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I Spent $250k Testing Low Ticket. Here’s What Happened.

Tags: low ticket courses, mistake, relaunch, marketing, High Ticket Courses

I’m want to share my $250,000 experiment that I ran two years ago.

We will pit the battle of low-ticket versus high-ticket and mid-ticket courses. 

I was trying to make low-ticket courses work.

Now, I’m going to relaunch what was working two years ago.

You'll Discover:

  • The low-ticket conundrum. [5:27]

  • It took a long time to optimize the right angle and sales page. [7:55]

  • I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours trying to optimize the funnel. [10:15]

  • My ego got in the way; I shut down some courses and focused on things I didn’t have the expertise in, and paid the price for it. [17:17]

  • Webinars are the holy grail of marketing. They were the most challenging thing to get to convert. [18:16]

… and much more!

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