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How to Get Paid to Solve Your Own Health Problems with Maggie Berghoff | #10

Tags: Unconventional, Health Issues, Traditional Medicine vs Functional Medicine

Everyone’s got health issues. Some people know why they’ve got them and some people have no clue what they’ve done wrong to get into such an unhealthy state. Maggie Berghoff was taking up nursing studies, living a generally healthy lifestyle and yet she became unhealthy. She sought the help of traditional medicine doctors only to find out they didn’t have a solution for her, even telling her she wouldn’t have a long life ahead of her and so she took matters into her own hands. Now, a functional medicine practitioner herself, she has managed not only to get herself to the best state of health but she also now caters to the specific needs of high paying clients.

How to Get Paid to Solve Your Own Health Problems with Maggie Berghoff

My whole focus of running this podcast is to bring you the stories and the journeys of how other experts have seized opportunities throughout their entrepreneurial, professional, business careers. Our guest is an excellent example of how to leverage your own existing problems, solve them, develop a passion, develop your own expertise and then teach others as you go along that journey.

Maggie Berghoff has a fascinating story, an incredible story about how she went through an unhealthy period and tried to figure out how to cure herself, going through all sorts of different stress and finding doctors and ultimately discovered this new-found passion for functional medicine. I had a blast talking to Maggie. She uncovered all the different pivot points that she had when she was investing with coaches, mentorships and going to the wrong doctors.

So many different pivot points in this episode. You are going to love it. If you ever have been interested in figuring out how to monetize your expertise, this is going to be specifically for you. When you get to the end of the episode, make sure that you seek out Maggie. Give her a shout out and say, “I loved your episode,” and let her know that you heard her on Experts Unleashed and give her some love.

Maggie, welcome to the show.

I’m so glad to be here. Thanks for having me.

Give us a background about who is Maggie and what are you doing today?

I’m Maggie Berghoff. I optimize the health of seven, eight-figure entrepreneurs through the functional medicine model. I focus a lot on environmental optimization as well. It’s a unique spin on things.

Environmental optimization, what does that mean?

I believe there are six environmental stressors: air, water, light, sound, EMF, electromagnetic frequencies and food. Before we even go into lab interpretation and optimizing your body, we focus on your living environment and make sure that is perfect to a tee, so that once you get well, stay well long-term.

You optimize the health of seven to eight-figure entrepreneurs. I know you’ve got an awesome backstory of why you do what you do, but why did you focus on seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs? What’s so special about them?

They have unique needs. They’re traveling often. They have massive speaking events. They are hosting huge luncheons. A lot of them have similar problems that I know how to fix well and then work on optimizing their body when they are home for some months at a time, so that when they’re traveling, they can handle those hits. They know how to be curious when they’re out on a business dinner or having a huge speaking event and their body is set up for above and beyond success so they can handle all that stuff that’s to come from traveling without burning out their adrenals and hormones and all the kinds of symptoms that no one wants to deal with. That’s why I focus on that particular person. How that came about is a whole other story.

I always love to discover how you got to where you are today because there are always pivot points. That’s the whole purpose of this podcast is to understand that us, as entrepreneurs, we are opportunists. You were 22 years old, tell us how you got started in focusing on this field of functional medicine. Give us the genesis story.

Long story short, super healthy, fit girl my entire life. When I was 22 in the midst of my Master’s degree and with my mom and all this kind of stuff, my body crashed. It was like that tipping point that everybody has had. I was starting to get some symptoms like fatigue and skin rashes. My hair was getting super thin and falling out. I literally looked like nine months pregnant sometimes after eating certain foods. Certain foods were causing reactions I’ve never had before. Obviously, I needed to find out what was going on. I was going to the doctors and no one could tell me what was wrong. They kept on bouncing me to other doctors.

I can’t tell you how many lab results that I got done, all the time because everyone wanted to get whatever done. Those results always came back normal or was sub optimal. They didn’t tell me anything that was going on in my body. They said it was normal or that they didn’t know if it was some rare disease and just left me stranded. That means trying some pharmaceuticals and then see it back in a year or whatever. I knew that wasn’t the way that you had to be and that there was something going on in my body because I hadn’t been like that my whole life.

