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HTC Book Series 10 – Scale Your High Ticket Course

Tags: semi-retirement, book series, Scale Your Business, Lifestyle, High Ticket Courses

My idea of semi-retirement is a four-hour-per-day workday for four days per week.

And many people resonate with the idea of semi-retirement, which is possible.

It is a simplistic way to design your life.

Find out how to set up a lifestyle like this by scaling your high ticket course.

You'll Discover:

  • Think about what it is that you want. [4:41]

  • You can design whatever lifestyle you want. [5:16]

  • Know the outcomes of your decision. [7:16]

  • Start to set up what your business is meant to be, rather than just heading down the blind path. [8:22]

  • Figure out what your goals are. [8:58]

… and much more!

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