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How To Make The Easiest Sale In The World with Immy Tariq | #02

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If you are somebody who is always chasing ideas and trying to find new opportunities, this is a story and a journey that so many people go through in different forms. Author, speaker, and lead generation and SEO world authority, Immy Tariq, needed to find $600,000 in order to move from the UK to the United States. Once he was able to do that, Immy developed health and financial issues and went into so much pain and anguish that caused him to hit the reset button. He reveals how he was able to claw his way back out of that and tells us all about his journey of opportunity by focusing on SEO and reputation management. Immy says that in order to make the easiest sale, you have to go where the money is and you have to find the skills where the money is.

How To Make The Easiest Sale In The World with Immy Tariq

You are going to love this interview with Immy Tariq. If you are somebody who is always chasing ideas and try and find new opportunity, I want you to pay attention to this episode because this is a story and a journey that so many people go through in different forms. I’m sure that you can relate to his journey. He’s somebody who came from the UK, he needed to find $600,000 in order to move to the United States. We discuss exactly how he was able to do that and then once he got over to the United States, what happened that basically caused him to hit the reset button and go into so much pain and anguish. He had health issues, financial issues and how he was able to claw his way back out of that. This interview is all about the journey of opportunity and you are going to love this episode.

Immy, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much.

I know the direction of where I want to go and I know my audience is going to love this episode. I’m giddy like a school girl. I love asking questions. Give our audience just an introduction about who is Immy and what are we going to be talking about today?

I’m a bestselling author of How to Turn Your Digital Footprint Into Leads because every business needs a great lead to grow their businesses. I focus heavily on SEO and reputation management and I believe that everybody has a skill and should be monetized in a way to help change the world for the better.

You focus on SEO. You’ve been building this business for a while. I know you just came back, you got an interview on CNN and CNBC, which is going to be airing a very soon. I’m excited to dive deep into your origin story and figure out how you got to this point. Start in the very beginning. You wanted to go to Harvard Business School. Tell our audience about that story. Because I want people to understand. My core focus with this podcast is I want people to know the origin story and how to see opportunity in pivot. Let’s start at the very beginning with Harvard. What happened there?

Since I was about six years old, I wanted to go to Harvard Medical School initially. I apply for medical school and I got into Harvard. I decided that I did not want medicine so I took a year off the MBA program. At the time I met my wife, who was eighteen and she said to me, “Why do you want to do the MBA and go to Harvard, as you’re not one with any business?” I thought to myself and said she’s right. That very same time I read an article by Richard Brunson. He said the best way to grow the business is to get to business schools. Then another mentor of mine said most that go to business schools, they’ve generally done quite down businesses, it’s all fairy. The only ones that can really teach you are the ones who’ve been in business. I thought to myself, let me leave out of medical school and start Entrepreneurship. That was the start of it all.

You said you were eighteen?

When I applied and went to Harvard Medical School, I was 22. I was applying at the same time to get to Harvard Business School. I put the application in and I entered the business school despite getting into Harvard Medical School, but I’m 22. I created a tutoring business which was just on the side because I didn’t have a job. I had no direction of where I wanted to go. I have been wanting to go to medical school. At the time I didn’t know what I really wanted to do and I helped some friend out with real estate and get paid to vet. It wasn’t really a business of a business. I was investing. It was a business in a sense but it wasn’t really well core proper business. It was just me helping people out and getting paid commission on it. It wasn’t a business, I wasn’t investing, I just helping people with the financial side of things.

I knew I wanted entrepreneurship. It something I’m passionate about because real estate isn’t my passion, it’s just something that came into my lap where I knew that I was starving and I didn’t have the money to live on from the past 60 days. Tutoring wasn’t getting off the ground, it’s like here’s a good way to make some money to buy myself some time and just took off from there, but it was never really my end goal. My end goal was always to go to technology and really impact people in a way that would make a little better often would leave it.

Your first business was tutoring. That was the first time you actually have revenue-generating, sales-generating money?

I’ve got a business in my younger years where I used to help people fix their music tracks. That again I didn’t really advertise, it’s just word of mouth. At twelve years old, I learned how to piece different things because everyone back in the day go about twelve, fifteen years ago, want to download the music illegally and get hacked and virus it also. I learned that since I was doing this, I can fix their viruses and I can also fix their music tracks. I will remove the virus from their music tracks and then repair their tracks with the software I bought. By then I get to sell it for a lot of money and also make it cheaper than what they had in the official stores.