You were going to school, you were getting your Master’s, you’re going to school to become a nurse practitioner. It’s pretty ironic. You’re in the health field but yet you were struggling with health issues yourself. I find it all too common. You look in a hospital when you go to get treated and it’s sad to say a lot of the nurses and doctors are some of the unhealthiest people there.

It’s because in medical school and in training, we’re not taught anything that’s going on in the world today. We’re taught, “Here’s the symptom, here’s the guideline of what pharmaceutical to take, and here’s the guideline of when we see that.” It’s not even addressed for that person. Everything is one-size-fits-all. In today’s world with all the toxins and all of our exposures and stressors and the food we’re eating, even the organic food sometimes has chemicals, we have different problems now and we’re not taught that in medical school how to address it. I literally never even heard of the word food intolerance or leaky gut or adrenal fatigue while in school, which is beyond crazy because that’s what we’re dealing with right now.

You’re going to school, you get sick and you go see doctors. They’re giving you drugs like, “Try this.” The only reason why I know this is in my webinar, agencies have done a handful of health webinars, leaky gut webinars and so I know a little bit of the terminology and the lingo. Big Pharma is trying to pump all sorts of drugs to try and fix your symptoms. What was the tipping point where you were like, “Enough is enough?”

This makes me so sad. I don’t tell a lot of people this, but at one of my appointments, this specialist, he was known as the best guy in town, told me I had a rare kidney disease, my kidneys are failing. I had to be on adrenal gland therapy, which is IV therapy three times a week for the rest of my life and he doesn’t know how to fix it. He was sorry that there’s nothing he could do. That’s it.

After he told me all that, he had his nurse schedule me for an appointment six months out. I was just blown away. He’s saying I’m screwed for the rest of my life and then, “See you in six months.” No medicine, no answers, no nutrition health, nothing. After that appointment, I got in my car and just bawled my eyes out like none other. I knew that I’m the only one who cares enough about me to go the extra mile and figure this out. That was the biggest tipping point for me where I decided to say, “Enough is enough.”

I feel like there’s a massive problem in the United States’ healthcare system. My mother was getting treated for breast cancer and we went to doctors. We went to these doctors who said, “We’re going to do X, Y and Z for you.” She got treated and one of the major things that you talked about that the doctor, who was the best doctor in town, was going to do for her just forgot to do it. There’s no accountability.

The whole reason why I bring this up is because you said something that was important. You said, “I’m the only one who cares about myself. I have to be in control. I have to be my own advocate.” I’m not trying to knock the doctors. There are lots of great doctors out there. I just think the system as a whole is very broken. I love your statement, “I have to be my own advocate if I want to take care of this.”

You said something good. I have a lot of doctor friends too. Doctors are awesome for an acute care model. In the United States, we’ve got the best acute care model out there. If you break your arm, if you’ve got some disease, whatever, you can get the help that you need. There is a place and time for antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. For the things that most people are dealing right now like stomach issues and hormone imbalances, those are long-term things that have been building up for a long time and they require a totally different way of healing and addressing those. It’s the difference of the models that where it’s at.

You have this meeting with the doctor and you realized, “I’m on my own. If I want to take care of this, it’s got to be up to me.” You’re graduated at that at this point, right?

Yes, and I’m working for a hospital.

You’ve got a day job and you’ve graduated. You’ve gotten probably a job that you thought was going to be very great. This is what you’re working towards. Your nurse practitioner and you have this meeting with the doctor and you’re like, “This is on me.” I don’t necessarily know exactly what the term functional medicine means. Did you learn functional medicine in school or is this something that you had to learn in addition after you graduated?

I was introduced to it from an aunt. She was seeing a functional medicine doctor at the time. I had never heard of it either. As I started looking into it, I found out that it’s basically everything I wanted, looking in deeper to see what’s going on in the body, finding the root cause of what’s happening. Instead of just taking a pill to cover up the symptoms, supplements are pills. That’s a huge thing I teach to all my clients. A supplement is still a pill that’s covering up symptoms.

