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How To Become Indispensable By Building Your Own Asset with Ian Bentley | EU83


Ian Bentley never planned on being an ad guru…the goal was to be a rockstar. 

Somewhere along the way, he taught himself how to master digital marketing, and built the largest privately-held lead gen business in the automotive industry.

His pay-per-performance strategy flips the traditional agency business model on its head.

At his peak, he was able to get his agency over 10 million per year in revenue.

When I heard the numbers, I had a bone to pick with this guy…

Now that he has his own mentorship program, you can learn everything that brought him to this point.

Ian says he wakes up invigorated every day to see his clients’ success. Can you blame him?

You'll Discover

  • The benefits of having no cap when you’re working with a client (as the business scales up, you scale up with them) [14:17]

  • The importance of finding your niche and knowing the pain points in your specific field [18:25]

  • The flexibility that comes with having your own asset with automation systems, allowing you to work on your company instead of in it. [20:39]

  • How operating from a client’s mindset can help you gain traction and keep your momentum going -- don’t stop what you’re doing if you’re already making money [29:15]

  • Finding your perfect client using the pay-per-performance model. Hint: they are looking for someone (YOU) to make their life easier [35:09]

… And much more!

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