You were helping people who stole music illegally fix their illegally broken music tracks?

The computers as well. I was twelve. It was a game to me at the time.

How much were you charging for that?

I charged about 50% off for the music and for the computer. A lot of these people were high school students going to universities and they lose their interviews and everything because the viruses were dangerous at the time. By me helping them repair, I can charge them £400 to £500. I was twelve years old, I made about £12,000 in about three months. I recover the data that’s lost. The music is a bundle because that was the incentive to get them to pay me for the other stuff.

The music was a bonus but you ultimately help them save their computers with all their information on it, that’s amazing.

That’s how I made the money. It’s just like I help them for a bit just to make them come back to me every time.

At twelve years old, you’re the expert in fixing computers and getting rid of viruses, selling for £400 to 500 £ each. That was your first venture. It’s twelve years old, started making money, and you caught the bug. You caught the itch and you would never be cured again. You’d be forever bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. At age twelve, started charging £400 to £500 apiece to fix computers. You made about £12,000 in a couple of months. Then by 22, you started a tutoring business. How much were you charging for that?

£100 an hour is what I’m making at the time.

£100 an hour and was it a specific subject or was just general?

I was doing the basic sciences and math. I will take the students from U grade to A grade and I knew how to create a fine work to get them up very quickly.

You took them from a failing grade to a passing grade to an A grade. Is that how you position your offer when you sold your tutoring?

I tell them, “I’ll get you into A grade in 90 days or I’ll give your money back.”

Get an A in 90 days, amazing. You found another opportunity with tutoring. You took them from failing to an A within 90 days or your money back. Unbelievable. Charging them £100 an hour. Then you decided you wanted to go to Harvard medical school, then you scrap that idea, you want to go to Harvard business school, scrap that idea and so you said you’re just going to start your own business. Fast forward now, you needed to make some money. Your passion wasn’t in real estate, but you knew there was an opportunity in real estate. Explain to me how you came about that real estate opportunity. Tell me the backstory of like, what was your financial situation right here? You knew you wanted to get into tech. Tell me a little bit about this backstory and how you found this opportunity.

What happened was one of my friends that had an apartment nearby, sold them for about £10,000 to £15,000 and they need to go renovation, they can flip it for $2 million. They were about $25,000 short and I could get that cash for them on my own credit card. I meant to them how to manipulate credit to get massive credit line quickly. I tell them, “I’ll get you the credit and borrow my card in a polite and everything. In exchange you give me a piece of the equity of the deal.” They agreed and basically, I flipped the property with them.

I think I’ve got a $12,000 loan on my credit card, which I had at that time. Basically, I had to pay it off within 90 days to avoid paying interest. They said the house gets done in 90 days. They sold it, they paid off my card and they gave me a bonus. There are different opportunities that came across because they like to buy properties to motivate them or flip them for a couple million. With the right location and the right time, we get a lot to do. That’s what I did.

You took a $12,000 loan, you had to pay it off in 90 days if you want to avoid the interest. The part where you cut out was where you flipped it, where this all came about.

We flipped it in 90 days for about $2 million. I’ve got about $100,000 out of that plus the loan. That was my equity.

You’ve got $112,000 from that in 90 days. You carry the risk. You carried most of the risk. Did that scare you?

It was terrifying. I shivered at the time, literally. When my dad died I had to get income to be able to pay and live. I try to do tutoring but I never meant to scale it. It was a student name on the side was the goal to see what I wanted do because I had not sense of direction with the loss of both of my parents. I was mostly traumatized I didn’t know what to do then and then it took some time to recover from the shock of it all.

That’s a crazy story. You weren’t really in real estate investing, you were basically a financer.

I was a financier, yes.

Would you ever do that again?

If I know the people and I know the opportunity, yes. I would have to trust the person though in order to do it as well as the contract. I don’t want to do it with anyone. I would say do your due diligence in whatever you want to do, but you’ve got to find the opportunity and a lot of people don’t realize the opportunity starts by finding of funds. A lot of people will speak about and think they both have the same expectation but put it on paper exactly what it clarifies. What is on both side? By doing that with these guys and I help them finance it, it really helped me get what I wanted and what they wanted.