Unless you want to get to the root cause of what’s going on and reverse it so you can get better forever and not have to rely on medication, then you have to address it through functional medicine lens. Not all functional medicine practitioners are exactly the same. I’ve got trained but I also followed a functional doctor who I respected because I could see things at a different angle and not just supplementations, “Here’s the natural herbs. Here’s this.”

He dug deep into the person’s individual story. Every nutrition plan, every exercise playing, everything was addressed toward that specific person based on their genetics or history, their environment. I was led toward that and so I ended up hiring him. He was my mentor first and foremost. That’s how I’ve got into the functional medicine, find the root cause type of thinking.

How long were you studying this? Was this the pivot point when you started to look at functional medicine was after that meeting with the doctor?

I would say that the functional medicine training, which is an additional three years after your Master’s degree was huge. It taught me so much about understanding the pathophysiology of the body. It’s harder than medical school, super detailed. I would say that my turning point in becoming the practitioner I am and truly healing my body and my family’s, was working with my mentor.

He taught me not only how to practice functional medicine but how to really care about the client, what’s going on in their body, their specific needs and address it through optimizing all those stressors as well. The water, the EMF exposure, which is huge right now, the light, matching your circadian rhythm to the outside sun, all these little details that a lot of functional medicine practitioners neglect. Hiring him and working through his protocol and having him mentor me was my big thing that taught me the unique and the right way I believe to practice it.

You meet with your doctor and you realized it’s up to you. You start doing your own research, you discover functional medicine. At the same time, you’re working at a hospital full-time. You worked there for about two months and you realized, “This isn’t for me.”

I worked there longer full-time for about two months. The whole Monday through Friday thing and it was horrible. I never anticipated that but they made me for the whole training portion. After that, I dropped down to part-time. I knew I was going to not work at a hospital for forever but I did for two years.

When was the pivot point where you’re like, “This isn’t for me?” At some point you, you make the decision that you’re going to go start your own business. When did you realize that there was a bigger opportunity not just to help yourself with functional medicine, but to be able to be an expert and help other people? When did you realize that opportunity existed?

Before I left the job, I definitely knew and everybody at work knew that this is what I was doing and I was a big health person and all that kind of stuff. I was working towards it while I was there. I was doing things like who my client should be, my website, all that kind of stuff. When I was on maternity leave I decided, “This is done. This is my endpoint.” This three months where I could stay home with this amazing little baby. I’m working towards what I’m going to do afterwards.

That’s when I was working with my mentor and we set up everything to have this business model after the maternity leave is over. That’s when the first big turning point was where I said, “I’m not going back. I have an obligation now to spread my words to more people who are struggling with this stuff, who are still going to the traditional medical doctors for these things.” I said, “Enough is enough,” right then.

How did you find your mentor? When you’re doing all this background research, while you’re working full-time or part-time, how did you discover him?

I’m a super big believer in everything happens for a reason. I never do things to make things happen. They call it manifesting. I found him through Institute for Functional Medicine in a chatroom. We had an event and I chose the live stream because I was so busy with everything. I was planning a wedding or something. In that chatroom, everyone’s chatting around and talking. Everyone said where they were from. He said he’s living in Indiana and I live in Indiana. We connected afterward.

We were friends for about a year before he even mentioned that he does mentor for businesses. We were already friends. I trusted him and I let him do his thing. He told me his price. I said, “Sure, whatever,” even though I was terrified inside because it was something I’d never done before. It was the same year that I got married, got pregnant, got my job, got my first house. There was a lot going on but I just went with it and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

You’re going through this training called Institute for Functional Medicine. You were learning all about functional medicine at the same time. Was he the one that showed you that there’s an opportunity to teach other people how to do this?

