based on his proven strategies that shows you how to leverage Instagram growth hacking to effectively voice your brand on most social media platform. Josue is using a very unique strategy on Instagram that’s allowing him to get massive exposure for himself and his clients. There is absolutely massive opportunity for you to grow your audience using simple tactics. Learn how you can get more opt ins for your webinars as Josue goes deep and exposes everything that he’s doing.

How to Get 2,525 Webinar Registrants For Under 1K w/ Josue Pena

If you want to learn how to get massive amounts of traffic in webinar registrations, this episode is specifically for you. I was chatting with one of my customers Josue Pena who managed to get 2,525 webinar registrations on his very first webinar, and he didn’t even spend more than a thousand dollars. He’s using a very unique strategy on Instagram that’s allowing him to get massive exposure for himself and his clients.

I wanted him to go full exposure and show us exactly how he did it. If you’ve never considered using Instagram for a source of traffic on your webinars, you’re definitely going to want to tune into this episode. We go deep and we expose everything that he’s doing and there is absolutely a massive opportunity for you to grow your audience using simple tactics that he shared on this episode. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Josue, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me here. It’s one of my favorite podcasts. It’s an honor to be here. I appreciate it.

We worked together about a year ago when we were working on your webinar. I remember talking to you and you’re going to launch your first webinar. After you did, I had asked you, “How did it go and how many people did you get on.” When you told me the number, it was strange because I was expecting, most of my clients when we’re doing Facebook traffic, which is the primary source of how I normally drive traffic to my webinar, which is why I’m interested in learning about your Instagram strategies.

Normally, when we do Facebook traffic for a weekly live webinar, we’ll throw $1,000, maybe $2,000 in ads and we’ll get 100, maybe 200 people to opt in and register. I was expecting, “We had 50 people register, 100 people register.” Then you shared the stats with me and you’re like, “We had over 2,500 people register for our first webinar.” I had to pause for a second because I’m like, “That can’t be right.” It was true and you’ve been crushing it.

It’s been about a year since then, you’ve been taking your Instagram strategies to the next level. You’ve got online CEOs. I’m anxious to hear all about what your Instagram strategies are. Before I keep rambling on, do us a favor, give us a little background about who you are. What’s your backstory? How did you get into Instagram marketing? Then we’ll jump into the main meat of the conversation.

The reason why I started social media was completely different probably than most people and it was because I want to become a professional soccer player. I was in Dominican Republic and my ideology was if I’m not in social media, I’m going to be stuck in our country. I have no exposure, I need to grow my social media. That was my mentality. I started growing and then I get the chance to move to the States and then later on, over a year ago, I get the chance to come across entrepreneurship. It was fun and social media was taking off. That was a super brief intro on how I got started into this, but I’ve been trying for four or five years failing completely on Instagram, starting to figure things out. In February 2016, that’s when things started taking off quickly.

The reason why is because I thought to myself, “What happens if I apply traditional business knowledge on Instagram itself?” I was hearing Russell Brunson, I was hearing Mitchell Harper. I was going through my Master’s Degree in Innovation in Entrepreneurship and I decided to apply micro research, who your competitors are modeling success, all these different little things. I applied it on Instagram and it just blew up like crazy. Now, it’s over a year, 4.5 million followers, I have been featured in magazine and podcasts. It’s been crazy. I work with big time entrepreneurs. I travel all over the place. It’s been awesome. It paid off well.

Your background is incredible. You get into social media because of where your background is, where you came from, and you thought that that was your only opportunity. I’m going to speak from experience. There are people like me who in terms of traffic, one of the more reliable source that I focus on is Facebook. It’s been very successful for me, very profitable, and I’m always looking at other sources of paid traffic.

I’m a big proponent of paid traffic. When we are working on a webinar, you’re talking about your Instagram strategy. I’m like, “It’s just another strategy,” but then when you filled your webinars I was like, “This is something that I need to pay attention to.” You’re growing your follower count. We’re not going to talk about necessarily how to grow your follower count because that’s not the core focus of what our conversation is, but it’s now turning those followers into traffic, into links, and ultimately into sales into your site. How did you start to figure this out as a business model, as, “I can start to do this for other people?” Tell me about that transition.

Webinar Registrants: They pushed anything that I wanted just an exchange later on that I will push theirs. A shout out for a shout out or an ad for an ad thing.