You’re able to flip this property or you’re able to flip this finance deal. You put $12,000 in credit against your name and turn it into $100,000 profit in in 90 days. I can’t imagine how terrifying that would be. Because you didn’t really have the $12,000, it was credit. It was a loan that you took out against your name so you’re carrying all the risk. Props to you for coming out of that one. That’s amazing. Here we go, during the path and the journey. You started out at age twelve, fixing computer viruses and helping people get their hacked music back on track.

Then you went into tutoring, charging $100 an hour, turn your failing grade into an A in 90 days. You found an opportunity there. Then you went into financing space in real estate investing. You made $100,000 in 90 days. However, you carried a ton of risk with that. Where are you now? What was the goal? Let me ask this question. What was the goal of really doing the real estate flipping like that financial Investment?

To buy myself time so I could really think about what I want to do and also how to raise the money for paying for Harvard because it’s expensive. MBA there is $200,000.

You still want to go to Harvard at this point? This was really to fund Harvard.

Harvard and my life in America. That’s what it was for. I knew since I was nine years old, I want to live in the United States. I didn’t like London that much. London, I think is a great place to visit but not my place to live. I was wanting to live in the United States. That was my dream.

I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that your mission with flipping that credit was to get to the United States and to fund your passion to get to Harvard. I thought at this point you had already scrapped the idea of going to business school. The motivation then was essentially you needed to come up with about $200,000 to fund Harvard and to get to the United States.

I made a move on that. To get to the United States, I have to pay $50,000 for visa then I have to pay for a living for a couple of years and for your off at least. I needed about $500,000 to $600,000.

It’s a critical piece of the story you left out. You needed to raise about $500,000 to get to the United States to fund your passion.

As international student, we can’t get student loans for graduate school here. You have to pay in cash because if you’re an American, you can get loans for your schools. For us, we can’t get a loan.

Our student loan situation is unbearable right now with the United States students. Trillions of dollars in debt. That’s amazing. You couldn’t even get any loans. You had to fund this out of pocket, get to the States, come up with $500,000, $600,000, otherwise you weren’t going to accomplish it. That’s amazing. You make $100,000. What happens? You almost put yourself in an early grave, you start puking because of how much risk that was like. I can only imagine that weight that was on your chest while you’re waiting for that house to flip or that property to sell.

After that what happened was they came up with more deals and opportunities and I would help them and I take equity in the business with it for a couple million dollars basically over the course of eighteen months. I took equity at their company with what we’re doing after because I have to help them with all sorts of things. They were good at finding deals and connecting people together to make things happen and it worked. I would be the person connecting. They would oversee everything. They will make everything else happen. I would be the connector really. I would find these properties outside. I presented it to them and see what we and I help with the financing. They will do all the management of flipping it, selling it, buying it. My job would really be connections and financing.

I made a couple million in that work but I realized that worked but not pretty much because my lifestyle was still not that great. I wasn’t living like most people think millionaires would live. Many people would think, you make a couple million, you’ll live in luxury penthouse or mansion and drive fast cars and stuff. I had a beat-up old banger and I wasn’t living the life I want at all.

I thought this isn’t what I wanted and I realized at that point, this wasn’t what I want at all. I went traveling even more and I ended up getting very sick. I ended up with autoimmune disease that attacks my esophagus and my stomach. I would bleed and cough up blood every time anything got pass it. Whether I’m drinking water or eating food, it irritates so bad I end up vomiting blood and coughing up blood so I have to give up my business there and the time with them.

A couple months after, I started recovering myself because the doctor said the only thing they could do for me was surgery with a 50% chance that I can die in the operating table. I met my wife and I was speaking to her and she really put me into the part of setting my own business where I can throw everything and to live my dreams. With the money I made I said to her, “I’m going to move to the United States,” and I sold out everything. It took a 70% hit on my estate to move to the United States and I gave up Harvard and everything. I sold it for about $4 million or $5 million at the time before it was in the select. The country loss and the taxes are so huge in London, but I lost about $3 million in taxes and country loss immediately.

You lost over 50% of your net worth while you were moving here. Did you get taxed because you moved to the United States?

Because I move to the United States and also because of capital gains tax in the UK is 40% as well.