He taught me that there was more than functional medicine. A lot of people who have questions on their client’s cases, we have a secret forum, he always put a unique spin on things and thought of things no one else thought of. I knew that’s the kind of practitioner I want to be. I want to be an above and beyond type of practitioner, not just the, “Here’s the meal plan. Here’s the supplement list.” I was attracted to him for that purpose because he did go above and beyond and do things that no other people talk about like light cycles and EMF exposure, which you’re not taught in functional medicine practice.

You’re going through learning about functional medicine. How long did it take for you to start seeing results in your own body?

There are good functional medicine practitioners and not so great ones. To be honest, I was seeing some not so great ones at first. When I started using functional medicine for my own body, of course I hired out. I believe that get outside of your own body, even if you’re the best doctor in the world, you need a doctor too. I hired somebody. When I walked in, they had a TV screen up with a PowerPoint slides on leaky gut. He handed me a leaky gut protocol before they even heard my story, before I even did any intake or anything.

They assumed, “She’s come in to our practice.” I hated that. I walked out the door after I spent hundreds of dollars on supplementation with them and then I hired somebody else. Same thing, supplements, no answers. If I had an abnormal nutrient, they would throw a supplement at me. That is not the way that I like to practice functional medicine. That’s not healing the root cause. That was about maybe a year and a half messing with functional medicine practitioners to see the right answer.

Then when I hired my mentor, in six months every single one of my symptoms were gone. All of my hormones are balanced. I got pregnant when they said I couldn’t get pregnant before and everything was resolved. It wasn’t until I practiced my mentor’s protocol that I got results. That came in less than six months but six months was the total like, “We’re done, off the supplements, off the meds. You’re good to go. You’ve got the tools to succeed.”

There is a very valuable lesson there, especially when we are seeking out experts to go higher or to learn from. One of the things that we have to understand is that you have to find what’s right for you. For the first year and a half when you’re working with these other practitioners, I’m sure they helped people but they had their own system that they put people through and that’s fine, but it didn’t resonate with you. It wasn’t until you found and you connect with the right person, that’s when the transformation happened.

ou can go through somebody’s system, you can go through somebody’s whatever you want to call it, and sure you might get results, but you’re going to get the best results when you aligned with the method and the person and the expert who you’re learning from. Within six months of working with this mentor, your body is completely transformed. All of your symptoms are gone. I’m assuming you’re on cloud nine right now. You’ve got married, you had a baby or you’re pregnant. What did that feel like?

A relief because when I even was working with the functional medicine practitioners who weren’t getting me the results that I was looking before, I was discouraged. I almost gave up and thought, “This is just how I’m going to live the rest of my life.” I had gained 50 pounds in a matter of months and my body tweaked out and I was accepting that this is my new self. I am going to need to be on medicine. This is what my body did. When I realized that it was just because I hadn’t found the right person, the right protocol for what was going on in my body, it was so relieving. I felt like myself again. I felt like me again and it was so relieving.

You’re going through your entire journey and you’re experiencing these symptoms. Now, you’re helping other people overcome these symptoms. That’s the true definition of an expert is you have to be what your clients want to be. You have to be the spitting image of what your clients want to become. When you hired your mentor, did you hire him to help overcome your symptoms or did you specifically hire him to help develop the business model or both?

I hired him to help develop the business model. When I hired him, I had already figured out my own body to an extent, where it was managed but I still wasn’t feeling amazing. He requires his mentors to go through his program. It was when I went through his program and he knew I still have health issues. I was still taking my thyroid medication and my hormones were still a little out of whack.

When went to the protocol at the same time as the business building, first of all, it helped heal my body forever and ever. Second of all, when I was doing the business building, I determined that I would love to practice other people this protocol because it changed my life and so we focused on that. Now, I teach other people that as well and it’s so perfect because I went through it, heal my body, nothing else did. It was the protocol that I decided I want for everybody who comes into my life to know and understand.

When did this happen? What year did you hire the mentor and you make this shift?

It was when I was on maternity leave, January of 2017. I worked with him a little bit for that because I had planned out this is when I’m going to do that. I left my job on October 2017 but before then I was seeing clients here and there, just a couple because I was still working. That’s when everything fell into place.

