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How To Sell $20K Offers With A Broken Webinar w/ Caleb O’Dowd | #034

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Picture this… It’s minutes before your webinar starts. You know —the one that showcases your $20K offer. You’re shadowboxing to Eye of the Tiger when all the sudden your slide deck goes on strike. Is it possible to recover from a technical mishap and still crush it?

Caleb O’Dowd did. In fact, he closed 30% of his audience. If that didn’t impress you, he had a webinar that did over $7MM in sales in 2017. In other words — he’s the man. In this episode, learn the secrets behind his conversion superpowers and how he’s harnessed tonality and passion to whip attendees into an emotional buying frenzy. Did we mention he got his start working with Gary Halbert?

You’re going to love this episode, this interview that I did with Caleb O’Dowd. Caleb is an absolute legend and we were talking about a couple of his multiple seven figure per year webinars. In 2017 he had a webinar that did over $7 million in sales and the best part is that we talked about something that has yet to be talked about on Sold With Webinars. One of the things that we spoke about was tonality and excitement and how you could overcome a lot of deficiencies with your scripting, with your messaging if you implement a few things with your energy level. We also talked about a couple of other things towards the end of the podcast which I do not want to spoil for you. This one is absolutely littered with golden nuggets. I want you to pay attention, listen to what we talked about with Caleb. The content is excellent and pay attention. This is an awesome episode.

How To Sell $20K Offers With A Broken Webinar w/ Caleb O’Dowd

Caleb, welcome to the show.

Thank you very much, Joel. It’s a pleasure to be here. I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.

 I always tell my guests that I’m the perpetual student. My curiosity has been peaked since we booked this interview. I’ve been this giddy kid in a candy shop waiting to chat with you. For anyone who doesn’t know who you are, give us a quick 60 second background about the man, the myth, the legend, Caleb O’Dowd.

What everybody probably knows about me is I ultimately got my start in marketing working with Gary Halbert. I literally lived with Gary for about three years, got out on our own. My brother, John, and I started several different businesses. We have a health supplement business, coaching and consulting business; we’re launching a brand new information publishing business this year, shortly. We got about three different businesses that we’re working on. The reason why we’re here is because of webinars. We started doing webinars several years ago and started selling high ticket stuff and selling it in volume. We became hooked when we began to realize there’s probably no faster way of making millions of dollars than in our experience, in such a short period of time, than with webinars. We’ve been doing an awful lot of webinars, kicking ass and taking names ever since.

 Every time we have another guest on they’re doing something different than the previous 30 guests that we’ve had on the webinar. Different things than what I’m doing. What direction can we take this show? You talked about how you had a $20,000 offer that you’re making out a training. You were super excited, you did all this prep work and then all of a sudden right before the webinar came on, you had some technical mishap. Yet you still crushed it with the conversion. Give us a little bit of background. What was this $20,000 offer and then why do you think, tell us why it actually crushed it.

We had a technical. We’re talking about tonality and how to go and sell and how to be passionate about what it is you’re selling. One of the big secrets to selling anything is to truly believe in your heart and soul of what it is that you’re selling is valuable, potentially lifesaving and transformation for who you’re communicating with. When you come from that place that what it is that you’re selling can transform people’s lives, you get into a passionate state where you start to rant and rave. You start to communicate in a matter that is extremely passionate about what you’re selling.

These days, I never start selling something unless I’m swept off my feet with it. I’m going to say truly feel deep down in my heart and soul that what it is that I have to offer is something that can make a significant transformation and change in someone’s life so that I can get passionate. I can be determined to get the product into the person’s hand. As a result I become passionate about what it is that I’m selling. I become lit up by the pace as which I’m talking becomes quick. I start to punctuate things and hammer home points.

Essentially when you’re selling something, there is a rhythm; there is a flow to it. A lot of people create a script for what it is they’re selling and they’re just reading a script as if it’s some book that they’re reading. They don’t read it with tonality, they don’t read it with ups, they don’t read it with downs, they don’t have a bounce to what it is that they’re saying. If you ever see two friends talking and having fun about something, their tonality is up, their tonality is down, and they bounce, they have a rhythm. I think that if you can get to a place of what it is that you’re selling, where it’s conversational and you’re buzzed and excited about what it is that you have to offer. That passion, that enthusiasm lifts up people’s energies and really sells and very powerful on what it is that you have to offer.