You’ve got taxed because you were leaving the country and the UK was basically saying, “You made this money here, if you want to leave you have to leave us with a parting gift.”

Yes, and a couple of gains for the profits because I didn’t hold it long enough. The currency dropped at the time we got $1 to 180, it dropped to 140 for $1. That was a huge hit.

Moving to the United States, even though you had tons of money. Moving to the United States basically wiped out well over 50% of what you had over in UK, overnight. This is fascinating. What would do if you have somebody held a gun to your head and said, “You need to go make $1,000 or you need to go make $5 million, which is closer to your case.” You needed at the bare minimum $500,000 to $600,000 just to move to the United States. You had no prior experience in it. You found the opportunity that was going to get you there and when you find it starts backwards.

I don’t want to speak for yourself, but if I were in your situation and somebody said, “Joel, you need to go make $500,000 or $600,000 for your next goal, whatever you want to do, you’re moving to another country for XY or Z.” It changes your whole world of thinking because you have to think at that scale. $500,000 to $600,000 is a lot of money, especially if you’ve never made it before, but you figured out how to do it. You made it millions within eighteen months. No experience in real estate flipping, no experience in financial investing and financing, but you found the opportunity and you took the risks.

Those stories always fascinate me because when I jumped into the world of information marketing, my world became really, really narrow and I know that there’s opportunity everywhere. That was the whole passion with why I started this Experts Unleashed podcast, was to hear stories with just like you said, it’s like you want to get to the United States. It was going to cost you literally millions of dollars to do it, but you found a way and you had hits that you weren’t even expecting like the capital gains tax and whatever tax is paid to just get to the United States.

At that time, I wasn’t thinking about $1 million or half a million dollars that I have to make it. I was basically unhappy and depressed. It has also contributed to why I got the autoimmune disease. They actually gave me a year to live. I was like, “I can’t live like this if I’m unhappy. What’s the point of working long hours living like this, if I’m miserable?” To me, life is about happiness and when I took these opportunities one step at a time, I didn’t think about, “I’m going to make $1 million at this.” What’s the equation to be honest? Then I said, “If I will not do something radically different, I’m never going to be able to get my due anyway,” and I find voice. There’s someone over here and again expecting different results is insanity. I really loved physics and science, that’s why I tutored it, I was good at it. I said, “Let me use iPhone, I’m going to try something different.”

If I don’t take this risk, nothing’s going to change. I’m going to be stuck to where I am. Sometimes it’s about stepping outside the comfort zone and taking that one risk, because that one risk can change your entire life. That one opportunity that opened up with these guys allow me to make that money. Once something is opposite, I’m going to make millions with these guys. What was I thinking? I just wanted to get the foot off the ground and get myself into a comfort zone so I can find a way to make that bigger money make even bigger money. The reality is you get the next step.

Within eighteen months everything changed regardless of the stress. Obviously, there’s going to be ups and downs with the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, but the fact of the matter is you made millions of dollars within eighteen months and you had zero experience when you first started with that. Excellent origin story. I want to pivot really quick because you’ve made other pivots to get to where you are here, where you are today. You went to the United States and where did you move to? Where did you land in the United States?

I move to Indiana because I came across this beautiful home, 7,000 square feet. I get a great deal with it at the time or I thought it was a great deal anyway. It has a fantastic door on it. It’s 7,000 square feet and I want to live in a mansion because I’m claustrophobic. I ended up with claustrophobia issues after my dad died. This space is perfect for me and my wife who was my girlfriend at the time, a bit more. I’m wanting to take advantage of the west estate there over the next five years because that area is going so big. They put $500 million into that town to re-develop it. It’s basically an opportunity. That’s why I went and did.

You landed in Indiana? You bought a 7,000 square foot house. What year was this?

This was 2015.

This just happened a couple of years ago. I thought you were going to say like 2008, 2009.

I moved to the United States in 2015.

You’ve got an amazing deal on a house in Indiana. How much was the house for 7,000 square feet, if you don’t mind?

It was about $500,000.

That’s a really good deal. That’s an amazing deal. You moved to Indiana, fly over here. What happens next? Now you need to find another opportunity. What’s going through your mind?