At the beginning it’s only the follower amount. Then it came down to starting learning about funnels and all these different little things. I’m like, “I can push affiliates,” and then started diving into little things like that. I saw that opportunity with Instagram stories and the different updates that are coming up that you can push a lot of traffic from Instagram easily. In my mind, that’s how it came down to and when the webinar came up, by that time I already knew how to push traffic from Instagram because I’ve already done it with affiliate offers.

I’ve already done it with several e-books, I have accounts in the fitness industry and all that good stuff. I already knew how to push traffic from Instagram and I knew how also how to leverage my follower amount against other people to make sure that they pushed me. They pushed anything that I wanted just an exchange later on that I will push theirs. A shout out for a shout out or an ad for an ad thing. I already knew that part because in the Instagram world, everybody does shout out for shout and stuff like that. I was leveraging as well my follower amount when pushing traffic to that webinar in particular.

I remember in that webinar, I had no idea. I don’t know what big numbers are. In my mind I’m like, $2,500. I was like, “I wanted to get $5,000,” that’s what my mind was thinking. Then you’re like, “No. The normal thing is $100.” I’m like, “Really? Okay.” It was mind-opening and you were like, “You were supposed to go slowly. That was the first webinar. You’re supposed to test the waters.” I’m like, “I did not know that part,” but it was fun because we filled the webinar and our room only got a thousand. We’ve maxed it out. I don’t even know if people were able to get it or not.

I know we had a thousand people live on the webinar and it caps at a thousand. I’m sure there were people coming in and trying to come in to the webinar and they couldn’t because it was full. Then in the actual pitch, I remember there was over 800 people in the actual pitch. We’re Instagram dudes, not webinars, obviously the conversion rate dropped because it was the first webinar, but it was still five figures. It was the most amount of money I’ve ever made in my entire life. Again, I come coming from a poor country that I was making $300 a month as an engineer. Making five figures in one night, I’ll take that all day long.

I want to push this conversation now to strategies that our audience can leverage no matter what industry, no matter what niche that they’re in. There is strategy number one, whereas you can grow your own Instagram follower account and that’s great. That’s your own asset. I’m always going to advocate for that. Then there’s the other quick win method which is go leverage other people’s audiences and go leverage their assets and push traffic to your site.

That’s the one that I want to focus on right now because for anyone who’s listening, they can get a quick win if they’re promoting an auto webinar, anything, a live webinar. Then that’s what you call influencer marketing. Give us an introduction. What is influencer marketing? This is my first time learning about it. I’m going to put myself in the shoes of somebody who’s a novice and I’m going to ask a lot of dumb questions. I’ll be the dumb student here, and we’ll go from there.

Let’s put it like this. You pay Facebook for ads because they have an audience. They own two billion people might now on their platform. You pay Facebook to push traffic to your stuff. Influencer marketing is that. Instead of paying Facebook, you pay somebody else that has an audience to push traffic to their stuff? On Instagram, let’s say you are in the fitness space and you have a fitness program to lose weight for women.

You find accounts are targeted for women in the weight loss space more or less and you pay them to push traffic to your stuff, it can be either a post on the Instagram story with a swipe up feature and now that everybody has, or it can be a normal post, crafted obviously strategically. Then that will push traffic to the link in the bio of the actual influencer or to the link in your bio in your account. It can be either. That’s how in a nutshell how influencer marketing works on Instagram.

You’re reaching out to an influencer and you say what? “I want to promote my crap on your site, around your account?”

Most accounts have either an email, a Kik, Kik is our secret. Everything goes down, the secret underground world of Instagram is Telegram and Kik, two messaging apps. If they have the Kik in the bio and if you message them, you ask them, “How much for a promo?”

What is Kik? What does that mean?

Kik is a messaging app like WhatsApp or Messenger. If anybody is looking for them in the App Store, it’s green and black. You message them and you ask how much for a promo? As simple as that. That’s how it works and most people will charge you extra to put your link in their bio. Some would not even do it, but it depends on the influence and stuff. Once you start establishing a relationship with them, let’s say they push traffic to your stuff, you see a bunch of registration came through. It’s converting those good stuff, the influencer doesn’t know that. They just care about the quick money up front and that’s it. You start establishing a relationship with them and later down the road, they give you packages with a discount so you can buy instead of $50, you buy $10 for each one. You start establishing a relationship with the influencer and it will go a long way. If you want them to give the man affiliate, you can do that as well. I prefer keeping my money.

I reach out to somebody and say, “Can you promote my webinar?” Are they going to ask what do you do? Do they even care what it is that you’re promoting?