This is not all that long ago. January of 2017 you turned the corner, go full-time, “This is it. This is what I want to do. This is who I want to serve.” Who is your first client, like the type of person? Who was that first client ever in in this business?

She was really young and I didn’t expect that. She was 22 and super active, like yoga. She was so adorable and very pretty, but she was having trouble with her skin. She was getting acne, eczema and she was struggling with bloating after eating certain foods and didn’t know what to do about it. As my first client, she was a rockstar. She did everything to a tee I told her, reported back.

How I see clients is once a week appointment, and then full access email and text in between. We’ve become really close. That was my very first client. Her name was Paige. I love her forever. Since then, I’ve transitioned. That’s the person I worked with still, the motivated to make changes, not afraid to invest in things. There are things you’re going to have to fight, maybe your air is junk. You’re going to have to find an air purifier. That’s the person who’s ready to make those changes.

How did you find Paige?

Through a workout class at YMCA that we go to here in town. We were in workout class together and we were sitting in the sauna together afterward. We’re just talking and I tell her what I do and she was just so intrigued and she’s the kind of person like, “Sign me up, let’s do this,” and just jumped on board. She was my first client. She knew that and she was fantastic. That’s how I met my best clients. Random situations, true relationships, in person or through referrals. They say, “You tell your best friend about me.” That’s the kind of clients that are my favorites for sure.

Referrals and your own network, they’re always going to be the best the clients. They already have that relationship with you. They know you, they like you, they trust you, which is fantastic. How long were you working with Paige? What type of results did she get?

She’s my first client and I knew the kind of results I got from Balance Protocol™ When she started getting results in literally a week after working with me, I was telling my husband like, “Is this real? Am I really making this impact?” She was struggling with acne and face stuff and I gave her some specific nutrients stuff based on what her lab results said and her genetic said.

Within a week, two weeks, her skin has cleared up. She was feeling energetic. Her bloating was gone. We worked together for six months total because there’s a lot more than that. You can get rid of the symptoms but you have to heal afterwards. You have to heal the body so that it doesn’t come back again. There’s the environment optimization stuff too. I work with every client for six months, but she started getting results literally after about a week of working together, which was crazy.

You’ve got your first client, amazing results and you’re just starting this business. You’re still doing this part-time?

I was still working at the hospital.

What’s going through your head? You’ve probably got this big vision for the business but tell me what’s going through as you’re working with Paige and you’re seeing those incredible results.

I was like, “I could do this. We got this.” I always have confidence that when I put my mind to something, I’m going to do it. I’m going to succeed. I always think that there are setbacks. For things that happen that quickly, I attribute it to an amazing one-on-one mentor because I didn’t mess around with 297 programs. I hired up and I think that was a huge successful thing for me to do because I was just relieved.

My husband was so supportive. I decided this is the life we’re going to do. I’m going to quit my job at the hospital, which was secure and we had health insurance. It’s a sought-after job. A lot of people wanted my job I had. I just decided that I’m not doing it anymore. I’m making a way bigger impact on people’s lives this way. Even though I see less people because I’m very one-on-one exclusive. Even though I see less people, I’m making way bigger of an impact than I do seeing 50 people every single day, giving them pills, fixing their stitches or whatever at the hospital.

Did you try and go out and get more clients like Paige? When did you make the shift from clients like Paige to seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs? What’s happening in between that gap?

I had a couple in between there who weren’t quite my avatar but the sweetest people ever. They got amazing results too. Then I had another client who was a man in Chicago, had this huge awesome job and a huge tower down in Downtown Chicago. With working with me, he cured his health, felt amazing, quit his job and now he does house design and stuff like that and has his own company.

Then I was thinking, “That’s awesome.” He attributes that all to me and I felt like, “Really? Just from getting your health right, you were able to quit your job and now create this new business that’s booming already?” It did. It just started happening. I started attracting people who were like that and I was going to networking and mastermind events and to all my friends are now. It fell into my lap. I’ve got another client who was a big billionaire entrepreneur and he then introduced me to his friends and it rolled out. It’s a very specific group with specific health concerns and motivation level unlike any other. That’s what I ended up doing.

