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How to Get Paid to Travel the World with Zach Benson

Tags: luxury travel, entrepreneur, assistagram, instagram, digital marketing

“As I’m traveling and staying at hotels for free, I am doing a mutual exchange where I am promoting these hotels on our pages… they give us free nights and sometimes flights…I always tell people to think about your strengths and values…you can offer in exchange for free nights.” – Zach Benson

Zach is from Assistagram and is an Instagram “luxury connoisseur.”

Zach travels for FREE everywhere he goes; he has received over 580 nights for free at five star luxury hotels along with some plane tickets! He is currently in Bali, staying at a 5-star hotel for free.

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Some Topics We Discussed

  • Zach’s backstory – how he build a six-figure business teaching dance

  • What is Assistagram and how do we “do it?”

  • How does Zach travel for free and how can the “average Joe” replicate this?

  • How can you offer your services for “free”? – Place a value on your abilities and strengths

  • Client acquisition

  • How to approach the exchange of services – phone, email and communication

  • “Lightbulb moments”

  • Mastering “cold outreach”

  • Zach’s journey to his current role

  • How Zach’s experience on So You Think You Can Dance helped push him to where he is now

How to Get Involved

About our Guest:

CEO of Assistagram.us + Professional Dancer
Zach Benson is a full-time entrepreneur, hustler, world traveler, dancer, and connector. Zach also was a round 4 finalist on the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance and he is the Founder and CEO of www.assistagram.us He specializes in creating Instagram campaigns reaching millions. His philosophy in life is to encourage others to reach their potential through the arts and social media. Zach is all about becoming the best version of himself and making people & companies better.


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