For anyone who can’t put up a visual image to what it’s like to have an engaged, interactive, a bounce as you called it, it’s like when you see two friends talking and they’re having a great time. You see that their conversation is going while they’re laughing, they’re joking with each other. You’re naturally attracted and you’re curious about what they’re talking about. That’s the image that you want to be portraying when you’re hosting. That is exactly what needs to happen.

 Because people are attracted to positive things, they’re attracted to the vibes and the energy regardless of what the price point is. This was a $20,000 offer, which is another myth that most people have to have to get out of their heads. You’re not limited to just $997 making that offer. It’s all about you being excited and you wanting that success for whoever it is that you’re making the offer to. It’s in is vastly understated.

People say, I’m not a passionate person.” You have to be. You have to fake it till you make it. There’s many ways that you could say something to someone. It’s like, “I’m meeting Joel Erway today,” or you could be like, “I am meeting Joel Erway today.” The difference, the energy, the power, the enthusiasm, the captivating aspect of what it is that you’re conveying between those two deliveries, is the difference between night and day. Someone is sitting and listening to their computer, when they’re listening to a webinar, they’re on Skype. There are many different things that are competing for someone’s attention there and it’s easy to drift away into another space where your webinar becomes noise.

When you are passionate, when you are enthusiastic, when you are driven by desire to deliver a powerful message and you’re just speaking in ups and downs. All of that stuff fades away and you become focused on what it is that’s going on there. I do believe in my heart and soul I don’t know how many webinars I’ve done. If you are passionate, enthusiastic, fast paced, your tonality’s are up and down, you can whip people into an emotional buying frenzy. People get swept away with your enthusiasm and I do believe that it is probably a true superpower in terms of what converts people to customers, converts prospects to customers.

 I want to hammer home on something that you said and make sure that those in our audience right now, they get this. There was an undertone that I want to bring to the surface. When people are writing scripts or they’re reading their webinar slides and there is no bounce in the step. There’s room for improvement on your delivery. There’s something that your delivery will help with your conversions and it will help overcome some of the copy, maybe mistakes, or the weak copy in your webinar presentation. People are buying you. They’re buying you, the presenter. If you don’t have the greatest slide deck, you don’t have the greatest script they will buy your passion above all. If you want to the highest chance to convert on your webinar, sell you. Sell your excitement and sell your passion

because that will overcome a lot of other deficiencies that are in your script.

There’s a great copywriter out there, his name’s Gary Bencivenga. It’s been said of him many times that the reason why he’s great is that he makes a friend of the prospect long before he ever makes a customer out of the prospect. he power of the webinar is how personal they can be. It’s how closely and intimate you can get to know the person who’s speaking. You have to understand that you are selling yourself, you are selling trust. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t buy anything is because they don’t trust who it is that they’re talking to, who it is that’s selling to them. You want to be as natural and as human as you possibly can, but you want to be as passionate for what it is that you’re selling as you possibly can.

I do believe in my experience that being passionate, being enthusiastic, being excited about what it is that you have to offer and speaking in a manner that says that I have your best interests at heart. In presenting this product that all comes across in certainly does overcome a lot of potential weaknesses in your presentation. In this particular instance we’re talking about I didn’t have slides. People had to sit there and listen to what it is I was saying, but I was ranting and raving about what it is that I have to offer and had a strong sense in my heart and soul that of what it is that I was trying to convince people to get involved in, it was something that absolutely was about to transform their life. I think that it mattered greatly.

 There was another thing that you mentioned earlier that I want to close the loop on because it’s really important. It’s all about competing for attention of your prospects. Specifically with this webinar where your slide deck crashed, were you on video? Do you typically use video? Do you like to have the camera on Out of curiosity, why?