They do. Some do. Most of the time what I do is tell them what it is. If you’re in the fitness space and you’re in weight loss, you want to establish yourself as a brand. You want to talk to yourself as a big company because that’s what they’re used to working with. You don’t want to say, “I’m just a guy in front of my computer doing a webinar.” You want to say something like, “I have this company and we have this product and you are a great fit and I would like you to promote it. How much do you charge?” That’s the framing because they’re used to working with companies that sell apparel and fitness or supplement.

Let’s say you were in the entrepreneurship space, they’re used to working with people who want to grow their Instagram and care about following stuff. The way I will frame it is a reach out to them say, “XYZ, how much would you charge for a promo?” Then they come back to you and say, “What are you promoting?” Then you’re like, “This product I have that does XYZ results.” They’re like, “Cool. It will cost you X.” You’re like, “No problem. Here it is. What’s your PayPal? I’ll send in the money.”

One thing, if they say “Send to friends and family, that way I get around that,” never send to friends and family unless you know the influencer in person and you have a relationship. The way I get around that is, “No, I won’t send like that. I’ll cover the fee, but I won’t send it like that because it’s a tax deduction. I need it for tax.” If I send through their “friends and family,” you can’t, just tell them that. You’ll thank me later especiallyif you run into an influencer, that’s a little bit scammy. That’s the way I do it, it works pretty well.

You reach out and say, “I’ve got this product. I want to do a promo.” What do typical promos look like? If they create a post for you, how long is that post going to run? If they create a link for you in their bio, what’s a typical promo look like?

Let’s say in Instagram story. The way I would do it is if it is a brand page, meaning a page that feature the people and stuff like that, it doesn’t have a face behind the brand, what I will do is either tell them, their audience is used to seeing them on camera behind the stories, tell them to do the story. Let’s say you come to me and you have something to sell in Spanish for the entrepreneurship niche. What I’ll do is I’ll go on my Instagram account, I’ll put an Instagram story on my own Instagram with my face talking to my audience, selling whatever results, selling the registration.

It’s a free registration or whatever, selling that and tell them to swipe up. You’ll put cool little emoji’s here and there, with the swipe up thing. You’ll do two or three stories. Not one, because sometimes people don’t have their volume up. The first one you put emoji’s, turn the volume up. The second one you have your framed offer, the influencer frames off for a little bit, explains what it is. The third one is a swipe up third, fourth. Usually it’s 40 seconds. No big deal.

It’s four separate posts. We’re doing a stories promotion. It’s typical marketing, you have to bring awareness to whatever it is you’re talking about. That’s important.You want to make sure that they’re bringing awareness to it so you’re getting the maximum exposure out of the out of the promo.

Most people don’t do it. They just put one post and they put a picture. I’m like, “Pictures last three seconds and people don’t even look at them.” If you want to do a picture, do it the last one because I already saw you and heard you. The last one, it can be a picture or whatever. I prefer video though. That’s a typical Instagram story.

How many days is that? If they’re doing it four stories?

That’s 24 hours. If they do four stories, I do it in a row and that lasts for 24 hours. They’ll be up for only 24 hours. You’ll get a lot of people. I’ll share the stats more or less. Usually what happens is between 5% and 10% of the total follower amount, will see the stories. If the influencer has 100,000 followers, between 5,000 and 10,000 people will watch the stories. If they have a great account, a great engagement, it will be more than that, between 5,000, 10,000. Between 5% and 10% of that will click the link in bio or swipe up on me. It will be between 500 and 1,000 clicks at you’ll get from that particular one.

It varies on how the influencer frames it if the influencer is used to being on camera in front of the audience and stuff that. Personal brands, influencers that have a face behind the brand, are more powerful than those who don’t because the audience knows them, likes them, and trusts them. If the audience that knows, likes, and trusts them and they recommended your stuff, you’re already way ahead in the buyer’s process. That’s how it works in the Instagram story part.

Webinar Registrants: If the audience that knows, likes, and trusts them and they recommended your stuff, you’re already way ahead in the buyer’s process.

In the normal posts let’s say, what I will do is I’ll create a picture or an engaging video. It doesn’t matter, and what I’ll do is I’ll put text in the picture. Let’s say for example, you’re pushing again something in the fitness world. You’ll will say something on the actual picture, you put a nice picture. Let’s say you’re selling six pack abs and you got your picture up, a nice guy with six pack abs. You say something, in that actual picture. “Do you want to have a six pack?” Short words, not too much text. “Do you want to have a six pack? Free training link in bio.”