Because I had good credit in the United Kingdom, I can use my credit here to buy real estate in the United States but then they said to me, “We don’t want to cater to risk if you have done international bank transfers.” I’m like, “I spoke to you and you said you will give me the credit but you changed your mind afterwards.” Somewhat, I’m stuck here. I went to the bank and I asked them about getting credit. They said, “You don’t have a green card, do you? Or a type of visa where I can get my credit.” I said no.

He said, “You can’t get the credit,” so I’m stuck with no real estate investment I can make. If I go back, I lost a lot of money to move to the United States to do opportunities of business here and pursue opportunity. Now I had no opportunity to make money. All ends will cut, I’m like, “I lost $3 million, I spent $500,000, the taxes are about $15,0000, the gas is $2,000 a month, I’m going to be in trouble.” Let me get something. I put myself on the dilemma. I didn’t calculate all the things to include.

This is the perfect entrepreneurial story. It’s just like hit after hit after hit. When you think it can’t get worse, they’re just kicking you when you’re down. All of your experience with real estate investing that you just had over in the UK, it’s a wash. You can’t do any of it in the United States. That was your plan.

I’ve got no connections other than my wife, my girlfriend at the time.

You’ve got to start over from scratch again. Your monthly expenses are ballpark? $4,000 a month is your expenses just to keep the lights on and not even paying yourself. It’s just keeping the lights on. It’s just the house. What’d you do? What was the plan?

I was talking to Amy at the time and I said, “What do we do?” She suggested that we get a mentor and find new opportunity since we can do this and all ends will cut out. We rang up about 100 companies to see what we can do to create a business together, me and her, and be able to make money so we can survive and live. Then I decided I want to speak to the people, I narrowed it down to about ten people. Two of them said they can’t speak to the people in charge and one guy, he sold his company so I can’t work with him. That was five. The other five said, “I could.”

The first person I spoke out of the five was Bob Proctor. When I spoke to Bob, I want the secret. Speaking to Bob, he told me, “Do you know the meaning of your name Tariq?” which is my surname. I said. “No.” He told me about the story of Golgotha from the Think and Grow Rich that the guy who conquered Golgotha, it meant the mountain of Tariq and he told me about burning the ships and with it the story inspired much. I said to him, “I want to join with you. I like you to get me on this.” With it, I paid them $50,000 for basically fifteen minutes a month, which works out to about $10,000 an hour with his expertise. I paid that money, $50,000 upfront. I never invested in mental books. I didn’t read books since I came to America. I didn’t read a single book until I came to America.

I paid him and he told me about basically I’ve got to go to marketing on my first coaching call and he told me to join OMG Machines and learn how to drive traffic to businesses because every business needs more traffic. I asked him, “Why?” I didn’t know what traffic was. I didn’t know what Google ad words was even at the time. I was so unfamiliar with the internet literally twelve years now. I used internet when I was about eight and find information on Google, but I never knew what Google ad words was or Facebook ads. I never heard of the terms what the news or anything. I went ahead and bought every single book I could to learn about Internet and the world of courses that they told me to buy, information publishing, ecommerce, Shopify, Amazon, SEO, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, YouTube, just to see how I could connect them all together if I want to drive traffic to businesses as he said.

Without traffic or publicity and visibility, something happens, something terrible happens, nothing. My thing is how can I help people with their marketing and find the gaps in the marketing. As I’m learning that, I also wanted to do Amazon because I saw a lot of people be like amazing selling machines making millions. I’m like, this is a fantastic opportunity, but what I realized is when you invest in a business, you’ve got to look at two things. You’re going to make money from exit and you’re going to make money alongside the exit in your hand. Making money or profit on a business is great but what comes in your hand is what mostly matters.

After spending about $50,000 on courses, I want to go to Amazon. I realized that the money from Amazon is not going to happen until a year later. I couldn’t afford to keep my house and my living in that house as well as the other things with the Amazon business. I had to read over again. I spent six months learning it all the eCommerce game.

Here we are, you’re in Indiana. You invest $50,000 with Bob Proctor, all upfront. You do due diligence. You interviewed 100 people and said, “Bob, you’re going to help me.” He was really just telling you about different opportunities saying if you want to make money, he wasn’t even telling you how to make money. He was like, “You should go invest with somebody else.” He’s telling you about all these other opportunities in marketing, SEO, ad words, whole nine yards. You invest another $50,000 into other courses for these different opportunities just to figure out what’s going to be your biggest opportunity.