I don’t believe that it is the wisest thing to do. Coming from the video sales letter world, it’s been proven nine times out of ten, putting text on a video sales that are out posed, putting video or lots of images. I’m a good buddies with Jon Benson who literally invented the video sales letter. He’s at this event that I’m at right now. I was talking to him about this. Frank Kern says anytime he puts his face in a video sales letter it kills response. I just stay away from it. I think slides become hypnotic, especially if you’re talking around points that are being delivered, things that are changing, you’ll eventually get sick of looking at my face. We do three hour webinars which are significantly longer than what most people do. Three hours of looking at my face is probably going to express response. I’m convinced of it. I always do slides. I would never consider doing video at all.

 I’m the same way. I was hoping that was going to be your answer, otherwise it was going to completely kill my response. I thought it was important to talk about it because we’re all about delivery and that would’ve been a big elephant in the room, it was like, “Your slides crashed.” You must’ve been on video the entire time. What we have found is exactly what you say. My thought and reasoning is that because you’re competing for attention, when you have a message that you can speak to, they need to also see it in a different form of consumption.

 When you put words on their specific words that you want them to understand, they can listen to your reasoning why that word is on that slide and why that is an important word hey need to be convinced of it, but that comprehension level is drastically reduced if they’re not staring at that specific sentence, word, structure or whatever you I want them to understand. I hope that was clear, but I’m basically supporting exactly what, what you found to be true.

Sell $20K Offers: You have to have that perspective in your head. If you do, you will convince people beyond a shadow of a doubt that they need to get this thing.

I whip myself up into very high emotional states. To be in a very high, excited, passionate state and then have to sit is next to impossible for me. When I’m doing webinars, I’m walking around. I’m pounding my fist in my head. I’m walking around so I’m constantly on the move. I wouldn’t be able to sit down and do it in the manner that I’m doing here. It sounds like I’m some crazy lunatic on a call and that’s not what it is either, but it’s about being passionate. If you’ve got the cure for cancer and you’re talking to a group of people that have cancer. You almost have to shake that. You have to try, you have to get in on this. This is the cure. You have to look what it is that you’re selling.

A lot of people say but I don’t feel that passionate about what it is that I’m selling. I truly believe that you either got it going don’t what it is that you’re selling and go find something that you’re truly passionate about or else you got to step up to the plate and learn to be compassionate about it. I’ve seen people bore their attendees to death. There’s nothing worse than having a monotone person that speaks the same tonality, low energy, dull, boring. It’s almost like you’re going to fall asleep. You have to be passionate, you have to be engaged. You have to believe you’ve got the cure for cancer and you’re talking to people that are about to pass away from cancer. You have to have that perspective in your head and I think that if you do, you will convince people beyond a shadow of a doubt that they need to get this thing.

If you’re speaking to somebody who’s about to pass away from rate because we’re the solution to pains, that’s ultimately what we are. Most of my listeners are selling some info product, course or transformational program. We’re the solution to some pain that they’re suffering from right now. If you can’t show your excitement saying, “I’ve got it, you freaking need it,” like hammer them over the head with it, then they’re not going to buy. That’s an excellent analogy. Tonality, we covered that and how you were able to close 30% of your audience even though your slides crash and it’s all because of your passion. 30% close rate on a $20,000 offer. It was all because of your passion. You know that you can help these people and you conveyed it through your delivery.

On that one webinar to a list of customers, that wasn’t a front end offer so those 30% that every webinar that would be fantastic. On that one example that we were speaking about, yes.

Let’s pivot and let’s get to something that’s equally as exciting. Last year, the year 2017, one of the reasons why I wanted you on this on this podcast is because you said, “I did $7 million from one webinar last year. Would you me to talk about that?” Yes. Let’s talk about that. Last year you had a multimillion dollar webinar that you pushed to all sorts of different types of traffic. Give us a little bit of background about what that webinar was and I would love to figure out why that did so well and explain to our audience what the real potential is with a winning webinar.

There was the perfect storm of elements there that went into making that such a success. We initially, believe it or not, launched it. It was essentially training on how to do newspaper advertising. My brother John and I have a health supplement business that we have launched, scaled and grown and in a lot of offline channels, direct mail, newspaper advertising, radio, things like that. We initially launched this training for $3,000 and we called it The Newspaper Profit Formula. Got a few guys to promote and it did pretty well but it never got the traction that we had hoped for. Yet, I did believe that we had the cure for cancer in many ways with what it is we’re offering because it was much easier to make money with literally anything else that’s out there on the internet.

