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How To Go From 0-$13k In Less Than 3 Weeks With a MINI WEBINAR | #029

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Everybody wants to go down the course route. For some reason, everybody in the world wants to sell a $997-course. It is like that magical number. People so much more success and much faster success if they pause the course for a minute and think about putting out webinars. People may not realize it but the webinar is the simplest marketing system, especially the mini webinar system, which is far more direct in getting people on the phone to say yes or no because the number one thing that you have to focus on before you even dial in the rest of your marketing is you need to get yes or no as quickly as possible on your offer. This is extremely important in saving time because if you can talk to your ideal client, if they say no, you can pivot your offer until you start getting the yeses.

How To Go From 0-$13k In Less Than 3 Weeks With a MINI WEBINAR

I’ve got a very special episode for you. We are not doing a guest, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek as to something that we’re cooking up behind the scenes. For anybody who’s just getting started out and need to really maximize your offer, I’m going to show you a story about how we’ve taken one of my clients to go from zero to $13,000 in collected sales within three weeks. I’m also going to be discussing a couple of my other clients who have been getting even bigger results from this new system that we’re calling a Mini Webinar. This is going to be important for anybody who is just getting started out and looking to find their way and find their path.

I do not have a guest for a very specific reason. I wanted to take a little bit of a different tone. Many of my listeners have reached out to me directly, whether they’ve connected with me on Facebook or email, they’ve come and they’ve consulted with me or they’ve contacted me for some additional coaching. I wanted to fill you in on something that I’ve been working on behind the scenes that I truly believe is going to revolutionize the way that we market and sell online. It’s going to change digital marketing specifically for those who are just getting started.

I want to tell you a little bit of a story of a client that I’m working with. He had recently signed up with me. He reached out to me. He called me. He’s like, “I want to launch a coaching program. I’m going to launch this offer. It’s in the marketing niche, viral contest marketing.” He specifically wanted to work with e-commerce store owners. I had mentioned to him that I had this offer that we are testing out behind the scenes. I said, “I really think this is going to crush it for you.” He took a leap of faith and he invested with me. We have now successfully launched his program.

Within a matter of about a week, we had our first call. I showed him the setup and we had launched this thing called a mini-webinar funnel. I want to take a step back here. I want to talk to youif you’re just getting started out and you’re trying to figure out what’s working. I want you to imagine something real quick. Before you dive into the world of complex marketing and segmentation, split testing, optimizing your ads, follow-up sequences and all that stuff, there is one thing that above all else is of the utmost importance. If you don’t have this one thing dialed in, the rest of your marketing doesn’t matter.

In the beginning part of 2017, I had made a commitment to myself. I had told myself that I’m going to get as simple as possible with my marketingand my sales systems. Every time that I launch a new initiative, I think to myself, “How can I make this simpler?” When I did that, everything changed. I called this the year of making the darn offer. I’ve been following this mantra all year. It has paid substantial dividends. For people who come to me and they say, “Joel, I want your help in launching a webinar.” I’m like, “What are you thinking?” Nine times out of ten, they’ll come to me with an idea for a course.

They’re like, “I got this course. I’m working with financial professionals and I can help them double their portfolio size. I want to show them how to trade Bitcoin. I want to show them how to trade whatever. It doesn’t really matter. They’ve got a course for marketing, financial or relationship development, you name it. We’ve done hundreds of them and very successful. What I’m realizing is that I can get people so much more success, much faster success if we just paused the course for a minute. Everybody wants to go down the course route. They’re like, “I just want to sell courses and training.”

I’m like, “That’s great. How many have you sold so far?” “I haven’t sold any yet. This is a brand-new idea.” I’m like, “I’m probably going to be way too expensive for you.” I tell them that upfront. I don’t want them to leave the conversation with them feeling disgruntled. I said, “What if I gave you an offer? What if I present an offer for you rather than selling the course first, what if we sold a service or a coaching program that still ties in your original course?” Their ears perk up a little bit because this isn’t really what they were expecting to talk about. They said, “I’m interested. Tell me a little bit more.”