When was this transition officially to seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs? When did you make the decision like, “There’s something here. I can see there’s a big enough audience. I have access to that network.” When did that happen?

I was in New York City for a bunch of meetings and stuff and talking to some people. I had a mix. I had a lot of clients who are entrepreneurs and I had a lot of socialite-type woman, successful exec-type of people. They told me, “You’re so good at what you do with this entrepreneur space. They love you, so you should just run with it and just focus on that person because there are plenty of them. You’re in all the circles. They’re all your friends.” They encouraged me to focus there and do one thing at a time. That doesn’t mean they’re all inclusive. If somebody comes to me and they’re not that demographic, but they are my demographic of like my Paiges in other worlds, I’m going to help them if I have room in my one-on-one. That’s how it unraveled. Basically, my peers who I respect and I think that’s huge surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, encouraged that and I went with it.

When you talk to these clients, these seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs, thinking back as to what your journey when you had your symptoms and you were sick and then you were meeting all of these doctors, how often do you hear that story get repeated when you’re talking to your potential clients?

All the time and even the functional medicine situation about seeing the practitioner that wasn’t right for them. Almost everybody has had things like migraines, bloating, skin issues, their hair’s thinning and they think it’s just something they have to deal with or they’re stressed, it’s normal. It is not normal. Being tired after day work is not normal. You shouldn’t have to be. If your body is really optimized, you shouldn’t be. I hear it all the time.

People who go and come to me with fifteen supplements that they’re taking and not a clue to why or what’s going on in their body, they don’t have an action plan to fix what’s going on their body so that they can get off the supplement. I’m not opposed the supplements but there’s a time and place just like pharmaceuticals. It’s about finding out what that person needs like “What does Joel need? What’s going on in his body? What does his lab tests say? What are his genetics, his environment, his situation?” and then targeting supplementation based on that.

I’m scared to ask you, “What am I doing wrong?” Is coffee good or is coffee bad?

It totally depends on what’s going on in your body. For coffee, for example. If you’re what’s called a fast oxidizer, which we can tell through the easy hair test that’s so simple. That means you oxidize your macros: fats, carbs and proteins, really quick. If you’re a fast oxidizer, you need a higher fat diet to slow things down, so you have time to absorb the nutrients but also you do bad with coffee. If you’re a slow oxidizer, you do great with coffee. It makes you feel awesome and you need to be on low-fat diet because fat is too hard to digest for your slow system. It just depends on what’s right for you. I don’t judge.

That’s our mantra in Balance Protocol™, “Raise your standards.” If you have the opportunity to raise your standards, do it. At the same time, we’re not purists because I know a lot of my clients, these entrepreneurs, we’re traveling, we have meetings, we have situations where we can’t just pack our lunch or whatever it is and so we’re not being purists. I’m not going to ask you to live under a rock or go in the mountains and don’t have any phones or computers. We all need them. It’s about balancing that out and using Balance Protocol ™ techniques to do it.

I’ve been so fascinated in this world of health and “peak performance.” There’s a lot of high performance experts, peak performance experts. I’ve built a lot of webinars helping coaches land new clients in the peak performance space. I get so into it and then it seems like it’s too much and I just drop it. As an expert, you’re the functional medicine expert, what would you say to somebody who is considering taking a turn for their health for the better? Saying, “I don’t want to go see all these doctors or I’ve seen a ton of doctors. I don’t believe or trust what they’re prescribing, but I’m a little nervous because this is out there.” What would you say to somebody like that?

Hire. I did, you need it too. Even if you are a physical trainer and you’re in the best shape ever or if you are a nutritionist and you have all these books out and everybody uses your recipes and stuff, you need somebody on your team that you trust and will walk you through the protocol because it is overwhelming. You can spend hours Googling. I did it before I had hired somebody to help me out. I was hours and hours Googling, watching every podcast, every webinar and you compile all these notes and I’m sure you’re like, “Yeah, I do that.” You tried to do every single thing because you’re a high-performer and you’re a type-A or whatever and you want the best of the best, so you combine all the plans into one big plan and think you can do it all.