In the actual image, you will put that and then in the caption, you will go a little bit deeper on the benefits, what it is. You put the handle three times with emoji’s pointing to the handle because our thumbs are fat and we cannot click on one handle so we put in three in a row, three in different lines and that’s it. People will click on the link in bio. That post will not get a lot of engagement because people know it’s an ad, so you will not get a lot of likes or comments on it, but you will get a lot of clicks, which is your goal obviously.

How much does that typical promo run?

That one can run anything for an hour. It all depends on what you’re dealing with the influencers. Instagram stories run for 24 hours max and then that post can run up to forever. What I will do is if the influencer said 24 hours, let’s say he charges you for 24 hours. Instead of 24 hours straight, what you want to do is if you’re doing a post, tell them to do three or more than one post in those 24 hours, the same one.

Let’s say you posted this picture at 12:00, and he said 24 hours, so until 12:00 tomorrow. What I will do is he will post it at 12:00, then he will take it down in three hours or five hours because what happens is you get 90% of the engagement on Instagram comes in the first couple hours. At the end of the day, normal people will see it. If you leave it at hour eighteen, nobody will see that post. It’s just floating there because it already died off. Since it’s not a viral post it will not come up in the peoples’ feeds.

Obviously, not all the influencers do this, but if you’re able to arrange a deal with him where he posts it, leaves it up for three or five hours, takes it down, and posts it again, and then leave it out for four to five hours, takes it down, and post it again. That’s the stuff between 24 hours. If you’re able to have it between three to five times, you’re going to get a lot of clicks. I didn’t even do that for my own webinar and I got a lot.

How much would that post cost? If you go buy that from an influencer, give us a range. That’s all we’re looking for.

For example, it they come to me, I would say I will charge a lot more because I know what my value is, but 90% of the influencers on Instagram do not know what their value is. I know for a fact a fitness account with 1.3 million will charge you $50 for a shout out and with the link in bio which charge $20 more so $70 for a promo for twelve hours or something like that. $70 in front of 1.3 million people potential reach, that’s a lot. Let’s say you’re like, “What about instead of twelve hours straight, can you split it in three, three posts in twelve hours?” He’s like, “Okay, but it’s going to be $150.” You’re like, “No problem,” or “$200.” “No problem.” You’re going to get three times the exposure if you do it like that instead of twelve hours straight and it’s going to cost youa little bit more maybe.

How do we 3X the exposure here?

The way you 3X the exposure and the amount of traffic you’re bringing in is instead of putting, let’s say a promo for 24 hours straight, you divide it up, or twelve hours straight, you divide it up. Let’s say this influencer with 1.3 million followers in his account has 1.3 million, he charges you $70 per post with the link in bio, instead of putting it for twelve hours straight. You tell him, “Can you split it in three?” What he’ll do is after four hours, he’ll take it down and post it again, he’ll take it down and post it again.

As opposed to what’s the other option?

Just leaving a straight up. He posts it and leaves it straight up for twelve hours and takes it down.

I understand now. It’s the same post, he’s just taking it down and reposting. You’re saying just for clarity, you pay an influencer for one post for the link in bio, and typically what they’ll do is they would then create that post, post it on their account for twelve hours straight and then take it down because that’s what the agreement was. What you’re saying is leave it up for four hours, then take it down and repurpose it for another four hours, take it down. That triples the exposure. That’s hacking the algorithm.

Again, the people who saw the post multiple times and didn’t click the first time around, they’re going to be like, “I’m going to go now because I’ve seen this way too much.I’ve seen this three times, so I’m going to check this out.” Again, it’s a“followup.”

I want to pivot a little bit. Here I am, I’ve got an account that I’m considering launching and starting and I know my end goal is I want to raise brand awareness and I also want to send people to my account. I’ve got a brand new account, Experts Unleashed, which we are going to be launching. We haven’t even created any products to sell yet. We’re going to be doing a YouTube Channel and we’ll probably be doing Instagram as well. What do you recommend? Should I be reaching out to influencers to grow my Instagram account first and then do some promos internally to my audience, or is it more powerful to do promos to external audiences?

When it comes to Instagram and pushing traffic, there are two goals. I always tell my clients and everybody that I worked with, there are two different goals. One is brand awareness and another one is traffic and sales. There are two different goals and the strategies are different. If I was going for, let’s say, grow your account, what I will do is I will not pay for shout out, I’ll pay for likes and comments. The reason being for that is because I’ll explain a little bit when it comes to the Instagram algorithm.