I’m like, “How much did you want to sell that course for?” They’ll say, “$997.” For some reason, everybody in the world wants to sell a $997 course. It is like that magical number. He’s like, “I want to sell my course at $997.” I’m like, “If you did sell it for $997, I can guarantee you that we can sell it for at least $5,000 if you put them through the same course and we offer a coaching program.” You gave them like a once a week call or twice a week call with some implementation strategy associated with it. They’re like, “You told me I can go cold traffic straight to a $4,000, $5,000, $8,000 sale? No way.” Now, their mindset shifts a little bit.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because when I talk about these conversations, and I’m going to go back to the client that I was just talking to you about when we started. We’re going to bring this full circle. The webinar is like the simplest marketing system, believe me, it is. Ad to a registration page and then you got the webinar and then the sale. I’m like, “How can I make that simpler?”

If I were to say that there’s a downside with the direct selling webinar, the only downside is people try to do the direct selling webinar too soon in my opinion, especially when they’re just starting out. When I get them to shift their belief that you can make a $3,000, $5,000, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000 offer with the exact same course that you were already going to create. What if I told you that you could start collecting sales within the next seven days, that you could start selling that within the next seven days? Everyone’s like, “No. I don’t believe you. There’s no way we can do it.”

That’s when we created this Mini Webinar System, which is far more direct and getting people on the phone to say yes or no, or even just messenger bots. I’ve sold this through Messenger Bots where they click the ad and they paid me right away and I’ve closed tens of thousands of dollars in sales just having them pay me on Messenger without even getting on the phone. I was talking to this client who has signed on with me. He originally came to me and said, “I want to sell a $500 or a $1,000-course teaching people how to implement an e-commerce viral contest marketing campaign. He’s had plenty of success. He’s done million-dollar businesses. He sold a couple of million-dollar businesses in the past and he wanted to launch this.

He originally came with a $500 course. I’m like, “You have great results from this. We can launch a new e-commerce store and then get them to $30,000 a month within the first 30 days.” I’m like, “This is such a valuable offer. You need to sell coaching. You need to sell implementation.” He’s like, “We can get the setup within seven days.” I’m like, “Start this out as a service. Build this out for other people first.

We’ll do a mini-webinar, which is completely automated, booking calls directly onto your calendar every single day.” He’s doing calls all day. I asked how many calls he has tomorrow. He has eleven calls booked on his calendar. I’m like, “Rather than selling this $500, let’s make this a $3,000 offer. Help them implement it. Tell them you can help them implement it within seven days and they can launch it. They can realistically make at least $10,000 from their campaign.” The value is clearly there.

He goes, “They should be able to make $30,000 from this campaign.” We did that and he’s already sold five. He’s already sold five of these programs. He sold the first one at a $1,000 and then he immediately went up to $3,000. He sold four of these programs at $3,000 each. He’s already collected$13,000 in revenue totally collected. He has literally launched this offer within the past three weeks. He has already collected $13,000 and what we’re working on with him is improving his phone and closing and his sales conversations because that’s where the gap is, but I want you to understand something.

The number one thing that you have to focus on before you really even dial in the rest of your marketing is you need to get yes or no as quickly as possible on your offer. This is extremely important for your sanity. This is extremely important in saving time because if you can talk to your ideal client and you can get them to say yes or no and you can learn why they’re saying yes or why they’re saying no, the no is way more important than the yes is in the very beginning. You have to figure out why they’re saying no. When you learn why they’re saying no, then you can pivot your offer until you start getting the yeses. When you start getting the yeses, then you can raise your price and you’ve got a real business. You’ve got a real sales funnel.