That’s hard on your body and you’re probably going to end up sicker. My biggest advice is to hire someone you trust, a clinician who does one-on-one like myself instead of mass programs where it’s one-size-fits-all, so you get the attention you need and then the steps. Maybe something in a group program or a webinar or does not apply to your life. You need that one-on-one direct attention, easy for you to follow, “Do this, do that.” It’s like a micromanager for your health.

Maggie, we have talked about so much stuff. We went through your whole journey of when you were sick and you’re stressed out and your body was not operating at its peak. You said at one point you put on 50 pounds and you almost came to the acceptance that, “This is going to be life for myself.” The way that you were able to transition, and I loved your story, is you solved your own problem first. You learned how to take control because you said, “I want to get help,” so this is huge in self-awareness. You went to go see doctors, which is what we’re told you’re supposed to do but you knew deep down you had the intuition, which I’m huge on for experts and entrepreneurs.

A lot of us are very big on intuition. You had the intuition to say, “I don’t necessarily trust the diagnosis of what they’re telling me.” That all happened when you went to your car and started bawling. That was the full realization that, “This is going to be up to me.” It seems like you’ve made it now your life journey and your life’s purpose to figure out how to heal yourself. Then you went on this long journey of doing your own research and you discovered functional medicine. Then you hired a couple of experts in the functional medicine.

Even then, you didn’t vibe with the right people until you finally found the one person that you knew it felt right. It transformed your life and that has led you down the journey of now spreading that message, helping other people transform their lives. Such an incredible message, such an incredible journey. Where can people connect with you? How do they get in touch with you?

You can reach me at MaggieBerghoff.com. There’s a contact there and you can send me a little chat. You can apply for a consultation. Consultations are complimentary, so we can just hop on a phone call and see if it’s right for you.

You talk with a client, you have a consultation, let’s say that they sign up with you. Let’s say that I become a client. I’m assuming this is all custom. Is that true?

Yes, everything’s personalized to a tee. No one gets the same nutrition. No one gets the same workout plan. No one gets anything the same.

You said something about hair samples. Am I sending anything to a lab?

Your question is, “What’s the first step?” When a client signs on with me, first we have a consultation and see if it’s right for them and right for me because I don’t take everybody. I only take a certain number at a time. The first test is a big complimented case from you where we go literally through everything, all your symptoms, what’s your life’s like, all that stuff. Based on that, I decide the first lab that you may need, what kind of labs do you need? Do you need hormones, genetics, heavy metals or whatever it is that you need, food intolerance test? Based on your story, we decide what test you need upfront.

While we wait for those results, immediately we’re already optimizing your living space. We’re looking at air quality, life cycle, EMF exposure, how to wire your computer so you don’t have exposure when you’re on it, all that kind of stuff. As results come in, we start going over them. Every single result that comes in, we tweak your plan. We’re constantly every single week on our video calls tweaking and assessing and coming up with the perfect healthy habits or tool. That’s what we work through for the six months.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I probably know why seven to eight-figure entrepreneurs vibe with what you’re talking about. When you start to tell somebody, “We need to look at your EMF light waves,” and all this other stuff, the average person is probably going to be like, “That’s not really for me,” but entrepreneurs are weird and we’ll try anything. I know a couple of people who talk about those glasses that you put on to block the blue lights. I’ve been a little bit skeptic of that stuff too. You are more likely to get people to listen to you or your target, any entrepreneur because it’s like, “Sure, I’ll give it a shot.”

It’s for people looking for the best of the best. It’s not mediocre. It’s super specialized that you’re able to optimize and be the best.

Maggie, thank you so much for joining us and thank you for sharing your expertise. To the audience, go connect with Maggie. Let her know that you heard her on our Experts Unleash podcast. Blow her up, connect with her. If you’re interested in optimizing your health, hit her up, have a consultation, and let her know that you appreciate this episode. We’ll see you on the next one. Thanks again, Maggie. Thank you, everybody. We’ll see you on the next episode. Take care.

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