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How to Make Competitors Irrelevant

Tags: selling knowledge, increase your value, competition, value

How do you set yourself apart from competitors who are offering something similar to you? 

Some business owners will get stuck selling something as a commodity. Doing this is like tossing it into a pool with a hundred other similar offers available, causing it to lose its value.

In this episode, I cover how you can increase your value by selling your knowledge as a solution, rather than a commodity.

You'll Discover

  • How and when does price comparison come into play? [7:00]

  • Using your unique mechanism to charge what you’re worth [8:30]

  • Unique solution vs. commodity [9:00]

  • How I came up with my own unique mechanism when I was in sales [9:44]

  • If you are constantly running into objections, you need to change something on your end [10:30]

…and much more!

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