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How to Get People to PAY You for Your Webinars w/ Frank Salas | #023

Tags: Target Market, Chatbots, Segmented Marketing, Automation

When someone that goes from homeless to making bank selling homes talks about how you can make good money off of what you do best, you pay full attention. That’s how Frank Salas positions himself, that’s the reason he gives you when you’re asking yourself why you should even be listening to him, that’s how he uses target marketing to his advantage.

But not everyone is as amazing as that just yet to have accomplished anything to have that kind of one-liner, so what does a regular joe do? How do you get people to not only listen to you but even pay you hundreds, even thousands of dollars? You’ve probably got all these questions going through your mind, you’re excited and can’t wait. Don’t worry, you’re about to find out what target marketing can do for you.

How to Get People to PAY You for Your Webinars w/ Frank Salas

We have an interview with the talented Mr. Frank Salas and we had such an awesome conversation. What you’re going to be learning on our podcast interview is something that nobody has talked about yet on our podcast so far. We’re going to be talking about how to get people to actually pay you to attend your webinars. This is opposed to giving free webinars and making a pitch at the end.

What Frank was talking about was overdelivering and actually getting people to pay you to attend your webinars and all the benefits that come from that. We went deep into this episode and we talked about the history of where Frank has come from. He’s been in the online marketing space for about two years now and we started by talking about his background, when he got started and how he made his first five figures on his very first webinar.

If you’re interested in learning how to get paid to actually run your webinars before you ever make a pitch, meaning they have to pay to register for your webinar, pay attention to this episode because you can implement this in your business and it’s something that we’re going to be looking at implementing for ours as well. Enjoy our episode.

Frank, welcome to the show. Happy to have you.

I’m so blessed to be here. Thank you so much for having me on.

Before we get into the meat of the content, Frank, do a quick background about who you are, why should we be paying attention to you? I know you’ve got a sales background. I’ve enjoyed our pre-warm-up conversation but go ahead and tell my audience what we’ve got in store for us now.

My name is Frank Salas. I go by the name the Talented Mr. Salas. I was born homeless. English is my second language. I’m a college dropout and I started my first business at the age of twenty. I use social media to make a living and I get most of my income from really top level advanced webinars to the right people. If I can do this, so can you.

I want to get some background info about when you first did webinars because you were very successful right out of the gate. We talked about this a little bit earlier on but give us your first experience. Walk us through how you came up with the idea to do a webinar. You had a pretty unique story doing your first webinar. Walk our audience through how you get on that webinar. What did you do and what were your results?

I’ve got to qualify this and say that my first webinar was very successful and that’s because I put a lot of hard work into it. I put a lot of promotion into it. I actually did it twice in the same night on two different platforms just to get it out to a lot of people. The reason I was so motivated to do that was because, bringing into my life at the time, I was a residential realtor. I was very successful, but I was making a living unlocking doors and sweating through linen suits.

I knew that online marketing and webinars, and I knew this word existed, but I wasn’t benefiting from it because honestly, I was making a nice living from selling homes but I still had a job. I was self-employed. I wasn’t a business owner. If I stopped unlocking those doors, I wasn’t going to have money for cigars. I wasn’t going to have any money for linen suits. I wasn’t going to have any money for dates. I was going to be broke and go into a Whataburger and I would be going into the dollar movies on my dates. You can’t be having it like that.

I decided that I was going to stop that. I wanted more time. I wanted more money and I’ve got into the online space. I put myself out there as a thought leader in social media and I leveraged my expertise. I took my expertise and I put it out into the marketplace. One of the first things I did is I did a podcast.

On that podcast, somebody who listened to that podcast asked me to do a JV webinar with her. I had no idea what a JV webinar was. She’s like, “You’ve got to tell your list and I’ll tell my list,” and we’ll show up and we’ll do a presentation. I said, “That’s awesome, but I just started and I don’t really have a list.” She’s like, “Don’t worry about it. I got you.” Just show up, do your magic. We’ll make some money. It sounded pretty simple.

I put a presentation together. I came from a sales background, real estate, self-employed for my entire twenties. From the age of the twenty I started my first business. I’m 30 now. I’ve got ten years of all kinds of sales. I just leveraged all that expertise and that skills to make that happen. Before the webinar, I posted on Periscope. This was back when Periscope was super hot.