You try Amazon, you try ecommerce and Shopify then eventually you stumble upon the one-man gang, which is OMG and they taught you how to do SEO, search engine optimization, driving traffic. Here’s the clarity, the main value proposition that you found was being able to drive traffic to businesses, other businesses. You drive traffic, you drive leads and you drive businesses. That’s your big opportunity that you found. Tell me how long did it take you to discover OMG after you hired Bob Proctor?

Bob told me about 60 days after I learned about the Amazon, he said, “Why don’t you join OMG as well?” 60 days after joining Bob, I joined OMG. It’s an $8,000 course by the way.

$8,000 to learn how to do SEO, plus Amazon selling machine, that was like $5,000. 60 to 90 days after you paid $50,000 to Bob, you’re still not generating any moneyBasically, you’re just shelling out tons of money and you’re shelling out tons of money until you try Amazon, you try eCommerce, you realize the money’s not really there to keep you sustaining and you learn SEO and you figure out, “If I can drive traffic to businesses, this is a huge opportunity,” like the value opportunity is there. When did the light bulb moment finally clicked and you said, “This is it versus everything else. That’s what I want to know right now?”

I’m speaking with people and we’re struggling to get business in and I’ve realized that we could get business for them and they would pay me. That’s just the conversation and I said, “What do you actually do?” He said, “eCommerce, I was making decent money but it wasn’t really anything that was going to come into my head. It was going up to pocket basically. The revenue is great but I want the profit in my hand.” I asked him, “What did you make and how you bring your business in?” It was just awesome curiosity because I was trying to find ways to bring in more sales and profit for myself.

They said, “We’re really struggling to get lead in.” I realize, “I can help you as I can get in Google.” That was the connection I had. The light bulb. Then I started looking up everybody in Facebook and Google and ask them the same thing in different niches and I realized, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Here’s my opportunity. This is something that every business will need, no matter what’s going to happen in life. The things people will always pay for, more business, closing more business or making the business able to be more systemized by that time and grow it even more effectively.

What businesses did you target for SEO? Because SEO doesn’t work for every business. It’s not really good for online businesses.

It can work on online businesses, but it depends on what you’re aiming based on keyword research and how are you going to do the SEO. There are so many factors to it and you will want your backend with SEO. I targeted local businesses, chiropractors, dentists, and lawyers, especially lawyers. I decided I want to do this. I thought it’s going to be the easiest sell in the world at the time. I’m just naïve about it. I went in to cold call and I did about 40 cold calls, I would get it from everybody.

My wife said, what’s wrong? I said, basically I’m cold calling. I’ve got no business and I can’t seem to make money. I don’t know what I’m doing. I fill out my green card at the time. She said, let me try cold calling. She did about ten cold calls that got me four appointments. I close one of them for $1,500 a month. It was like a little light bulb. It’s waiting for me. I’m like, “I need to learn sales and I realized I had to learn sales,” and no one told me that, even Bob he didn’t mention about sales until afterwards. Now I need to learn sales, another skill that I had to shell out money to learn.

Did it frustrate you how difficult it was to make money in America versus how much money you made in the UK?

It was very stressful. I ended up with West Nile virus in the summer of that year, five months after being in the United States. I stayed in the hospital and I was trying to work from my laptop. I was burning up and I was working nineteen hours a day, seven days a week, trying to find a way to make money and learning how I can make more money and get people to trust me and buy. Because my name, it sounded Middle East, although I’m not. I’m actually from London. They just basically didn’t trust me. The racism was based on in the Midwest, especially in Indiana.

Second thing is my accent was strong at the time. They can’t understand me as easily. It’s so very hard to sell and also, I didn’t know sales at all. Everything was working against me and I read and read and learn and trying to make money. I was extremely frustrated because I have nothing to help me. I’m not in the UK where at least I have connections. I have relationships that I could rely on and I think that’s one of the biggest advantage in life is relationships, but without any relationship, your back is against the wall and you spend a lot of money and you’ve got no way to get back. After a couple months I had nowhere I could get back, especially after dropping out $50,000 in organic stuff, just trying to live. London is so expensive so I couldn’t even afford to go back to London at that point.

