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HTC Book Series 03 – Create Messaging For Your Ideal Avatar

Tags: book series, avatar, high ticket course, conversion, Messaging

Back when I was trying to scale my own agency, I had to come up with all sorts of different ideas.

I was running paid traffic and all sorts of different ways to sell a course.

I remember it was so difficult to get people and sell the webinar.

But now, targeting and discovering the ideal avatar is easy.

Find out how..

You'll Discover:

  • Market sophistication and market awareness. [2:36]

  • Understand who it is that you are targeting. [3:54]

  • The people who have tried and failed are the closest to the conversion hole. [7:30]

  • Every stroke is a conversion that you need to make for your marketplace. [8:44]

  • The only thing that you need to focus on is why your solution is better than everything else. [8:59]

… and much more!

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