When I went live on Periscope, your phone would go, “Ring.” I would literally have thousands of people listening and hanging on my every word because I’m talking about new things. This new opportunity that I was speaking of was virtual assistance and outsourcing and a lot of people had heard about this, but they never knew anybody to actually implement it.

Everybody knows what The 4-Hour Workweek is but nobody lives it. Nobody actually has that actual real-life application. What I did is I did a presentation and here’s how I did the presentation. I structured it to a way that if I’m a busy business owner and I was going to listen to this dude who I don’t even know to talk for 30 minutes to an hour, like, “What would that even have?”

What I decided is I wanted to make it super value pack, super value driven. I want to make this webinar for people who don’t have money to be able to take the action and get somewhere near the results. At least get started in the results. If they have money and they’re qualified, they can say, “This is an awesome opportunity. I want to take this guy up in his offer.”

Here’s how I can help you and then here’s my offer. I had a strong offer that solved all their problem. I figured out what their needs were, what their wants were. I did a true psychoanalysis of their wants, fears, needs, desires, goals, obstacles, challenges, all that stuff. I did the homework first. I got into their brain, I went onto Amazon, I went into Google. I looked at the reviews of all the books. What were they mad about, what were they happy about, what they care about, what made them feel very strongly. This was like a two-week process just to get that done.

Was this officially the launch of your “online empire,” the start of your online business, this first webinar? Was this your kickoff?

Absolutely. This was like the first offer I’d ever put out into the marketplace and people wanted it.

No prior sales, no prior experience. You were building your social media presence, you’re building your audience based on everything that you were doing, real estate background, etc. You’re putting in the work upfront to build your webinar and you’re going onto Amazon. You’re reading these reviews of these books.

This is super important because so many people skip this step. I’m not saying that this is the only way to do research, but it’s a free, simple and easy way to jump into a brand-new market. Explain what you’re doing when you’re looking at these reviews.

When I’m doing Amazon review mining or Google review mining, I looked to see for the five-star reviews and the one-star reviews. I don’t like anything in between because vanilla doesn’t sell on social media or online. You’ve got to be, “This explosion happened, this whatever happens, it’s got to be super dramatic, otherwise people don’t pay attention to it.” Sad to say, but it’s the truth.

I figured out what people really felt strongly, what do they like, what do they want and just read. The cool part is when I’m reading this stuff, what they’re saying is, “I’ll literally copy and paste and put on my emails, my landing pages.” They’re writing my copy for me. I’m just doing the work. I go by the name of Talented Mr. Salas, the only talent that I have is I work hard. That’s it. I do things the right way, I approach things the right way and I’m a student of the game. That is what the game was telling me. The marketplace is telling me these problems exist and I just found those little pain points. I put salt on my finger and I just jabbed it in there as hard as I could.

Target Marketing: My name is Frank Salas, and I go by the name, the Talented Mr. Salas and the reason you should listen to me because I was born homeless.

This offer that you’re doing on your very first webinar, you said they know about The Four-Hour Work Week but nobody lives it. What is your offer that you made them?

Here is where I really got a taste of what branding is. We made three packages because somebody had told me, the lady who was doing the JV was like, “You need three packages. The low package, the high package and the middle package.” I was like, “Okay, whatever.” I’m just making stuff up at this point like, “What do people need?” We make the three packages. She’s like, “This is a great offer, but we need a name for these things.” We ended up coming up with like, the smallest package was the Tesla because it was a smart decision. The middle package was the BMW because it was luxury and the top package was the Rolls-Royce. People really purchased all of those.

There was no really big seller because people in different markets segment really resonated with each individual message. They’re like, “This is a smart choice for me.” Someone’s like, “I’m a luxury business.” Some people were like, “I want the Big Daddy Rolls-Royce.” That offer was on point. We had three different price points. We had the last number V7 because supposedly everybody says that if you have the price V7 it makes it sell. I don’t think that’s the case, but I’m following the rules too.

What was the offer? What was the service? What was the deliverable?

It was virtual assistant services. We were selling blocks of time for prepaid services in different designated areas in graphics, web, administration work and so on and so forth. Then it had different levels of support where I would come in and make SOP, Standard Operating Procedures for your business. I’d make a digital employee handbook.

You actually sold a service. You sold a service off of the webinar. Before we get into your paid webinar, because that’s the thing that I really want to talk about, but before we get there, what were the price points of your offers and if you wouldn’t mind sharing what the final sales totals were, to give these people inspiration?