I’m hosting a live event revealing this mini-webinar funnel and it’s called the $50,000 Mini Webinar Domination Event. The reason why it’s called the $50,000 Mini Webinar Domination Event is because of this whole concept that I started back in 2017, which was Make the Damn Offer. If you’re afraid to make the damn offer and you’re afraid to get that yes or no, you are going to have one heck of a time selling anything. Whether it’s from a direct selling webinar, from the automated webinar, any marketing or sales funnel, that $50,000 per month mark is the threshold that you need to be hitting as quickly as possible before we really start optimizing anything else in your marketing funnel.

We’ve been doing this. This client who’s done $13,000 in sales, no e-mail sequences, no follow-up sequences. All it is, is this direct offer, making the darn offer as soon as possible, as often as possible, as frequently as possible, and collecting that data, revising the pitch. Figuring out what people want to buy, and then he could start dialing in everything else until you get to $50,000 a month or roughly $1 million a year, so $50,000 to $80,000 a month.

Then you start building in segmentation and follow-up sequences. This is my goal for everybody because people don’t realize how direct you can be with your offers. This is how you quickly go to $13,000 in sales within the first two to three weeks testing a brand-new offer. I’ve already been helping some of my clients who are coming for our inaugural $50,000 Mini Webinar Domination Event. My goal is to get everybody to $50,000 in additional new revenue by as quickly as possible and implementing this strategy for a couple of my clients.

Ryan, who was the first client that I had my accelerator call with who’s coming to the event. We launched a brand-new offer with no paid traffic, going exclusively to his internal network. He sold out a brand-new offer that we wanted to test. We built up the interest, built up the desire, built up the demand. He sold five spots at $5,500 each, which turned into $27,500 in collected revenue in four days. A brand-new offer, a brand new pitch. Anthony, who’s another one of my clients, we were doing the exact same thing for and we are going to be testing a brand-new offer from him. I challenged him to break Ryan’s record.

Mini Webinar: You need to get yes or no as quickly as possible on your offer. This is extremely important for your sanity.

We are going to set a goal of $35,000 in new collected revenue within seven days for Anthony. This is what I want to do for my clients because that $50,000 a month mark seems like it’s a big pie in the sky for a lot of people, until you’re willing to put in the work. It’s not even a whole lot of work, it’s just getting on the phone, talking to people, figuring out what they need, and figuring out if your offer resonates with the desire and with the need. $50,000 a month, that’s what I want to help these people get to. That’s what I want to help you get to it.

Eventually, I’m going to be revealing what this whole Mini Webinar Domination System is, but we’re doing the live event first. I’m so excited because within four days, we didn’t even have the live event. I helped one of my clients get $27,500 in collected revenue. His best month prior was $30,000 per month and I got him almost that in four days. I cannot wait to see what we’re doing for the other clients and we’re going with a handful of them behind the scenes.

These are the results that we’ve been getting. They’re even better than when we launched our direct selling webinars. It’s much faster, more direct, and a quicker approach to making this all work. I wanted to share that message with you guys. I wanted to implant into your mind like, “How you can make your offer as sexy as possible and then reach out to the people who are most likely to be interested and just get that yes, or get that no.” That’s what we’ve got planned for this whole Mini Webinar Domination Event.

I would love to hear your feedback. Reach out to me on Facebook. Reach out to me at Joel@TheWebinarAgency.com. Shoot me an email. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this. If you have any questions, I would love to answer them. I want to get your feedback and generate some interest in what we’re working on. I cannot wait to share with you what those results are and reveal this to the public. I hope you are doing amazing. Enjoy the rest of your week. Enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you are in the world, I appreciate all of you and we’ll be talking soon. Take care.

Thanks so much for being here. We hope you enjoyed our episode and we look forward to giving you the next one. You can also follow and watch the behind scenes look at how I’m personal launching a brand new six and seven-figure from scratch at SoldWithWebinars.com/TV. If you’d like to come hang out with other fellow experts, join our Facebook group at SoldWithWebinars.com/Experts. Join us next time and I’ll see you there.

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