We completely changed the main concept from The Newspaper Profit Formula because I felt that it was too big of a leap. We were targeting internet marketers, so it was like newspaper advertising, it was too far out of the way. We went after a different subset of people entirely. We repositioned the webinar to be The Supplement Business Launch Formula, which is essentially we launched six figure a month health supplement businesses for literally pennies on the dollar and get them up off to six figures within 90 days and we’ve been doing this again and again. That was a huge hit. We tested it one time. We tested it with a partner and right before the promo, the partner was like, “We just get sales at $3,000, I’ll be thrilled.”

We ended up getting 121 sales and as a result we generated $363,000 like that. It just spread like a virus. Everyone was coming out of the woodwork. We got back to back webinars. Everyone was promoting like nine out of ten partners were coming back to us saying, “This is the most profitable offer we’ve ever promoted.” Many of them even said it’s best offer they’ve ever promoted in their entire business, better than even of their own offers to their own lists. Ultimately we had a unique, powerful positioning. We have a great webinar script formula that’s very engaging. There’s a lot of engagement between the prospects on the call and me, and I’m constantly calling out their names, constantly talking to them a lot of the time.

Getting answers, getting feedback. I think we get somewhere around 50 to 60 yeses. I don’t know if you know what the Yes Ladder is, but you do. We keep getting lots and lots of yeses all the way along. Lots and lots of positive reinforcement to keep demonstrating to them that anybody can do this, even a child could do it. You can do it because the truth is anybody can do it. We kept getting a lot of positive reinforcement all the way along. We had a great positioning with a great product that was positioned against pretty much every opportunity that’s out there. Very few people focus on how different their solution is to all the other solutions that are out there.

We have a lot of very different formulas that we layer in on top of each script that we do. Certainly a part of what it is that we do is we strongly position everything that we sell against the competition. These days everybody has tried an awful lot of trainings on seminar topics so you have to sell, you have to let them know that, “This is not like anything else you’ve ever tried before. This something new, unique, exciting, better than everything else that you’ve tried.” That’s what we had. We sold against conventional internet marketing. We sold against having to e-list build, email marketing, video sales letters, even webinars. We said, “The failure rate associated with that is through the roof and the success rate for what we have is through the roof because you don’t have to do this, this and this.

That was a huge part of what we had a great offer. We have a lot of things going against us. We had a webinar that was essentially three hours long and everybody kept telling us that was a big mistake and you need to drop the order link 45 minutes in.

We didn’t drop the order link, the very first order link, till about an hour and a half, an hour and 45 minutes since presentation. We were able to maintain attendance. We didn’t have significant drop-offs anywhere along the way. Being able to spend that quantity of time with someone who’s passionate about what he has to offer and then for that thing to be unique, different and completely the opposite of everything else they’ve ever seen or heard of made a huge impact. We had a great offer as I told you. We had a mentorship loan. We talked about what we were offering was actually $10,000. We’re going to give you a $7,000 mentorship loan and only charge you $3,000 today. When you make your first $50,000 with this, we want you to send us a check for $7,000. That’s how convinced that we are that you’re going to earn at least $50,000 with this very powerful offer.

Let’s talk about that because I’ve got a handful of questions that I want to get clear for those in our audience right now. We’ll talk about your loan closing, which is powerful. That anyone can probably implement and see it boosting conversions. I want to make sure I truly understand this. You said originally you were The Newspaper Profit Formula, you were showing internet marketers how to advertise in the newspaper and profit from that. We found this to be true with one of the offers that we’re promoting last year. We you changed your subset, you changed your positioning. One of the things that I was unclear of was were you still targeting internet marketers or were you targeting only internet marketers that were selling supplements or could they apply this to anything?