I’ve got to qualify this and say that I used to sell real estate and my minimum real estate check was $15,000. Of course, I’ve got to pay Uncle Sam. I’m not a broker just yet and in the great State of Texas, you’ve got to pay your broker and then I pay myself. I made a decent amount. Coming from that to go in the online space, my first overall sales was a little over $10,000 collectively in different industries. I mentioned earlier that we did it in different areas in the same night. I did different live streams.

Our offers were $197, $497 and $997. Those were our offers right there. We put limits on the smaller two and the top one you could do as many as you like. Those were the sales and people were just purchasing. I know everyone always tells that story where like, “My first time making money online.” My first time making money online was like PayPal was saying, “Bling, bling, bling, ” The notification as I was doing the live streams, just popped in. It was exciting to be honest with you.

I’ve always heard the exact opposite, like don’t make multiple offers, but whatever works as long as you deliver valuable content, people will buy. Let’s jump into what you’re doing now because this is what you’re doing recently. Your newer strategy. You’ve built up your branding and you’re doing paid webinars which are being very successful. Explain to my audience, what do you mean by a paid webinar? Give me some background.

This is where branding pays off. I have a reputation, notorious for overdelivering, oversharing. Just giving you all the hacks. If I have something for 30 minutes, we do an hour. If we got an hour, I go two. I just always over give. If you give me anything, especially your time, I want to make sure that I over deliver. Just recently, I’ve started to charge for my webinars because I’ve had that reputation and that branding and people are paying for that.

Some people complain and I was like, “The boy got to smoke cigars or we’ve got to eat.” They’re cool with it and when they go on there, what I found is that when people pay, they actually pay attention. They actually enact and you find a lot of the action takers that are going to give you case studies, testimonials, results.

To give you my latest paid webinar that we did. We did Legit Facebook Likes and we advertise all that. We’ve got people in there. It was a $97 price point. This is a lead into one of my higher end masterminds, which is a Millennial Marketing Agency Professional Mastermind for social media marketing agency owners. This is one little portion that goes into that collection of lessons and trainings and whatnot as well as the mastermind.

This is a paid webinar for people who are interested to actually open up their personal wallets with me and get some value. Now, they crossed that line from being a fan and a follower to being a customer in the future. That changes everything. I take it with full honor and full respect because when someone pays with their wallet, you’ve got something working. Even if it’s a dollar, you can make a dollar, you can make a million.

You do a live training. Before you ever create the course, you say, “I’m going to teach you X, Y, Z how to get legit Facebook likes.” You say it’s going to be $97. It will be taught live. Do you tell them upfront that it will be for $497 or whatever the price is afterwards? When you pitched at $97, you tell them you’re going to be raising the price to $497 after it becomes automated.

As soon as the webinar is live, it goes up $497. It’s as if it was at 7:00 on Tuesday at 6:59, I sent out one last email and say, you’ve got 60 seconds or this is going to $497. Then people at 7:02, 7:03, “Can I please get it?” “No. You’ve got all the emails, it’s $497,” and people will pay for it. They’re like, “I should have gotten it.” They’re open to that and they value you, your time, your brand, your products. Everything is a total game-changer because people just don’t show up to webinars I find, free ones at least.

Tell me about the difference between your paid webinars and your free webinars. Do you structure them similarly? How does that look in terms of the format?

Whenever you experienced the Talented Mr. Salas, you get it all. It’s the quality I represented. One thing that’s stuck with me was a Michael Jordan. He’s every game that he played. He told himself that there was somebody in that audience that never met him, that never saw him play and it was his duty to share his God-given talent with them.

It’s my duty to share my God-given talent and my hard effort and knowledge around with my own marketing dollars, my own time, my own energy spent in this game to share. I show up every single time. For me, there is no difference. The same way I show up here for your podcast is the same way I’m going to show up my webinars. The only difference is I’m going to be sharing my screen doing very technical things. I’m also going to call people up from the actual audience wherever they are in the world.

I have a global audience, I’m very blessed to say. I’ll help them out with whatever challenge they have. When we had our Legit Facebook Likes masterclass, we had people from all over the world that are like, “I have this business, I’ve got this business, I have that business.” I will just call them up and we would share their screens and I would just serve them. That really helps the tribe, the community.

People are like, “This guy Frank, really does care,” and I do. My duty, if someone pays me to go to my class, is to at least give them everything that I can and more to be successful. I can’t do the work for them but I can share everything I can and at least create that space and that environment where it’s very helpful for them to be able to advance.