I’ll get a little bit engineer here with you. I’m fine with that because you’re an engineer too. What happens I Instagram algorithm, let’s say when with a like and comment on your picture, what ends up happening is that my followers, let’s say I have 100,000 followers and you have a thousand, we’re in the same niche, we already know that your audience is interested in my stuff because we’re in the same industry. What ends up happening is when I like and comment on your picture, my audience is going to see your posts in their phone. They’re more likely to see that.

Once I like and comment on your stuff, they’re going to see it and they’re going to like and comment as well because we’re in the same industry, same niche, and we already know that they’re interested in your stuff. Another thing that’s going to happen is that since let’s say I have 100,000 followers or more, that’s a high authority account, “On the Instagram’s eyes.” What ends up happening is that in Instagram’s eyes you’re telling, “This is high authority account. There are likes and comments on this post. That means this post must be good. I’m going to search it a little bit more for more people to see it in the algorithms.”

At the end of the day they want to keep people on the platform. The only way they do that is by showing relevant content to people who might be interested in that. They only way to do that is they only show good content. If your content is good and I like and comment on your stuff, two ripple effects will happen again. My audience is going to see your stuff on their phone, and Instagram’s going to search it out because I have a high authority accounts, just liked and commented on your stuff.

Is that a paid promotion? Can I pay for somebody to like and comment?

That’s a monthly “subscription.” They’re called power likes. Again, you save time because you only have to spend 30 seconds on Instagram per day, which is awesome in my opinion. Some people don’t do it and this is the way I frame it. Always start with the promotion price. It will give you a good gauge and good idea if the influencer knows what their value is and it will then also give you a little bit of leverage when it comes to negotiation with actual the actual likes and comments. This is what I would do. I reach out and ask them for a promo. I ask them for the link in bio, they tell you the price, then you ask them how much is a story. They give you the price. If they have 1.3 million followers and they give you $70, you know for a fact they don’t know what their value is.

You know more or less how much you will pay for likes and comments.Then after you get those two prices or you talk to them a little bit, you’re like, “Do you do any likes and comments? How much would you charge for that?” More than likely they’re going to be like, “I don’t do that,” or “I’ve never done those,” or they give you the price. More or less likely it’s going to be the first two.Then if they say no, I always try to get the yes. The way I do it is to say to them, “It will only take six seconds. I love your account and my friends love your account and it’s going to besuper cool if they see from your account my stuff and it only takes you six seconds. You’re going to get paid monthly for six seconds of your time.” More than likely if you frame it like that, super simple, they are going to be like, “I’ll do it.”

Your account will grow exponentially quicker, extremely quick with that alone. If you have great content, you know what’s working in your market space, in your industry, that’s like the gasoline on the fire and you will grow extremely quickly. Obviously, you will drive a lot of traffic to your people. Then what you do is you jump on your own Instagram stories and you start engaging with your audience there. You give them free value, you give away a free e-book or whatever it is, and then you tell them, “After you have 10,000 followers in a business account on Instagram, don’t swipe up or click link in bio and you push traffic to your funnel or your webinar in this case.” That’s the way I would do it in the way I’ve done it and it works really well.

Josue, you shared a lot of tidbits in terms of getting massive amounts of traffic. The last thing that I want to talk about is I want to talk about is people look at the numbers and they’re like, “2,500 and 25 people on my first webinar.” That’s awesome. Talk about the demographics and the quality of traffic that comes, because I don’t know the quality. There’s got to be a difference between Instagram traffic and Facebook traffic. Maybe there isn’t, but what have you seen in terms of quality for Instagram?

On Instagram, this is a massive audience. You’re going to get people that are not as highly qualified. What I’ll do personally and what I did also for that particular webinar is I weed out a little with people beforehand, before the actual webinars. What I did is I don’t recommend pushing directly to a webinar, especially for cold traffic, meaning, people outside your own accounts. I wouldn’t push directly to a webinar. I tried it and didn’t work as well. I got a lot of registrants but it didn’t work as well in terms of conversion.