One of the things that you said that people really need to understand is that you started to make the easiest sale in the world. You had to find the path of least resistance and it’s so critical. Honestly, if I think back to your story, you did the easiest sales in the world for you at the time when you were fixing viruses on computers. You knew a burning pain for those college students was they had all their information on the computers but you found the leg in which was, “I’ll give you your free music back too, but in the meantime, I’ll fix your virus on your computer so you don’t lose all that information.” It’s the easiest sale in the world. Tutoring business. Take from a failing grade to an A grade in 90 days guaranteed or your money back. Easiest sale in the world.

I don’t know how easy it was to do the real estate investing financing flip, but now when you found your opportunity in the US with SEO and you saw the big opportunity which was number one; people were willing to pay money for, which was business owners. Business owners have money to invest and I preach this from the top of the mountain tops. When people are like, “I want to go into the consumer niche. I want to create an info product on how to train my cat.” If you’re just starting out, do not do that. If that’s your long-term goal, awesome, but you have to go where the money is. You have to find the skills where the money is.

Business owners like going into the business niche. They’re willing to pay and they’re really willing to pay for sales and marketing advice or services. Even though it took you a long time to figure this out, you ultimately came to the conclusion that you needed to find the easiest sale to make because you had all the cards stacked up against you. You are a foreigner, the accent, the name. You just listed off all of these things. All the debt that you had to go into or maybe it wasn’t debt, but all the money that you shelled out just to learn these skills. Ultimately, the momentum came when you found the easiest sale to make.

Here’s the thing, when you’re talking SEO, you want to change someone’s business. You’re talking effects in investment and sometimes it’s more than the mortgages or the car payments. For example, a nice Ferrari is at $2,000 a month, for the sake of argument, or a nice Range Rover or BMW for $500 to $700 a month. People didn’t want to commit to the sale, so I will find it very hard to make them commit to that sale. They kept being hit, and I didn’t realize how big the competitive industry was at the time. It was very difficult to make that easy sale.

I realized I have to go in and build a relationship with people first and start with trust. I realized that everything came down to trust. Every sale is down to, “I don’t trust you or I trust a product or I trust the service that can help me.” It’s one of these three things. It’s always down with these three things but at the time I didn’t know that. The last time I make these sales happen I realized if I just go in with something that was s no-brainer, something like I did with these guys for fixing the music.

I fixed it for them and I over-delivered. I over promise and over deliver. When I did that, they trusted me so much. When I hit them up with something else, they’re like, “We like you, we’re going to do it with you.” For $20, everyone had them in their pocket pretty much. It’s just the money that they can spend $10, $20 now let me get for that because no one will compare them at $10, $20. That was the easiest sale. Other sales I was making about say $200 a month aside for the $1,500 deal I had for about three months. I ended up building this relationship with them and all of a sudden, about three months after that, I started hitting five figures a month.

This is all from cold emailing. Your marketing was just cold outreach?

I actually did it from cold calls and emailing them as well, but I did it with cold calls.

That’s probably the most difficult method to acquire clients is cold calling, but you made it happen.

I am more confident with my ability to speak than my ability to write. I’m not a very good writer. I hire an editor to edit my book to make it more legible. Writing wasn’t my skill. I became much better at writing now but I was very good with the lectures than writing words.

You start out with a $20 sale, ultimately ascend them into a $1,500 a month retainer. You go- to five figures a month within three months after you landed that first gig. 90 days after you learn the skill from the OMG training, you landed your first client, $1,500 a month. Then 90 days after that you got to five figures a month. $10,000. In 180 days, which is six months, you finally got to about $10,000 a month in recurring revenue with seven clients. Let’s fast forward, because this was what you ultimately decided to specialize in now SEO. How did you scale it up? How did you launch and take it to the next level? Are you still cold calling? How has your approach changed? Are you still doing the same things?

What I did over the two years, I scale myself up to back between $25 a month, it dropped sometimes when I had to spend more money in stuff. While I’m making seven figures, to me, I realized this is my own mindset. I want quality in the relationship for my life. I like to say I want to become essential to people. Once I got comfortable where I am, while I’m making the maximum amount of money, I then look at the short term. I looked at a bigger term. I said, “I can come essential when I meet a lot of people and a lot of opportunities, I can get them and I can make myself stand out.”