Then I create the Facebook group on the back end as a support and I say, “If you buy this class, you don’t owe me but I want to give you some support and I want to help you out in office hours doing these parts.” I over deliver there and then I use their case studies within the group to motivate each other.

Somebody got on Legit Facebook Likes, they started taking action and by the next day at noon, they had an extra 600 likes. I posted that screenshot up and everyone was like, “We need to get on this.” They started logging in Teachable and they started logging in and they were like going through things and they’re sending me screenshots. They’re like, “Look what I can do?” being really good students and stuff.

Target Marketing: When people pay, they actually pay attention.

I’m sure that helps with retention and future sales as well. On these paid webinars, do you make an offer at the end? Do you pitch an up sell or is it just content only on these paid webinars?

I absolutely make an offer to these people. If these people open up their wallets to me, I let them know that this is just a small little sliver of what’s in my Millennial Marketing Agency. If they’re a social media marketing agency owner, this class is for them or this is where you’ve got to know your audience.

I either have marketing agency owners or business owners that want to handle their own marketing or think they should until they talked to me and then I handle it for them. At that point I say, “If you’re a marketing agency owner, here’s your mastermind. If you’re a business owner, I’m available for consulting and this is whatever offer that I have.”

At that point, I would then shut off the recording of the webinar because it’s only available to those people that are there. I give them a killer deal. It’s one night only. I always do my webinars at 7:00 at night because I find most people show up and then before midnight. I call it the Godfather offer. Everybody has the irresistible offer, I’ve got the Godfather offer.

Then I go back to the research and I figured out, what’s the price point? The price is legit, the price is great. From that research that I do, all their little pain points, like let’s say, if I’m selling a fitness program and Jimmy’s like, I hate doing this because I can’t eat pizza, I just have to completely give up pizza.

Then I’ll make a specific like, pizza only diet. I know that doesn’t exist but just for example purposes on how he can achieve X result while still doing what he wants to do, stuff like that. I just make offers based on what they said. The point I want to make is that by the time they get buy now they’re like, “This is a lot of stuff,” and all of those objections that they have are already in the offer.

They’re like, “I want that virtual assistant but I don’t have documentation. I’ve got you covered. I want to do marketing, but I don’t have an ad spend. I’ll include your first ad spend in this deal.” That’s a no-brainer and people are like, “I just got this value from this dude, I paid this guy $97, this is at least $10,000 worth of stuff and this guy is offering me this, I’m in.” If you can show people value upfront that way, it’s just a game changer.

How many people take you up on that upsell? When they come in at the end of your paid webinar, what’s the average take rate on one of those? How much is your consulting ballpark?

My consulting at the moment of this time is $1,000 per hour. It does go up as my brand increases but right now it’s $1,000 per hour. I do have several different packages. They started $1,000 and then they go from there up to the five figures and some six figures. If someone wants to engage me at the six-figure level, I actually would rather take less money up front and have more equity or commissions or royalties off of the back-end funnels, the ads, that stuff that I perform because it’s just more profitable for me and it’s more of an incentive for me honestly than to just take some money up front.

They liked that too because it’s not as much for them and we get to work that way but that’s now getting to the agency side and that’s just an offer that I have that’s great, that people like. That the webinar is a great way to get interested, qualified people that have already spent money with me to get into.

My mind is racing right now because I haven’t done, I did one paid webinar about two years ago and it went okay and we just didn’t have a big audience. In my mind, I’m putting myself in Frank’s shoes. Here we are, Frank, you’ve had success with free webinars, you’ve had success with paid webinars. The thing that’s going through my mind right now is, someone’s listening to this podcast and they’re saying maybe they’re just getting started. Like, I want to do a paid webinar.

Target Marketing: Was very successful, but I was making a living unlocking doors and sweating through linen suits.

If you could go back two years ago from when you were first starting, would you start with paid webinars or would you start with free webinars? How does it all fit into your business model now? Do you do more paid webinars? You do more free webinars? When would you choose whether or not to do free or paid?

I know your program has the word webinar in it. I don’t think of the word webinar. I think of the word masterclass. There are masterclass movement, Christina Aguilera has a masterclass, Kevin Spacey has a masterclass. All these really famous people now have masterclasses and that’s like the buzzword now. Webinar people are expected to be pitch and for me a masterclass is just that I’m a master of my craft. I’m going to teach a class and that you will learn from me.

