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If You Don’t Go Big, Someone Else Might Get There First

Tags: influencer, offer, facebook, YouTube, marketing

I took a two-week detox from Facebook when I went on a vacation. I reduced my time on Facebook by 95%.

I have been spending more time on YouTube.

This episode will be a warning shot for a lot of you who are playing small and not learning the basics of marketing.

A wave of marketers out there will dominate you, and their skillsets are no joke.

You'll Discover:

  • They know how to hustle and capture attention. [7:02]

  • Some people are willing and able and have a skill set for marketing domination. [8:49]

  • Understand that getting customers and launching the ability to grow is at your fingertips. [9:36]

  • There is a lot to be learned from big influencers. [10:57]

  • Learn what they are doing and apply it to your own business. [11:18]

… and much more!

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