No, initially we positioned The Newspaper Profit Formula as an additional traffic source. A new and unique traffic source and we were probably quite convinced at the time that it was going to hit a nerve and we were wrong. We eventually decided to go and sell us because in our minds it was literally the easiest freaking way on the planet to make money. There are 101 things you got to get right in order to succeed online. There are only two or three things you need to get right in order to succeed in newspaper. We realized that, “We need to position this as an opportunity instead of it slacking in with what everybody else is doing with internet marketing, positioned it as internet marketing sucks.” This is the best way to make money because there was a lot of beliefs in the marketplace with how complicated it was to start a health supplement business, we were able to get in there, smash all of these beliefs, completely rocked people’s world sell against conventional internet marketing.

Demonstrate to people that what they already knew, which was it’s bloody hard to make money with internet marketing. You’ve got a goal, you’ve got to have 101 different things and when you think you have it all figured out, Facebook changed rules or something and you’ll be back at square one again. Everybody in the marketplace has that experience. Everybody in the marketplace understands how overwhelming it is to try and get something going on the internet. We had something much easier, faster, more effective way of literally earning money. We sold against internet marketing and that was a big hit for us.

They didn’t have to have a supplement business to be successful. That was just the example that you were using?

In fact, a lot of them even had preconceived ideas of why supplement business was awful business. That served us very powerfully. If you can get in smash people’s beliefs and show them how, “You’re right, it is difficult if you do it the way you think everybody does it, but we have a way of doing it that’s easy and we’re going to share it with you.” That really was very powerful.

The Newspaper Profit Formula, was that the offer? Was that the hook of the webinar?

It was the hook.

When you switched The Newspaper Profit Formula, what did you switch it to that made the biggest impact?

We positioned it as The Supplement Business Launch Formula. It was the exact five step system we used to launch six figure a month health supplement businesses without Google, Facebook, YouTube or Amazon. Hook shifts are super powerful. When we were promoting our webinar building course, the original hook was, “Let me show you how we write million dollar webinars for your own business,” and we would sell a couple but we weren’t profitable. When we made the shift to, “Let me show you how to write million dollar webinars for other people,” and we were targeting copywriters. Cost per lead, dropped down engagement went up like it was a huge success.

Most course creators, they don’t want to write their own damn webinar. Simple shifts like that, just like what you did, same product, different audience, different positioning, that’s what can make the biggest impact in the world. I was super excited that you shared that. You changed your subset, you change your positioning and then you mentioned something else that I would want to elaborate on because my audience might not know what the yeses are. I know what the yeses are; you know what the yeses are. Explain a little bit what you were talking about with the Yes Formula, the Yes Ladder.

You want to train people to accept what it is that you have to offer so that ultimately they will accept your product is something that they want to buy. There is a Yes Ladder. It’s called a Yes Ladder and it’s like you ask them a question and it’s an easy one for them to say yes to. You ask them another question it’s just a little bit more engagement for them to say yes to and you just keep upping the ante in terms of what it is that they say yes to. When you essentially, conceptually speaking, ask them, “Will you buy my product?” then they’re much closer to saying, Yes, I’ll buy that,” than what they would be if you hadn’t been getting them to say yes all the way along. We’ve been messing that up now. We started out small, messing it up as in like getting a whole different perspective on it.

I’m working on a new webinar right and I’m going for a much stronger yes up front. This is literally in the opener and I won’t read it all out, but if we show you how to do X and then give you the keys to achieve X, Y, and Z, will you take action? Will you actually do this? Will you commit to whatever? There are three yeses there, but the third yes is really the strongest yes of all. The minute we get into the webinar from the get go, we are essentially getting people from within the first five minutes of being on the webinar, we’re getting the people to say, “I’m going to do this.” It’s a powerful way of getting people to commit. Getting people to agree to order your product as fast. Get them to that place where they want it. They’re saying, “Yes, I want it,” because if you can get someone to say, “I want this,” and get them to repeat, “I want it, I want it,” you want it so really, how bad do you want it? “I really, really want it.” The easier it’ll be to get them to take out their credit card and buy later on. I don’t know how many yeses we get. We’re constantly getting yeses. I don’t even count them up anymore, but it’s certainly like 40, 50 plus yeses throughout the whole presentation.