You can just go to any mastermind at anything and just learn for free unless you have some sweat equity or you just pay some money. If I will answer your question, if I was starting out, I would still do a free webinar because nobody knows you, nobody knows who you are. If you’re somebody who has a lot of specific knowledge, like let’s say nobody knows you, but you are a master NLP certified badass. I would pay for that.

It doesn’t have to be a certification. It doesn’t have to be whatever. It just has to be something there. I would do something like that and instead of trying to make it on my own and say, “Sign up for this.” I would go to people with existing lists like I did and say, “I’m a master at this. I’ve got this presentation, here’s my offer. This is my split.” I always offer 50/50 on my split. Some people who are higher than me are not as advanced me, they always try to take more or less.

I’m like, “If you do this with me, it’s 50/50. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you do, all you do is give me your list and I’m going to shine.” Everything’s negotiable. Whoever you are, I’m taking 50, you’re getting 50. It is what it is. For you to know who you are, your numbers and how that works and how you do business and to be fully transparent about it with no ulterior motives, no shading.

I’ve had instances where we’ve made an LLC together. Just for that one thing, for a JV, we had a joint PayPal account, everything was right there. I was like, “I’m about to transfer you this half, this was the PayPal fees and I’m getting the other half. Capisce? We’re going to keep this amount in for returns for the next 90 days and then we split that on there.” Always be transparent.

If I was to get started out, I would start with free unless I had a very tangible skill with case studies, with testimonials, with proof, with receipts, with money in the bank. I would then say, “Now let’s do a paid webinar, but to an existing audience.” That would be my recommendation. This is just my recommendation. These are my suggestions. Please go with what is useful or right for your business.

What about affiliate webinars, JV webinars. Have you ever done a paid JV webinar or do only paid webinars to your existing audience?

I’ve put a lot of work in with other people and other people’s audience at this point to where they email their list, they get on my list and I’ve gotten out there and I put the time in. I put two years and every week, every day, I show up and I serve my audience in some way, shape or form, whether it’s Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, any of that stuff, blog posts, or even just sharing posts.

I always show up and I’ve now earned that right to where I can pick and choose who I want to work with. There are people that are way more advanced than me, but I found that because my branding is so strong and my reputation is so strong that it’s no easier and more profitable for me to keep it vertical. That being said, every time I have a launch, every time I have a winner, I’ll come and tell people and be like, “This is converting at 10%, you want to make some money?”

To answer the question, they’re mostly free then? When you do the JVs, it’s not normally a paid webinar?

Not yet, but I’m definitely going to keep reporting. As I said, I’m a steward of the game. I’m only two years in it and I’m just sharing my experience with it and I’m the guy that disrupts things. I’ll let you know when it happens.

The idea that I’ve got going on from our webinars, we’re running free weekly live webinars right now. I’m running paid traffic to growing our list, growing a new product that we’re offering. I love the concept of paid webinars. When I did it two years ago, it was a very small audience. I think we have like fifteen people who paid to watch it and it did okay.

We ended up pitching just my course at the end and we sold a few copies, but I definitely see where it fits in. I definitely see where it fits in when you have the bigger audience that know and trust where you can just say, “$97 to do a live training,” and your hottest audience to buy anyway. I can totally see that. I love what we talked about with paid webinars.

Frank, before we care where people can go find you, leave us a one parting tip. In your mind, where are you moving forward in the next 30 days? What’s the big opportunity for you? What’s getting you excited with? It doesn’t have to be webinar-related, in the world of marketing, what’s getting you excited in the next 30 days where you’re heading?

I have a Chatbot Course out. I’m one of the thought leaders in chatbots. I write for BotList and a bunch of other different places and I’m really into the chatbot scene, the chatbot world. What I’m really excited about is that people have now been numb to chatbots. Before chatbots were really like 100% open rate and all this kind of stuff. They’re going down and now the people who actually know how to use them, they’re not complaining.

The people who don’t know how to use them, they’re like, “I don’t get this. I don’t get that.” The people that are using them, they’re like, “I’ll make a lot of money.” Where I’m excited in the next 30 days is taking those chatbots to brands, businesses. As I say I have a Marketing Agency.

I’ve got a bunch of templates out there. I have an outsourcing company that I shared with you earlier, in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. I’ve now trained my assistants and my virtual team to be able to develop fulfilled chatbots all by me going to a mind map and saying this is how it should be structured.