What I’ll do is unless you have been on that influencer’s page multiple times that they know you, what I’ll do is give them a free e-book, the lead magnet. Probably 90% of the people already have a lead magnet. Give that away and then have a short email sequence or whatever warming that audience up. If you have a trip wire offer, you can offer and throw that in as well, $7, $17, whatever it is. That way you’re also covering a little bit of your ad spend and you see who the actual buyers are. That’s the way I will do it and that way you weed out a little bit of the people who are not interested in purchasing your stuff.

On Instagram, the traffic is massive, but it’s going to be a small percentage, it’s not worth it. I’ll take that all day long because that’s a massive amount of traffic and 10% of the people are never going to buy. Cool, but you’ve got this other 90% that you can retarget, you can talk to, you can nurture. Those people are actually interested in your stuff and will actually buy from you. The way you will go around it and making sure that that 10% is the smallest possible is just asking the actual influencers to share their stats and share that demographics with you.

Now, everybody has Instagram analytics. You can see where your followers are from, what countries, stuff like that. The influencer’s audience is India, Bangladesh, Philippines, unless you’re selling stuff to them and you’re more likely won’t get any sales. Ask them what demographics are for their particular Instagram.


Webinar Registrants: On Instagram, the traffic is massive, but it’s going to be a small percentage, it’s not worth it.

If they have United States or UK or Australia or people that have more monetary power in the top countries, then you can go ahead. This influencer’s worth it. His audience is good. I will go around with the promotion. I’m saying influencers are underpriced like crazy on Instagram.They don’t know what they’re worth. I’ve been talking to a lot of even personal brands, personal people who have 200,000 followers on their personal page. They’re broke and they’re shouting everybody out on Instagram because they’re trying to get a little bit of money here and there and they don’t know what they’re worth.

I have to imagine, those audience is a lot less valuable too when you’re shouting everybody out trying to get numbers. That’s got to be a word of caution too. Now that we’ve Instagram analytics, that’s got to help when you’re looking for influencers. That would be a word of caution for people who are out looking to get promos. You always have to look at quality of traffic.

For example, I was talking to three guys in the fitness space. They do calisthenics and bodyweight training and the girl has 190,000 followers. She’s been everywhere. She’s been in commercials from Nike and stuff like that, but she’s still broke. I’m like, “How can you be broke? You have 200,000 followers almost, and you’re in a personal page. That’s super powerful.” They’re like, “Yes, but I don’t know how to monetize. Brands come here and there. Not many brands come with me.”

I’m like, “This is crazy.” For example, with them, what you can do is simply tell them, “I have this webinar.” Let’s say her name is Molly. This is one for example, LadyBoss, Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, they have LadyBoss. Brandon, will go, let’s say to Molly and say, “Molly, I love your page. I love what you’re doing. I have this webinar coming up or this product. Would you promote it on your Instagram stories?”

For them, it’s super easy to promote it on Instagram stories because it will go down in 24 hours no matter what. Their audience is not going to be saturated. They’re not going to feel it as an ad. It’s going to bemore organic, natural.” Molly will go on Instagram story and say, “What’s up guys? How are you doing? Molly here and I wantto talk to you about my good friend Kelly and Brandon.

They have an awesome program called LadyBoss. If you’re a girl and trying to lose weight, swipe up for the free webinar. It’s a completely free training,” and people would swipe up. For her, it’s easy money. It takes her 40 seconds to make $70, $100, $200, whatever the amount she charges. For you, it’s a huge boost in traffic. It’s a lot of registrations. People know, like, and trust Molly and more than likely they are going to know, like, and trust Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, LadyBoss, because of that.

Josue, this has been a great interview. We had a lot of great things that we talked about. I’m super excited that you’re able to share all of your insights about Instagram, all of your insights about how to get massive amounts of traffic. On the flip side, letting people know that there are a lot of opportunities right now with influencer marketing, but you got to take a step forward in the right direction. Making sure that you’re getting quality traffic and that’s super powerful. I’m super grateful that you’re able to share that with us. Where can people go and find you? Do a little shameless self-promotion.

Ironically, don’t reach out to me on Instagram because all my notifications are turned off. I have 4 million followers. As you can imagine, there are a lot of stuff going on there, but now you can reach out to me on Facebook. My name is Josue Pena. I’ll always answer all the messages. We have a private Facebook group called Collective Entrepreneurs Online or if you look up CEO, that will come up as well. If you want to check out the webinar that we have going on to IGBoss.com

Thank you so much for your time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on influencer marketing with Instagram. I look forward to catching up with you soon. For our audience, give Josue a shout out. Let him know that you heard him on Sold with Webinars and we’ll see you in the next episode. Take care.


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