My thing was about becoming essential to these people. I will focus heavily on that becoming essential and what I could help and better the things. I said, you can help 100 million people. We can help a thousand people who are very wealthy and they’ll pay you a couple million. Let me do this. I went to learn about rich. How they support, how they speak, how they became themselves, how they work. What do they need help with? I made myself essential to people. Whenever I meet people now, I will try and find how can I help them because your network is your net worth.

My thing was how can improve my network. What was about my network, if I lost everything I will have a network again now that I can bounce back on and re-bounce back up to the top. To me, that was more important because I wanted to manage the downside list more than the upside list. It’s nice to say I got $1 million in the bank. $10 million is the new $1 million. Again, I can make $10 million but then what happens if I lose it all? Many of my billionaire mentors, they all went bankrupt and lost tens or hundreds of millions and after that they bounced back. I thought, “That might happen to me, is that for me to become essential in the way my income will become essential in skills and get the network, so if that ever did happen to me, I can look bounce back at my life much more comfortable than what they had.” That’s is my aim.

That’s an awesome life lesson and it takes a lot of crash and burn to figure it out and it takes a lot of ups and downs to figure it out. When you do study the rich and the ultra-successful, you realize they all crack. Most everybody crashed hard. They either went bankrupt or they went worse than bankrupt. Very rarely do you see somebody just launching and go to the moon, ran out the gate.

One of my mentors, he failed in eight businesses, the eight of them went bankrupt and he was in debt in sixth, seventh, and eighth businesses. In the ninth business he had to make $1 million in 72 hours and then after that he lost an awful lot of money again. The tenth business finally got him really wealthy and he’s making nine figures. I saw these stories all the time. I’m like, I have to become essential first and I have to think of that.

I wouldn’t go for the same crap that I did in America, moving from England to America, and then going to go for that same crap again. I think a lot of people dream of making million dollars. I think you have to dream about becoming acquainted with the maximum value with the best business created by you before you taste the money. Money is important in life, but what’s more important is your relationship to people and the way you can help change the world better and becoming essential to yourself and to others. The stronger you are as an asset, the better, faster you’ll bounce back from any issues in life because of what happens. That’s the most important skill to go in life.

It’s super powerful. For me personally, it’s important to entrepreneurs and experts. We go a million miles an hour sometimes our brains can bounce all over the place, opportunity seeking to opportunity seeking. I find it really difficult to stay focused, but those who are able to stay focused and continue to pursue after trial and tribulation, the entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to always get up, regardless of how hard would get kicked down and that’s what’s going to define your success. Immy, we talked about a ton and this was an awesome conversation. Thank you so much for sharing. I just want to quickly recap everything that we’ve talked about, all the notes that I’ve been taking.

You started at age twelve, pursue entrepreneurship, making £400 to £500 fixing computer viruses for people who were stealing music and ultimately lost their computers. Then you went into the tutoring business, then you went to real estate financing. Now you’re crashing in SEO, learning a very difficult lesson when you move to the United States and you literally lost way more than half of your net worth just to get here, going through all of your health scares and financial tribulations. Now you’ve got the momentum building up. You’re on CNN, CNBC. This is the life of an entrepreneur. This is the life of figuring out how to become an expert.

The one thing that I want to dub you in, because I always want to dub somebody as the expert in something. You are the expert in finding opportunities. That’s what every entrepreneur should be. Opportunities are everywhere. Particularly with my story, I had no idea that webinar was going to be my thing to get me started and getting me launched. It just happened to be because I went broke. I legit went broke and I found an opportunity and I seized it and I quickly went to five figures a month because of it.

To find opportunities, my advice are two things. One is with the obstacle on the way, it’s about bouncing back. Second thing, finding opportunities is why I come to my point of essential. If you want to find opportunity, find a gap in the market, what’s essential to them to be able to keep going. That is the key, becoming essential like I said.

Where can people connect with you? Where can people find you? Do you have a website or if somebody wants to reach out to you?

Facebook, Immy Tariq or LinkedIn, Immy Tariq. My website is WebMetrixGroup.com.

Immy, it’s been a pleasure. This conversation was awesome. I know everyone’s going to get a ton of value and information for how resilient you’ve been and always keeping your eyes open to the opportunities. I appreciate you taking the time and thank you for sharing your story.

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