You’ve got color codes and just like a whole protocol that’s been tested and proven and we can bang them out pretty quickly is what I’m trying to say. I’m really excited about chatbots. The price point is huge. The profit margins are insanely high on both sides. It doesn’t cost me much to make it and it doesn’t cost the business owner to run it after it’s set up and the money’s coming in.

Target Marketing: There was no really big seller because people in different markets segment really resonated with each individual message

We’re doing automated appointments. Here’s a super quick funnel. I’ve got paid traffic, we do all of it with Pinterest, Twitter, all that stuff. Paid traffic, have a message to the chatbot, we get them on our bot list, we put them on sequences and we offer them something. It could be a buy-in, it could be an opt in, it could be a sales page.

For some of the services that I offer and this is where Facebook comes in, I only offer these services to six figure realtors as I was once a six-figure realtor. I said, “I used to sweat my ass off, sweating through linen suits in Austin, Texas and I’m a licensed realtor and now I use this and I get to travel the world. Here’s my Instagram so you can see that everything that I’m saying is all fact. Here’s my Facebook so you can see everything I’m saying is all fact and here’s how to work me.”

With the Chatbot, they actually go through and they qualify themselves. They tell me, “I’m selling these many homes per year.” I’m looking for a part-time or I’m looking for a full-time. I’ll need five assistants, I don’t have documentation. They’re just telling me all this information and I’ve got this from my real estate practice, which where you had a lot of qualifying questions up front.

What’s your budget? When did you move in? Do you have any pets? Where’s your school? Where’s your job? All those questions which are back and forth, nobody likes to answer that now. That’s a thing of the past. People want to be served really quickly and it’s a way to get out all the information and then, after I get out information and if they’re qualified, then and only then they get a link to book on my calendar.

I’m chilling, I’m smoking cigars, I’m doing yoga, I’m traveling the world and then I get an email saying, “Joel just book with you for a 30-minute consultation on this.” I know that Joel’s a six-figure realtor that he’s doing this, that he’s doing that and he understands everything and he’s qualified.

Chatbots are huge. We just finished up a podcast interview with Molly Kaiser who was doing chatbots to get a 75% show up rate on her live free paid traffic webinars and a huge potential. In the world where so many people are saying like, “Show up rates are so down. Webinars are dead, presentations are dead.” I’m like, “You’re missing the boat.” People love webinars. They love presentations because they can connect with the audience.

What you’re missing is you’re probably only relying on email marketing for reminding them of when to show up and email’s dying. Webinars aren’t dying. Anyone who’s listening right now go check out Molly’s episode, it’s just filled with golden nuggets. Doing 75% show up rate is just insane. She was exclusively using chatbots. Frank, I had a blast. Where can people go check you out? Where can people go find you? Do a shameless self-promotion here.

If you want to be connected with me, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down, you can go to www.Facebook.com/TalentedMrSalas. I’m the most active on my Facebook. I’ve got a YouTube channel. There’s a bunch of free content out there. Some of the stuff on my YouTube Channel is the same exact techniques and strategies that I charge my clients. If you want to work with me, I’m going to do the same stuff that’s in those videos and I’m going to do it for your business. Either you have the time to learn it or you’ve got the money to hire me to do it. Either way it needs to be done for your business and then finally you can check me out at TalentedMrSalas.com.

Target Marketing: The same way I show up here for your podcast is the same way I’m going to show up my webinars.

That’s going to do it for this episode. Frank, I had a blast. I hope you had fun. I learned some valuable golden nuggets. I got excited about paid webinars. It’s been shelved for me for a while but I’m like, “I’ve got to do it.” There’s so much value in it. You’re getting the buyers right out of the way, you’re only presented to people who have already paid you. There’s so much to get excited about that. Thanks everyone for being here. Frank, I appreciate you. I appreciate what we’ve shared.

Thanks so much for being here. We hope you enjoyed this episode and we look forward to giving you the next one. You can also follow and watch the behind the scenes look at how I’m personally launching a brand new six and seven-figure product from scratch at SoldWithWebinars.com/TV and if you’d like to come hang out with other fellow experts, join our Facebook group at SoldWithWebinars.com/Experts. Join us next time and I’ll see you there. 

About Frank Salas

I am a Serial Entrepreneur with many businesses. I am great at generating leads online for all of my businesses. My leads are all handled by my team of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines while I lounge, smoke cigars & do yoga all over the world. In my channel I share my expertise in my different industries : Real Estate , Social Media, Outsourcing, Operations, Franchising , and being a Digital Nomad.

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