One of the things you mentioned was presented the offer in the beginning, like pre-framing your offer in the beginning so they’re not blindsided at the end like, “This wasn’t free training and you don’t have an offer?” Everyone who has massive success does it in some form or another. They pre-frame the offer early on so they know that there’s something to buy and you’re doing it with the yeses like, “Will you take action? Will you commit? Will you join the program?” or however it is that you frame it, but you’re letting them know that I’ve got an offer for you at the end.

Let me explain more about the system beforehand, but I’m going to make an offer at the end. Everybody who crushes it that does millions of dollars with their webinars, they do that. There’s a big misconception that says, “I got to give free content first and then I’m going to slide an offer in at the end.” I love hearing it. Every time somebody else says, “I make the offer up front or I make some form of the offer up front,” and they crush it at the end.

You got to be honest and legitimate. It’s like, “I got a great training that’s going to be valuable for you here today. I’m ultimately going to be selling something, but even if you don’t buy it, you’re going to get so much value here that you’re not going to be disappointed.” Mistake is to lead and to believe that it’s 100% free content and then you’re going to find out that you have buyers pissed off.

 It’s the worst. That’s the biggest mistake that you could make because you’ve ruined that relationship with that audience member.

I saw somebody do it incorrectly as well. I saw somebody say, “By the way, before we begin, I want you to know that I am going to be selling you something at the end of this training.” That’s a real bad, big mistake because nobody likes salesman either. If we ever need a car salesman, the minute he walks over to you in the showroom, you emotionally put your fists up. You know that this guy is trying to separate you from your money and that he’s going to use all sorts of tactics and you become emotionally defensive. You don’t want to be as blatant, abrupt and inappropriate as that. The way that I do it is, “I’ve got something amazing to share with you here today and I want to know because I pre-framed this stuff.”

The way I pre-framed this example that I’m giving you is I’m in a very expensive mastermind as you are. I learned something there that I’m making available to everybody because this thing is valuable. I have an excuse for why I want you to take action. If I’m after going through all this trouble to bring this out and I have to twist arms and control people into allowing me to share this with you today, I need a commitment from you that you’re going to take this seriously. I need a commitment that you want to act on this. You’re going to do what’s needed to succeed with this and you’re going to make this a success because this is not some everyday information that you’re about to get here. That’s a different way than saying, “I got something to sell you, I’m a salesman.”

Sell $20K Offers: You’re letting people know that I have something powerful to share with you that I want you to take action on.

You’re letting people know that I have something powerful to share with you that I want you to take action on. I want you to do it and more and more and more then throughout the sales message it’s becoming more and more and more obvious that this is a training program that you need to invest but you need to make sure that there’s a balance there. That you are giving something to somebody, to your attendee that need to feel like I’m better off as a result of being on this training. They need to feel like I’ve learned something positive even if I didn’t order. That’s something to maintain for sure.

 Super valuable stuff that you shared with everyone right now. I wanted to touch on a couple of things before we end our conversation. One of the things which we call the loan close, I think is a super powerful way to put the onus on them to take action and letting them know that you’re doing them a favor to be able to invest into this program. I want to talk about that right before we wrap up on this super valuable interview. Explain what this loan close was for this 10K offer. Explain what that was for The Newspaper Profit Formula.

It was a 10K offer, but we ultimately sold it for $3,000, which in the grand scheme of a webinar that does mass volume is pretty expensive. I have seen other and heard of other webinars that sell products for $5,000 and have done it in large volume. Generally speaking, a lot of partners don’t want to promote a $3,000 training. It’s expensive. They don’t feel like they have enough buyers on their lists. We had that working against us. In order to overcome that, we had to say, “This thing’s $10,000. It’s $10,000, but we’re going to give you a $7,000 mentorship loan so that you can get it for $3,000 today.

