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How to Make Any Offer Resonate

Tags: high ticket offer, joint venture

Growing a business and an audience from scratch is not easy, especially if you’re used to relying on other people’s audiences.

In this episode I explain why business coaches struggle with this transition, and how to make this shift easier by taking a different approach with your offer.

You'll Discover

  • Just because an offer has lots of testimonials, this doesn’t mean the software will work once you drive paid ads to it [5:35]

  • The difficulty of transitioning from a joint-venture circuit to building your own audience [6:50]

  • During a speaking event, you may have earned the audience’s attention for the length of your talk, but you are not the main reason they are there [7:35]

  • The audience at these events is created by someone else [8:15]

  • How to find a different strategic approach to get more people to raise their hands [9:55]

…and much more!

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