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HTC Book Series 07 – The Perfect Pricing

Tags: model, book series, market, pricing, High Ticket Courses

Anyone can say, “You should raise your rates,” or “Increase your price,” without giving any sort of logical consideration when it comes to pricing your high ticket courses.

Figuring out the price of your high ticket course is very important in the market field.

This is something that many people don’t talk about.

Today, let’s uncover the perfect pricing model.

You'll Discover:

  • You can charge premium prices, but that doesn’t mean you should. [3:12]

  • The four pillars of perfect pricing. [3:21]

  • Ideal pricing is perceived value. [3:40]

  • Perfect pricing is comfortability in delivering. [4:07]

  • The price is aligned with a market that is willing and able. [5:11]

… and much more!

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