Ultimately you owe us $7,000, but we only want you to pay us back when you’ve achieved. You’ve generated $50,000 of profit that being profit as in go to Vegas and have some fun profit, not revenue but profits. We know that you will pay us back because when you are making that money, you will be thrilled that you will cut us a check and send us back that $7,000. What it did is it positioned the product as being ultimately far more valuable than what it is you’re charging, but it ties it into a performance space, a guarantee which said, “You don’t owe us any money if you don’t generate $50,000 profit. If you do, you do owe us $7,000.” I made it a demonstration of the belief. When we dropped that, we get a lot of people talking about it in the chat box.

It was a unique, unusual and powerful way of selling and I have never seen another webinar do that. Then again, I could be wrong or it could be loads of people doing it. I’ve never seen in my experience a lot of people doing that. That’s something that you should always be looking to do with each new webinar that you do. You need to be outdoing yourself. You need a better offer, you need a bigger appeal. You need to be using a lot stronger tactics and strategies. You need to be updating everything that you’re working. If the webinar that you have today is exactly the same as the webinar you were using two or three years ago, you probably are boring the crap out of your audience and your marketplace. Each new webinar you bring to the table must take what you did last time to a whole other level. Certainly at the time when I was researching what webinars were out there and what their offers were, I didn’t see anybody that using that kind of mentorship or an offer. It was very powerful for us.

Sell $20K Offers: Once something’s done once, other people are watching it, they’re going to be modeling it. That’s the challenge.

Always have to be challenging yourself too. Once something’s done once, other people are watching it, they’re going to be modeling it. That’s the challenge. I don’t want to call it a challenge, but that’s the challenge with marketing is that one thing isn’t going to be working forever. The birth of the internet changed marketing forever. All of these funnel hackers and these hackers out there, they’re out there to steal your crap and they’re going to and they’re going to be using everything that you’re currently doing, whether it’s working or not. That challenges all of us top marketers that we always have to be on top of our game to push the envelope and test new things. That’s what’s going to make the biggest impact.

Caleb, we had an awesome chat. We talked about a ton of stuff. We talked about your 20K webinar. You closed 30% after you had a slide mishap. Knows all about the value of tonality, passion and selling people who you are, especially as, for any of us who are infomarketers, infopublishers, where they’re really buying our training, they’re buying who we are. We talked about breaking down your $7 million per year webinar last year. A huge part of that success was that slight pivot. You may have an excellent offer, but is it going to the right audience?

 That tiny little pivot can be all the difference in the world. We have a current client who is trying to sell sales training to experts and I told him we need to make a slight pivot. Let’s test showing people how to become a high paid sales expert. Same training, just an audience pivot and it could make all the difference in the world. Also we closed out with the loan close and always outdoing yourself with a new guarantee or a new offer, a new way to position it so you’re outdoing yourself. We’ve learned a lot. Is there anything that we left out that you were like, “Joel, I need to talk about this.”

There’s so much that go into these webinars. We do know of a lot of other stuff that we haven’t spoken about, but certainly a back end. How people make on the back end would be a huge topic, but that’s probably a topic for another. Maybe we’ll do this again sometime.

Where can people connect with you? Where can they check out all of your products? Where can they check out who you are and connect with you? Let’s do a quick promo.

I launched a Facebook group for internet marketers. It’s Multi Channel Marketing. Some of the top guys and the planners and their top traffic guys, top business consultants and coaches, top copywriters in the world. Currently it is about 3,100 something people in the group. It’s a small group, but it’s literally full of tons and tons of A players. I interview a lot of the topics, with some of the planners. Jon Benson, James Schramko, the names go on and on and on. That’s a great place to connect with me and find out what it is that we do. We advertise our webinar trainings, all that kinds of stuff to that group as well. That’s probably the coolest, easiest introduction to what it is that we do and people can go there. It’s a Multi Channel Marketing Facebook group. It’s free to join and it’s action packed.

Caleb, always a pleasure. It was my honor, my pleasure to have you on the show. I know that you dropped a lot of value bombs and a lot of golden nuggets and so I appreciate you. Anything that I can do to support you, I’ll do it. Obviously I’m going to do a promo for your Multi Channel Marketing group. I know there’s going to be a lot of great nuggets in there. Thanks so much for spending time and chatting about webinars.

Thank you, man. I really appreciate the opportunity. Thank you very much.

We’ll see you on the next episode. Take care.

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